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Study Finds That People Are Not Properly Washing Their Hands 97 Percent Of The Time

The USDA conducted a study that showed people are not washing their hands properly. The study found that only 3 percent of its participants actually washed their hands the right way and the rest failed to do so.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 29, 2018

New Electrical Stimulation Therapy Shows Promise Improving Hand Function In Stroke Patients

Stroke survivors typically experience weakness in one hand. Now, researchers are saying that a new electrical stimulation therapy can improve hand function for survivors at a rate better than what current stimulation techniques have to offer.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 9, 2016

Fish Fingers: Scientists Find Evolutionary Link Between Fins And Hands

A new study by scientists in Chicago has found evidence to support the deep evolutionary link between the fin rays of fish and the toes and fingers of animals. Researchers used a novel gene editing technique to arrive at their findings.

Animals August 20, 2016

Parents Of Chinese Baby Born With 16 Toes, 15 Fingers Hope For Help

A family from China is currently seeking financial help for their child born with one of the most extreme cases of polydactyly. The money will be used for a very risky procedure and post-operative recovery.

Public Health May 4, 2016

Scientific Paper That Claims Human Hand Was Designed By Creator Triggers Debate

A study published in 'PLOS ONE' stirred debate and controversy in the scientific community for charges of creationism, as well as the quality of editing and peer review in the journal. The journal eventually retracted the study.

March 4, 2016

Knuckle Cracking Secret Revealed - It's A Gas!

Cracking knuckles involves a different process than once believed. What goes on to make the familiar sound?

Life April 15, 2015

Texas boy gets 3D 'Iron Man' hand

Five-year-old Keith Harris from Texas received a 3D-printed mechanical hand that lets him use fingers on his right hand for the first time. It came from e-Nable, volunteers at a global organization that helps children with medical needs.

Culture October 19, 2014

Size matters: Apple iPhone 6Plus may just be too big for female hands, small man hands

Apple may be losing out on a significant number of customers, at least until it offers a slightly smaller and more manageable rework of the iPhone 6. The form factor of the iPhone 6 Plus is especially hard for some fans to grasp.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 17, 2014

MIT researchers lend a hand...or at least 2 more fingers

Researchers at MIT have developed a device that, when worn, gives the user two extra fingers to increase efficiency and easiness of routine tasks that involving basic objects. Study aims to create device for disabled and elderly people.

July 20, 2014

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