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Scientists Find Remarkably Well-Preserved Fossil Of Ancient Sea Monster Ichthyosaur

The researchers found blubber, a layer of fat under the skin, on the fossilized remains of the ichthyosaur. They believe this finding revealed new details about the reptiles that lived 180 million years ago.

Animals December 8, 2018

Bigfoot: Largest Dinosaur Foot To Date Belonged To A Titanosaur

Bigfoot measures 3.2 feet wide. It likely belonged to a dinosaur very closely related to the brachiosaurus. The prehistoric animal’s size suggests it is a titanosaur, the largest group of sauropods.

Animals July 25, 2018

Too Much Carbon Dioxide Caused Mass Extinction of Ocean Organisms 182 Million Years Ago

Could rising carbon dioxide levels drain the world’s oceans of oxygen and kill off all marine life? It certainly did so 182 million years ago, scientists found.

Earth/Environment June 12, 2018

Oolitic Limestones Used To Build Pentagon, Empire State Building Are Made Of Dinosaur-Era Microbes

The Pentagon, Empire State Building, and the Buckingham Palace used oolitic limestones as building materials. Researchers revealed these stones were made of microbes dating back from the Jurassic Period.

Feature | Science January 22, 2018

Triassic Lepidoptera Fossils Show Butterflies Are More Ancient Than Flowers

Butterflies and flowers did not originate in the same epoch. In fact, a new discovery by fossil scientists revealed that the colorful winged insects were fluttering around the world’s forests even before flowers existed.

Animals January 11, 2018

145 Million-Year-Old Rat Teeth Offer Clues On Origins Of Modern Mammals

A student recently uncovered two ancient teeth in England that belong to rat-like creatures that lived 145 million years ago. Scientists say the creatures are the oldest known ancestors of modern mammals, including human beings.

Ancient November 7, 2017

Fossil Discovered In China Hints Oldest Winged Mammal From Jurassic Period

The discovery of 160-year-old fossils in China shows the existence of early mammals during the Jurassic era. Their long arms, skin membrane, and joints suggest that the long-extinct creatures were capable of flight.

Animals August 12, 2017

Ornamented Skulls Tied To Rapid Growth, Big Bodies Of Theropod Dinosaurs

The large body and rapid growth of theropods may have something to do with their ornamented heads. Researchers found that dinosaurs with horns, knobs and crests in their head tend to grow faster.

Animals September 28, 2016

Extinct Reptile Triopticus Primus Shows Dinosaurs Copied Body, Skull And Shapes Of Distant Relatives

An extinct reptile found in Texas showed that the skull and body shapes of dinosaurs are not completely original. The Triopticus primus provides example of the phenomenon called evolutionary convergence.

Animals September 23, 2016

Fossil Remains Of New Species Of Jurassic Flying Reptile Pterosaur Found In Patagonia

Fossil remains of the Allkaruen koi, which include an intact braincase, were found in Argentina's Patagonia region. The new species of flying reptile lived during the early Jurassic period.

Animals August 31, 2016

250 Fossilized Teeth Unearthed In Japan Point To New Species Of Mammal-Like Reptiles

What can teeth tell you? The hundreds of teeth found in Japan resulted in the discovery of a new species that may have lived longer than previously assumed.

Animals April 27, 2016

Jurassic Butterfly Found In China Looks Strangely Familiar

An insect from the age of dinosaurs is being hailed as a 'Jurassic butterfly.' What makes this ancient insect so familiar to biologists?

Animals February 5, 2016

Remains Of Bus-Sized Marine Crocodile Unearthed In Sahara Desert

Paleontologists unearthed the bizarre remains of a bus-sized ocean crocodile that lived 130 million years ago. Dubbed as the largest sea crocodile discovered, this new discovery sparked the interest of animal experts.

Animals January 13, 2016

Triceratops Cousin Hualianceratops Is A Hornless 'Horned Dinosaur'

Hualianceratops wucaiwanensis is a cousin of the three-horned triceratops but it did not have a horn. The discovery of the specimen provides proof that the ceratopsian dinosaurs were much more diverse during the Late Jurassic period.

Animals December 10, 2015

Earliest Corals Discovered In Nevada: What the Fossils Tell About The Triassic-Jurassic Mass Extinction Event

Researchers have discovered the fossil record of the earliest North American coral species that reappeared after the mass extinction event of the Triassic-Jurassic ages. The discovery was made in central Nevada's high desert.

Animals October 7, 2015

Mammal Evolution 'Exploded' During Jurassic Era

Mostly unnoticed by dinosaurs, mammals were evolving at breakneck speed during the Age of Reptiles, researchers say. The Jurassic saw mammals experimenting with body plans and tooth varieties, fossils show.

July 16, 2015

Wales Joins World's Club Of Dinosaur Countries With Fossil Discovery

A small fossil discovered on a Welsh beach is the first carnivorous dinosaur to be found in the country. Experts say the small dinosaur, a distant cousin of the T. rex, is one of the earliest of all Jurassic-era dinosaurs.

Animals June 9, 2015

Fossils Of Jurassic Era Tree-Dwelling And Burrowing Mammals Found In China

The discovery of the Agilodocodon scansorius and Docofossor brachydactylus in China offers evidence that mammals lived with dinosaurs during the Jurassic Period and that they were as diverse as modern-day mammals.

Animals February 13, 2015

Dragon-Like 50-Foot-Long Dinosaur Fossil Discovery in China Stumps Paleontologists

Qijianglong lived in China 160 million years ago, and this creature had a neck that stretched nearly half the length of its 50-foot-long body.

Earth/Environment February 1, 2015

Loch Ness Monster? No, But Dolphin-sized Reptile Terrorized Isle of Skye 170 Million Years Ago

The Dearcmhara shawcrossi was a fearsome marine reptile that hunted prehistoric sharks and dinosaurs in the Middle Jurassic period. The dolphin-like animal thrived when the Isle of Skye was still under water 170 million years ago.

Animals January 12, 2015

X-Ray of Guineafowl Foot Unlocks Secrets of Dinosaur Tracks [Video]

By using X-ray to record a guineafowl as it walked through a bed of poppy seeds, researchers came up with a three-dimensional model to understand how the ancient tracks of the Corvipes lacertoideus were formed millions of years ago.

Animals December 10, 2014

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