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Teen Diagnosed With Hepatitis After Adding Green Tea To Daily Diet

A young girl in the United Kingdom who drank green tea daily for three months had been diagnosed with hepatitis. Doctors believe secondary products in the green tea likely caused the liver damage.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 29, 2019

Organ Donors With Hepatitis C Eligible For Donating Heart And Lungs, Says Study

A study proved that antiviral drugs can prevent the hepatitis C virus from spreading among patients who received heart and lungs transplant. The new findings prevent organs donated by people who have the disease from being discarded for fear of infection.

Public Health April 5, 2019

3 Philadelphia Dental Practices May Have Exposed Patients To HIV And Hepatitis

Three dental clinics in Philadelphia may have exposed their patients to HIV and Hepatitis. The dental practices were prohibited from operating after the health department found out that they have unsafe infection control practices.

Public Health March 26, 2019

Hep C Antiviral Lowers Risks Of Premature Deaths And Liver Cancer Progression

People who test positive for chronic hepatitis C infection could benefit from direct-acting antivirals. A French study found that the treatment reduces chances of premature death and progression to liver cancer.

Medicine February 12, 2019

Alcohol-Related Diseases Dethrone Hepatitis C As Top Reason For Liver Transplant

Alcohol-related diseases are the top reason for liver transplant in the United States and not Hepatitis C anymore. Researchers pointed out that this might be because the latter is easier to treat with effective drugs.

Public Health January 23, 2019

Louisiana Pushes For Netflix-Subscription Style In Buying Hepatitis C Drugs

Louisiana said it was adopting a Netflix-subscription model in order to pay for expensive hepatitis C medications. On Thursday, the state sent solicitation to find a drug manufacturer as partner.

Medicine January 11, 2019

HealthPlus Surgery Center In NJ Faces Lawsuit For Exposing Nearly 3,800 To HIV, Hepatitis

A couple filed a lawsuit against HealthPlus Surgery Center alleging it exposed nearly 3,800 patients to bloodborne infections. One patient has so far tested positive for hepatitis C.

Public Health December 30, 2018

New Jersey Surgery Center May Have Exposed 3,778 Patients To HIV And Hepatitis

The HealthPlus Surgery Center in Saddle Brook sent out a letter to 3,778 patients who may have been exposed to blood-borne infection. Most of those at risk are from New York and New Jersey.

Public Health December 25, 2018

Man Discovers He Has Rare Form Of Hepatitis C After Donating Blood

A man who donated his blood in 2003 apparently had a rare form of hepatitis C. The man was given a new treatment that he credits for saving his life after the shocking diagnosis.

Medicine May 22, 2018

Nurse Suspected Of Spreading Hepatitis C Denies Having The Virus

Cora Weber, the nurse suspected of spreading hepatitis C, has admitted to taking discarded drugs from the hospital she worked at but denied having the virus or reusing needles on patients. Her lawyers also highlight she is a regular blood donor.

Public Health May 10, 2018

State Department Of Health Suspends License Of Nurse Suspected Of Spreading Hepatitis C

Cora Weberg is reportedly the only nurse at the Good Samaritan Hospital who treated both of the patients who tested positive for hepatitis C. Her license is now suspended.

Public Health May 8, 2018

Man Infected With Hepatitis C After ER Visit Files Suit Against MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital

One of the patients who had contact with a hepatitis-C infected nurse at MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup filed a lawsuit over hospital negligence. The suit was filed after the arrest of the nurse, Cora Weberg.

Public Health May 6, 2018

Washington Nurse Potentially Exposed Thousands Of Patients To Hepatitis C: Hospital Offers Free Tests And Treatment

A nurse at the MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup, Washington, may have infected 2,600 patients with hepatitis C. The nurse no longer works there, and the hospital is offering free tests to potentially infected patients.

Public Health May 2, 2018

Heroin Epidemic Triples Cases Of Hepatitis C In The US

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports of higher hepatitis C incidences due to the heroin epidemic. The report calls for state policies for HCV prevention, and testing for at risk individuals.

Public Health May 12, 2017

Syringe Vending Machines In Las Vegas May Help Lower Hepatitis C And HIV Transmission Rates

The new syringe vending machines in Las Vegas, Nevada will dispense clean needles for free to reduce the spread of HIV and hepatitis C. How do these machines work?

Public Health April 15, 2017

Hepatitis B And Hepatitis C: Improved Efforts Can Wipe Out The Diseases By 2030 In US

A research committee has laid out a plan to successfully eradicate hepatitis B and C from the United States by 2030. The plan suggests that the federal government acquire license rights for expensive drugs used to treat these diseases.

Public Health March 29, 2017

Dentist May Have Exposed Nearly 600 Veterans To HIV and Hepatitis

A dentist at the Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center possibly exposed 592 veterans to HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C by failing to follow standard infection control procedures. The dentist had been using his own equipment, cleaning and reusing it.

Public Health December 3, 2016

FDA Warns Against Hepatitis B Reactivation In Some Patients Taking Direct-Acting Hepatitis C Antivirals

The FDA warned against the potential risk of Hepatitis B virus reactivation in patients treated with direct-acting antiviral drugs for Hepatitis C. 'Boxed Warnings' about Hepatitis B reactivation risks on antiviral drug labels are now mandated.

Medicine October 5, 2016

FDA Approves Gilead Drug That Can Treat All Forms Of Hepatitis C Virus

FDA green-lighted the first drug that can treat all major forms of the viral disease hepatitis C. How effective is Gilead's Epclusa and how much does it cost?

Medicine June 29, 2016

Hepatitis C-Related Deaths Reach All-Time High In US

Hepatitis C infections are now killing more people in the US than other infections combined, according to a new CDC report. The data pointed to hepatitis C in baby boomers as well as new worrisome virus transmission routes.

Public Health May 5, 2016

New Antiviral Combination Could Cure Hepatitis C Patients In Six Weeks

An antiviral treatment combination is potentially effective in eradicating Hepatitis C virus (HCV) among patients after six to 12 weeks, a new study has revealed. The treatment may further improve clinical practices.

Life April 19, 2016

Hepatitis C Virus Strongly Linked To Head And Neck Cancer: Study

Hepatitis C may increase the risk for certain types of head and neck cancers, researchers say. Sadly, more than 3.5 million Americans are infected with this virus and are unaware of the same.

Life April 18, 2016

PeaceHealth St. John Notifies Nearly 300 Patients Of Possible Exposure To HIV, Hepatitis C And Hepatitis B

PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center has notified nearly 300 patients who might have been exposed to HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. The likelihood of infection is extremely low, but the hospital is still exercising caution and offering tests to concerned patients.

Life April 7, 2016

If Health Insurance Isn't Good Enough, Will 'Drug Loans' Help Cover For Expensive Cancer, Hepatitis C Drugs?

Drug loans or health care loans (HCL) are proposed to provide patients with payment terms for expensive Hepatitis C and cancer drugs. HCL was presented to an MIT conference, with insurance companies in attendance.

Life March 30, 2016

Federal Jury Orders Gilead To Pay Merck $200 Million In Hepa C Drug Patent Dispute

Merck is set to receive $200 million in damages from Gilead Sciences as federal jury decides on patent dispute. Merck claims they should be credited for liver therapy breakthrough.

Life March 25, 2016

Jury Favors Merck Over Gilead In Hepatitis C Drug Patent Dispute

A federal jury favored Merck & Co. over Gilead Sciences Inc. in a high-profile lawsuit involving patents for new hepatitis C drugs. Merck sued Gilead for using sofosbuvir in hepatitis drugs Sovaldi and Harvoni.

Life March 23, 2016

FDA Approves Merck’s Hepatitis C Pill Zepatier

Millions of Americans are infected by the hepatitis C virus. The FDA approval for Zepatier provides patients with genotype 1 and 4 infections another treatment option to improve prognosis for their condition.

Life January 29, 2016

Gilead Pricing Strategy For Hepatitis C Drug Sovaldi Focused on Maximizing Profits Not Patients: Report

A U.S. Senate probe showed that Gilead Sciences planned to maximize profits for its hepatitis C drugs, with affordability and patient access as a mere “afterthought.” The investigation centered on the costs of Sovaldi and combination drug Harvoni.

Life December 2, 2015

Pamela Anderson Claims She Is Cured Of Hepatitis C

The Baywatch star poses a racy photo on Instagram to announce that she is finally free of hepatitis C. Anderson was diagnosed with the disease in 2001 and underwent a new FDA-approved drug regimen in early 2015.

Life November 10, 2015

Nurse Giving Workplace Flu Shots Used Same Syringe On 67 People

Sixty-seven employees of a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey are facing a health scare. The company discovered that the nurse who administered the flu vaccine did not change the syringes in between shots.

Life October 9, 2015

White House Under Pressure To Promote Better Access For Hepatitis C Drugs

Obama’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS strongly urges the White House to push for a wider access to new Hepatitis C drugs, including Gilead’s thousand-dollar Harvoni and Sovaldi pills.

Life August 26, 2015

Miami Blood Bank Closed By FDA Due To Numerous HIV-Related Violations

For committing a number of violations, a blood bank in Miami was closed down by the FDA. The agency has not done anything like this in more than 10 years.

Life July 18, 2015

Access To Breakthrough Hepatitis C Drugs May Be Hampered By Restrictions: Study

Restrictions imposed by many state Medicaid programs are preventing patients with hepatitis C to have access to Sovaldi, an effective but costly treatment for the disease.

Life June 30, 2015

China Rejects Patent Application Of Gilead For $1,000 A Day Hepatitis C Drug Sovaldi

China rejected a patent application of Gilead Sciences for its hepatitis C drug Sovaldi. Advocacy group I-MAK said that the decision could pave way for other countries to reject the company's application as well.

Life June 21, 2015

Hepatitis C Cases In Appalachian States Soar: What You Should Know About Hep C

Hepatitis C is the most common blood-borne infection in the United States and it’s currently making its rounds in West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky.

Life June 7, 2015

Gilead Fights For Hepa C Drug Patents: Activists Concerned About Drug Accessibility

Gilead is facing opposition in five countries for its patent applications for Sovaldi, a hepatitis C drug. Activists launched the patent oppositions to ensure access to treatment for the disease.

Life May 22, 2015

Indiana Emergency Needle Exchange Program Is Expiring: Bad News For HIV Outbreak

Health administrators in Scott County, Indiana are pushing for the extension of the needle exchange program for a year. The program, which is set to expire on May 24, has produced positive results in curbing the spread of the HIV disease in the county.

Life May 21, 2015

Hepatitis C Drugs Added To WHO List Of Essential Medicine

WHO updates Essential Medicines List to include hepatitis C medications, expanding and promoting off-label drug use in the process to improve treatment for a variety of serious conditions.

Life May 8, 2015

Hepatitis C Ups Risk Of Getting Other Types Of Cancer In Addition To Liver Cancer

Getting hepatitis C is already a major concern by itself, but researchers have found that acquiring the infection also increases risk for various types of cancer.

Life April 29, 2015

Forget $1,000 A Dose Hepatitis C Drug: This Cheap Allergy Medicine Might Be As Effective

Laboratory research shows cheap allergy medicine can be an alternative treatment for hepatitis C patients.

Life April 9, 2015

Gilead Sciences And Zydus Launch SoviHep Hepatitis C Drug

Zydus and Gilead Sciences bring Hepatitis C drug SoviHep to India. Between 150 million and 200 million people across the world suffer from Hepatitis C.

Life March 18, 2015

Hepatitis C Medication Drives Drug Spending Up To Decade High

According to a drug trend report, hepatitis C medications account for a spike in prescription drug spending not seen in over 10 years despite representing just a percent of purchases.

Life March 10, 2015

Achillion Posts Postive Results In Hep C Treatment Trial

Achillion Pharmaceuticals shows rapid progress in the development of a new drug that aims to treat patients with hepatitis C within a six-week treatment period.

Life February 10, 2015

British Scientists Crack Viral 'Enigma Machine' To Win War Against Common Cold

Researchers have found a way to jam the code that governs how viruses replicate and this could stop virus molecules from copying themselves and causing diseases. The findings could pave the way for improved treatments of the common cold, HIV, and Hepatitis C.

Life February 6, 2015

Overdoing Hepatitis C Screenings May Be Bad for your Health

Widespread screening is a good way to detect disease, but is it necessary? In hepatitis C, some scientists believe it is not. They also call into question the treatments being offered.

Life January 15, 2015

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