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Nanoparticle Injection Gives Mice Night Vision To See In Infrared

An experiment enabled mice to see through near-infrared light using nanoparticles. Mammals can only process images with shorter wavelengths or those visible through the naked eye.

Material Science March 2, 2019

Beyond Face ID: Apple Patents Technology That Can Scan Under Your Skin

The future iPhone may not only scan your face, but your veins as well. A patent Apple filed in 2015 illustrates a technology that can scan beneath the skin and into the veins, which could deliver more accurate recognition.

Apple May 17, 2018

Ultra Deep Survey Infrared Images Offer Distant View Of 250,000 Galaxies

Spectacular new infrared images from the Ultra Deep Survey revealed a deep glimpse of the distant universe. What can astronomers learn from these infrared images?

Space July 4, 2016

New Metamaterial Can Form Solar Panels That Harvest Energy In The Dark

A new metamaterial discovered by researchers from ANU glows unusually when exposed to heat. This artificial material could open potential developments on thermophotovoltaic cells that produce electricity from harvested heat even in dark conditions.

Energy April 21, 2016

NASA Observes Historic Comet Flyby With Radar And Infrared

Thanks to radar and infrared technology, NASA was able to image and track the historic flyby of the comet PanSTARRS last March 22. The space agency was able to obtain clues on cometary history and evolution.

Space March 28, 2016

Brightest Galaxy In The Universe In Danger Of Tearing Apart Due To Turbulence

Astronomers found that the brightest galaxy in the universe may be on the verge of tearing apart. The reason for the possible demise of galaxy W2246-0526 is extreme turbulence.

Space January 17, 2016

Optical Detector Monitors All Forms Of Light Using Graphene Flakes

Researchers built a new optical graphene detector that can monitor light incidents in just 40 picoseconds. The new graphene detector is the first model to effectively monitor all light from visible to infrared to terahertz radiation.

Energy October 31, 2015

AVG Privacy Glasses Remove Fear Of Facial Recognition

AVG is showing off a pair of "privacy-glasses" at MWC that emit infrared light, which can be picked up by cameras, essentially distorting the face of the wearer of the glasses.

Wearable Tech March 3, 2015

Cassini sees sun shining off Titan's lake billions of miles from Earth

Kraken Mare, a giant hydrocarbon lake on Titan, is seen like never before in a new image from the Cassini orbiter.

Space October 31, 2014

Nanoparticle innovation promises cheaper, lighter solar cells

Solar cells could, one day, be painted onto surfaces, thanks to new nanoparticles

Energy June 11, 2014

Cosmos explores the hot topic of infrared astronomy in 'Hiding in the Light'

Neil deGrasse Tyson explores the scientific method and infrared astronomy in the newest episode of Cosmos: A Spacetime Journey - Hiding in the Light.

Animals April 6, 2014

Enjoy 360-degree panoramic view of Milky Way (thank you, NASA)

GLIMPSE360 is like Google Maps for the Milky Way galaxy. Here's how the interactive composite photo was created and how to use it.

Space March 22, 2014

Graphene-infused contact lenses may boast infrared vision power one day

A new chip could make it possible for people to see ultraviolet or infrared wavelengths of light. Do you want to see wavelengths nature never intended humans to see?

March 18, 2014

Harvesting solar energy from Earth's infrared radiation? Possible!

Harvard physicists believe it is possible to build a type of solar cell that would work at night. If it proves practical, this idea could revolutionize the energy industry.

Energy March 5, 2014

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