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Botswana Mulls Lifting Elephant Hunting Ban And Turning Animal's Meat Into Pet Food

Climate change forced elephants to move out of their natural habitats in search for food and water. This poses greater risks on the destruction of crops and human lives.

Animals February 24, 2019

New Study Reveals Neanderthals Hunted In Packs And Speared Their Prey Up Close

Researchers have discovered that Neanderthals were actually intelligent by the way they hunted their prey. The researchers found the bones of prehistoric deers in Eastern Germany that had cut marks on them.

Public Health June 26, 2018

Hunters Are Forcing Female Bears To Spend More Time With Their Cubs

Hunters have caused Scandinavian brown bears to change their behaviors when it comes to raising their cubs. Cubs are now spending longer times with their mothers, and man has had an impact on the evolution of the bears.

Animals March 27, 2018

Cheetah's High-Speed Hunting Linked To Recently Evolved Inner Ear

The world's fastest land animal, the cheetah, is known for its hunting prowess. Analyses of different felid specimens revealed the animal's high-speed hunting is associated with its inner ear.

Animals February 5, 2018

Veteran South African Hunter Crushed To Death As Elephant Gets Gunned Down And Collapses On Him

Renowned big game hunting expert Theunis Botha died Friday, My 19, from being crushed by an elephant while on a hunt in Zimbabwe. Know the details of the unfortunate incident that occurred near Hwange National Park.

Animals May 23, 2017

Why Was 'Pokémon GO' So Popular? Researchers Attribute It To People Unleashing Their Inner Hunters

A new case study by researcher Vladimir Dinets explained the inner hunter as a primary cause for the success of 'Pokémon GO.' The researcher said that the mobile game drives people to exercise their evolutionary instincts.

Life & Style October 4, 2016

Bats Waggle Head Like Dogs: Flying Mammal Uses Adorable Behavior To Catch Their Prey

Like dogs, bats exhibit an adorable behavior of waggling their head. Research reveals the movement helps the flying mammals when hunting for prey.

Animals September 9, 2016

Hunt For Sea Otter Killer Reward Is Now $20,000

Whoever will give useful information about the killers of three sea otters off the Central Coast could walk away with $20,000 reward. This follows the Center for Biological Diversity contributing to the reward money of $10,000 already announced by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Animals September 6, 2016

Cats Utilize Physics? Study Says Cats Understand Physics And Use Law Of Cause And Effect To Detect Hiding Prey

Cats have a rudimentary understanding of the principle of cause and effect as well as the elements of physics. How does this help them when hunting for prey at night?

Animals June 14, 2016

Secrets Of First Americans Uncovered From Mastodon Bones

Clovis hunters were not the first inhabitants of North America after all, a new find suggests. Humans were butchering mastodons in Florida 15 centuries before their arrival.

Ancient May 14, 2016

Legal Hunting May Not Reduce Poaching: Study

Legalized hunting or culling of carnivores may not help lower poaching activities, a new study found. New findings reveal repetitive slowdowns in the growth rate of wolves during the periods when culling was allowed.

Animals May 11, 2016

If You Forgot What Terror Was Like ... It's The Trap-Jaw Spider - With Lightning Strike!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the web, the trap-jaw spider strikes its prey with an ultra-fast attack. Here is how the arachnid pulls it off!

Animals April 7, 2016

Hunters Kill 15-Foot, Cow-Eating Monster Alligator In Florida

A pair of hunters in Florida has killed a 15-foot, 780-pound alligator that had been killing livestock in the area. A photograph of the massive gator has become viral on social media.

Earth/Environment April 7, 2016

Wolves And Hyenas Strike Alliance In Struggle For Survival In Negev Desert

Hyenas and wolves in the Nagev Desert of Israel have struck an alliance, hunting together in packs. What could be driving this unusual behavior?

Animals March 18, 2016

Cecil Effect Leads To Overpopulation Of Lions In Zimbabwe Park

The killing of Cecil the Lion caused many hunters to stay away from Zimbabwe. This lead to a surplus of lions that, if not controlled, could lead to the culling of about 200 lions.

February 24, 2016

This Is How Hunter-Gatherers Preserve Their Food Sources

Hunter-gatherers in Sanak Island, Alaska are resourceful experts in hunting for food. This may seem threatening to the ecosystem, but a new study revealed that their gathering behaviors have a certain twist.

Animals February 19, 2016

Albatross Defies Age, Survival Threats To Hatch New Chick At Age 65

Albatrosses live up to 60 years old, but Wisdom defied age and even gives birth to Baby Kūkini. What are the threats the amazing albatrosses are facing now?

Earth/Environment February 12, 2016

Study Reveals How Bushmen Tap Beetle Poison For Hunting Prey

The San peoples of Namibia used beetle poison to boost the lethality of their arrows for hunting. The real biological purpose of these beetle and plant poisons, however, remain unclear.

February 3, 2016

These Falcons Imprison Live Birds In Rock Crevasses To Have Fresh Meat For Their Young

Researchers in Morocco have discovered how Eleonora's falcons prefer to trap prey in rocky crevasses instead of immediately killing just like other raptors. They believe the falcons engage in this practice as a way to keep fresh food nearby while they are on their nest.

January 16, 2016

Human Hunting Or Climate Change? New Study Reveals Secret To Woolly Mammoth's Extinction

New chemical evidence extracted from prehistoric tusks suggests that the extinction of the woolly mammoth was likely caused by overhunting in the part of early human civilizations. This adds to the ongoing debate of whether humans actually triggered the disappearance of the giant mammals or if it was caused by climate change.

Earth/Environment October 21, 2015

Walter Palmer, Dentist Who Killed Cecil The Lion, Intends To Return To Work

The culprit behind the killing of Cecil the Lion has expressed his desire to go back to his work as a dental practitioner. Walter Palmers has been out of sight for more than a month following the issue but is now ready to resume work.

Society September 7, 2015

Human 'Superpredator' Hunting And Fishing Methods Are Unsustainable: Study

Researchers found that the hunting and fishing behaviors of humans are often overlooked. Humans exhibit exploitation techniques that may be harmful to the ecosystem thus, experts suggest that human catching methods should be made unsustainable.

Earth/Environment August 25, 2015

Safari Club International Suspends Minnesota Dentist After Lion-Killing Incident

The hunting advocate Safari Club International has suspended the membership of Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer. The hunter said he relied on the expertise of professional guides and was not aware of any illegalities.

Earth/Environment August 4, 2015

Internet Roars In Anger With Death Of Cecil The Lion: What Happened?

Cecil the lion, who reigned over a National Park in Zimbabwe, found his untimely death at the hands of a Minnesotan dentist who reportedly paid $50,000 to illegally hunt and kill him.

Feature July 29, 2015

New York State Mulls Over Proposal To Change Turkey And Deer Hunting Regulations

Several regulatory proposals to turkey and deer hunting seasons have been made by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in order to allow the populations of hunting game in the state to recover.

Earth/Environment May 27, 2015

Hunter From Texas Pays $350,000 For Right To Kill Black Rhino

The hunter, Corey Knowlton, paid to hunt and kill the black rhino—ironically—to be able to protect the critically endangered species.

Earth/Environment May 21, 2015

Bobcat Dragging Shark Out Of Ocean Captured On Camera

What started out as a simple walk along the beach ended remarkably for a beachgoer as he chanced upon a bobcat dragging a shark out of the ocean and captured the moment.

Internet Culture April 11, 2015

Australian Dusky Dottyback Boasts Chameleon-Like Abilities When Hunting For Prey

Scientists discover that the tiny Dusky Dottyback's ability to alter its color to resemble the fish it will prey on comes in handy while hunting. This ability also helps it in hiding from predators.

Earth/Environment March 21, 2015

Think Fast! Bats Make Decisions In Mere Milliseconds

Bats on the hunt can make decisions quickly — really, really quickly. Researchers found that bats can adjust their attacks just a fraction of a second from their target.

March 18, 2015

Florida Officials to Consider Allowing Black Bear Hunting in the State

Florida has always had its fair share of black bears. Now that they’re starting to become unruly, officials might have to allow hunting for population management.

Earth/Environment January 24, 2015

Ebola Killing Off a Third of World's Gorilla Population

Ebola may have killed off one-third of gorillas in the world, according to a new study. What can be done to save our primate cousins?

Healthy Living/Wellness January 23, 2015

Very small human population rendered moa bird of New Zealand extinct

Humans -- and not that many of them -- drove the flightless moas of New Zealand into extinction. Small human populations can have big impacts on large animals, researchers say.

Animals November 8, 2014

Strap a GoPro on a lion's back and you get the wildest hunting video

A GoPro camera strapped onto the back of a hunting lioness offers a unique view into the world of the wild predator.

Internet Culture October 29, 2014

No crosshair, no laser but archerfish always hits bull's eye. Guess why?

A new study reveals the amazing shooting ability of archerfish with high levels of accuracy. Archerfish can hit its target up to 6.5 feet away with a powerful jet of water stream.

Animals September 6, 2014

Japan set to resume whale hunts in Antarctic despite UN ban

Minke whale hunting by Japan in the Antarctic could soon resume, despite a ban from the United Nations International Court of Justice.

Earth/Environment September 5, 2014

How Archerfish shoots water at target with amazing precision mystery FINALLY solved

Archerfish hunt prey using a jets of water that stream from their mouths. New research shows how the animal accomplishes the task.

Animals September 5, 2014

Illinois protects its mountain lions, bears and wolves from being hunted and killed

Recent encounters in Illinois with cougars, wolves and bears lead lawmakers to give them protected status. Although rare in the state, occasional animals are spotted.

Animals August 26, 2014

Alligator hunt begins in Loxahatchee, Florida, amid protest

Florida wildlife refuge announces first-ever alligator hunt within its boundaries. Animal rights activists protest decision.

Earth/Environment August 18, 2014

Alligators legally hunted for first time in Loxahatchee, Florida

Loxahatchee, Florida allowed alligator hunting for the first time ever in its wildlife refuge, generating a controversy about the best ways to manage the animals.

August 17, 2014

Teenager's hunting exploits doesn't win fans, prompts Facebook to pull images

Facebook pulls down pictures of teenager's safari in South Africa. A Facebook spokesperson says a petition didn't influence the decision to remove the images of the trophy hunts.

Society July 8, 2014

Ants forage for food in a highly efficient and systematic way: Study

Ants use a highly efficient method of finding food. This is the story of how the tiny animals do it.

Animals May 28, 2014

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