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Contaminated Cantaloupe Causes Deadly Listeria Outbreak In Australia

A listeria outbreak linked to cantaloupe or rockmelon left three dead in Australia. The outbreak prompted the country’s melon industry to adopt measures to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Public Health March 4, 2018

Sabra Issues Recall Of Hummus Products Over Listeria Concerns

Possible listeria contamination has prompted Sabra Dipping Co. to issue a voluntary recall of some of its hummus products. Listeria was identified at the company's manufacturing facility.

Public Health November 20, 2016

Potential Listeria Contamination Prompts Recall Of 30,000 Cases Of Country Fresh Fresh-Cut Vegetable Products

Country Fresh LLC. has announced a recall of pre-cut fresh vegetables on possible listeria contamination. About 30,000 cases of veggies shipped to eight major retailers in the country are being recalled by the company.

Public Health August 30, 2016

Hy-Vee Voluntarily Recalls Frozen Fried Rice Due To Listeria Fears

American supermarket chain Hy-Vee voluntarily recalled two of its frozen rice food items due to listeria scares. To date, no hospitalizations linked to the case have been reported.

Public Health May 17, 2016

Dole Officials Aware Of Listeria Problem At Salad Plant: FDA Report

An FDA report found that Dole Food Company officials knew about the listeria issues at their Ohio salad plant more than a year before the factory closed in January. The Department of Justice is also conducting its own investigation.

Public Health May 1, 2016

Reser's Recalls Refrigerated Salads For Possible Listeria

Another Listeria scare has lead to the recall of Reser's Fine Foods salads due to possible contamination. The bacterial infection may cause fatal and serious effects to people who are vulnerable.

Life April 14, 2016

Alimentos Congelados Recalls 1,800 Cases Of Frozen Broccoli Cuts Over Listeria Contamination

The U.S. FDA released an announcement that Alimentos Congelados is voluntarily recalling their Frozen Broccoli Cuts due to Listeria contamination. The company had ceased distribution of the product and is fully cooperating with the regulating agencies.

Society April 4, 2016

Listeria-Contaminated Dole Salad Sickens 12, Kills One

A current, multi-state listeria outbreak sickened 12 people and killed one. Test results linked the outbreak to Dole packaged salads produced by the Springfield facility in Ohio. Dole announced they ceased the operations in the said facility. The company is currently pulling out said products from the shelves.

Life January 23, 2016

Blue Bell Creameries Under Criminal Investigation Over Listeria Response

The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating ice cream company Blue Bell Creameries for its handling of a 2015 listeria outbreak. The incident resulted in 10 documented cases of listeriosis that caused three deaths.

Life January 4, 2016

Whole Foods Recalls Chicken Salad And Deli Pasta Due To Listeria Risk

Whole Foods recalled some of its products due to possible listeria contamination. Consumers who brought the affected products are urged to throw them away or return to place of purchase.

Life October 25, 2015

General Mills Recalling 'Limited Quantity' Of Green Beans Due To Listeria Scare

General Mills is recalling 10-ounce bags of Cascadian Farm Cut Green Beans after finding out that a package tested positive for contamination with the bacteria listeria.

Life August 28, 2015

Listeriosis: How To Spot It And What To Do When Exposed To Listeria

Listeriosis can have severe consequences when not addressed immediately. Knowing the signs of an infection is integral in taking quick action to receive treatment.

Life May 26, 2015

Hy-Vee Removes Salads From Stores Due To Listeria Fears

Hy-Vee has recalled a pasta salad product due to potential threat of listeriosis disease. The store offers a variety of goods in addition to this product.

Life April 30, 2015

Potential Lawsuits Could Delay Return Of Blue Bell

Blue Bell Creameries may face lawsuits over its latest product recalls due to the listeria scare. A new investigation reveals links between the ice cream and cases of listeriosis spanning five years.

Life April 25, 2015

Blue Bell Recalls Entire Product Line Over Listeria Scare

Ice cream manufacturer Blue Bell Creameries of Texas is recalling all of their products produced from March 17 to March 27 after receiving confirmed reports of bacterial contamination in two samples of their chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream product.

Life April 21, 2015

Listeria-Tainted Caramel Apples Linked to Bakersfield Supplier in California

A listeriosis outbreak that is thought to have caused the death of three people has been linked to a processing plant in Bakersfield. The plant is owned by Bidart Bros., who has issued a recall of apples sold, with the last shipment going out Dec. 2.

Life January 11, 2015

Listeria Scare Prompts Recall of Deadly Caramel Apples

Caramel apples recalled by a Missouri food firm over possible listeria contamination. The latest listeria outbreak has resulted in the deaths of at least three people.

Life December 26, 2014

Deadly Caramel Apples: Listeria Food Poisoning Kills 5, Sickens 28 in Multi-State Outbreak

The CDC advises consumers not to eat commercially produced caramel apples pending the results of investigations on the specific brands that may have sickened 28 individuals across 10 states.

Life December 21, 2014

Pacific Organic recalls mangoes for possible Listeria contamination

Pacific Organic Produce is recalling several cases of organic mangoes that maybe contaminated with Listeria. The mangoes were delivered to retailers and distributors in several U.S. states.

Life May 7, 2014

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