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Citizen Scientists Release Study On New Hampshire Tick-Borne Disease

An increase in tick bites is associated with warmer weather, but research suggested that the threat exists all year round in New Hampshire. They also found the presence of a new pathogen among ticks collected by volunteers in the state.

Public Health May 6, 2019

New Report Shows Medical Crowdfunding Funds Often Go To Shady Treatments

Millions of dollars are being raised to fund treatments that are not backed by any scientific research. A new study warned that these treatments might not be effective or safe.

Public Health October 24, 2018

Lyme Disease Detected In All 50 States: Protect Yourself From The Tick-Borne Illness

Lyme disease, the tick-borne illness, is now found across all 50 states of the USA. This means that even people in places where Lyme disease was traditionally not a problem should start learning how to protect themselves from being infected.

Public Health August 7, 2018

Champion Swimmer Deteriorated After Petting Panda In China: What Happened To Her?

Sophia Ward was 14 years old when her family went on a trip to China to watch the Beijing Olympics of 2008. The champion swimmer's health rapidly deteriorated after coming home, with her illness traced back to petting a panda.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 5, 2018

New ‘Tick App’ For Detecting Ticks Now Available On Apple App Store And Google Play Store

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison created a smartphone app called the ‘Tick App.’ The program was designed to educate people on how to avoid ticks and help scientists understand more about ticks’ behavior.

Public Health June 25, 2018

Treating Clothes With Permethrin Insecticide May Prevent Tick-Borne Diseases: Other Effective Ways To Prevent Tick Bites

Clothes treated with permethrin insecticide may prevent tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, a CDC study revealed. Here are other ways to avoid tick bites.

Public Health May 27, 2018

Lyme Disease Cases Rise: Protect The Home From Tick Populations To Avoid Tick Bites

How can homes be protected from being infested with tick populations? Wise landscaping and cleaning can help prevent tick populations from wreaking havoc at home.

Public Health May 13, 2018

Lyme Disease Cases Increasing: How To Protect Yourself From It

Lyme Diseases Awareness Month is here, and so are the rising numbers of infections. It can potentially turn into a more serious condition, so here are ways to prevent getting Lyme disease.

Public Health May 11, 2018

CDC Shares Horrific Photo Of A Muffin For Lyme Disease Awareness

The poppyseed muffin will never be the same again. In an attempt to raise awareness for tick season, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shared a photo of a muffin on Twitter, which left many people horrified.

Public Health May 9, 2018

Tick, Flea, And Mosquito Infections More Than Tripled Since 2004: Here's How To Protect Against Bug Bites

Infections from ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes have surged to 'astronomical levels,' and apparently, the United States is not fully prepared for the health threat. You will have to claim the responsibility of protecting yourself and your family from bug bites.

Public Health May 3, 2018

Mosquito And Tick-Borne Diseases Such As Zika And Lyme Surge To ‘Astronomical Levels’

The CDC reported that vector-borne diseases from mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas have more than tripled since 2004. Experts are investigating the role of climate change in the spread of these diseases.

Public Health May 2, 2018

Is It Lyme Disease Or Not? New Test May Provide Accurate Diagnosis

While still highly experimental, initial findings on Lyme disease diagnosis may outperform current laboratory tests for uncovering early-stage Lyme. Researchers may be able to tell Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases apart with greater accuracy.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 18, 2017

Pet Owners At Greater Risk Of Finding Tick On Household Members

Researchers surveyed mor than 2,000 households in Lyme disease-endemic states to study the differences in tick encounters among the household members. Do ticks crawl on pet owners more?

Public Health July 8, 2017

Tick Bite May Have Caused 2-Year-Old Indiana Girl’s Death

A tick bite may have led to the death of a two-year-old girl in Indiana, who was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. This condition is only one among different tick-borne diseases potentially leading to death.

Public Health June 8, 2017

Scientists Predict Record Year For Ticks: How To Protect Yourself From Lyme Disease

Some experts are expecting this year’s tick season to be a particularly bad one. Here are easy ways to prevent contracting tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease.

Public Health May 28, 2017

Oregon Girl Temporarily Paralyzed After Undetected Tick Bite

Lyme disease and the Powassan virus are not the only health concerns associated with tick bites. A little girl in Oregon was diagnosed with tick paralysis after she unknowingly got bit by an American dog tick and became temporarily paralyzed.

Public Health May 22, 2017

Lyme Disease And Powassan Virus Abound: What's The Deal With Tick-Borne Diseases?

This year is expected to have a particularly bad tick season, with experts warning of increases in Lyme disease and Powassan virus. Here are some things you may want to know about tick-borne diseases in the United States.

Public Health May 6, 2017

New Lyme In Town? Here’s The Fuss Over The Tick-Borne Powassan Virus

There’s a new and nastier reason to add to the list of why tick season is a nightmare – Powassan virus. Rumor has it, it’s even worse than Lyme disease.

Public Health May 4, 2017

Tick Season Is Here: What You Should Know To Prevent Lyme Disease

Save yourself from disease-causing ticks. Know more about the first symptoms of Lyme disease to watch out for and tick-prone areas in the country you should avoid for now.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 3, 2017

Ticked Off: 2 Decades After, Man Still Fights Against Lyme Disease

Bruce Shilton, formerly a lawyer and Newmarket court judge, tells the story of his 20-year struggle with Lyme disease. Find out how a tick bite changed his life, and what's on the horizon for others with Lyme.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 10, 2017

This Shapes Up To Be A Bad Tick Season And Lyme Disease Could Become More Prevalent, Experts Warn

The tick season in 2017 is making an early appearance and Lyme disease is likely to become more widespread, according to experts. But there are other tick-borne diseases to watch out for amid rising temperatures.

Public Health March 27, 2017

Nearly Half A Million US Doctors Could Not Be Wrong: Climate Change Harms Health

Nearly half a million U.S. doctors could not be wrong, as they warned that climate change causes more harm to public health. According to the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health, climate change is making Americans sicker.

Public Health March 16, 2017

Not Just Lyme: Here Are Other Tick-Borne Disease To Watch Out For

While it remains the most commonly reported vector-borne sickness in the country, Lyme disease is not the only scourge of tick bites these days. Here's a rundown of other tick-borne diseases in the U.S. today.

Public Health March 13, 2017

Lyme Disease Arrives Early In East Coast This Year, Climate Change To Blame?

Experts are of the belief that Lyme disease's early arrival at the East Coast is due to climatic changes. Come 2025, the Lyme disease season could get preponed by two weeks by 2065.

Public Health March 13, 2017

Lyme Disease Control: What To Do After A Tick Bite

With Lyme disease concerns growing, it’s important to understand which ticks carry the disease and which areas are more at risk for housing them. Here’s what to do if you suspect you’ve been bitten by a Lyme-infested tick.

Public Health March 7, 2017

Why Is Lyme Disease More Prevalent In Northern United States?

Lyme disease affects an estimated 300,000 people in the United States each year. Researchers have found that the northern regions face a higher risk of this disease because of temperature and humidity.

Public Health January 15, 2017

Avril Lavigne Announces New Music, Album For 2017 Via Instagram After Lyme Disease Battle

Pop star Avril Lavigne will be releasing a brand new album in 2017 following a hiatus due to her battle with Lyme disease. The singer took to her Instagram account to thank her fans for their patience and support and announce the new music.

Celebrities December 29, 2016

New Urine Test Could Detect Lyme Disease Much Faster

Researchers highlight the promising results of a novel urine test for Lyme disease. The diagnostic test seeks to find trace amounts of the Lyme bacteria through a urine sample instead of the antibodies found by current tests.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 22, 2016

Lyme Disease: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment And Tips To Prevent Tick Bites

Lyme disease, a bacterial infection caused by tick bites, can cause serious health complications if left untreated. Here is everything you need to know about the infection.

Life April 3, 2016

Long-Term Antibiotic Treatment Fails To Ease Lyme Disease Symptoms

Twelve weeks of antibiotic therapy offered no additional benefit to people with long-term symptoms of Lyme disease, according to a new Dutch study. The subjects reported muscular or joint pain, fatigue and other persistent symptoms despite initial antibiotic treatment.

Life March 31, 2016

Genetic Secrets Of Bloodsucking Ticks May Lead To New Ways To Prevent Spread Of Lyme Disease

Scientists have unveiled the genetic secrets of tick species that spread Lyme disease. The research could pave way for methods that can help control these bloodsucking creatures.

Life February 10, 2016

US Scientists Discover Another Species Of Bacteria That Causes Lyme Disease

Scientists from the United States found a new species of bacteria that can cause Lyme Disease. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that can spread through the bites of blacklegged ticks.

Life February 9, 2016

Ticks That Carry Lyme Disease Spread To Almost Half Of US: How to Avoid Tick Bites

A new study conducted by the CDC has found that blacklegged ticks are now present in 45 percent of the total number of counties in the United States. These insects are the most common carriers of the Borrelia bacteria, which can cause Lyme disease.

Life January 19, 2016

Cotard Disease: Rare 'Zombie' Disease Makes The Living Think They Are Dead

In late 2013, writer Esme Weijun Wang started to believe she was dead, following weeks of losing grip on reality and her own identity. It was a case of Cotard syndrome that lasted two months for her but could result in the same feeling of being dead or nonexistent in others for months or years.

Life November 4, 2015

Borrelia Miyamotoi: What You Need To Know About This 'New Lyme Disease'

Researchers have discovered a new type of bacterial infection that shares similar symptoms with Lyme disease. The new illness, caused by the Borrelia miyamotoi bacteria, is spread through bites from ticks and has been found to be resistant to antibiotics.

Life October 26, 2015

Health Experts Say Cases Of Lyme Disease Quadrupled In The Last 12 Years

A growing number of people within the last several years are infected with Lyme disease. With more than 1,000 cases reported in the UK as of 2013, there is a pressing need to inform the public of how potentially fatal the disease could be.

Life October 12, 2015

Phones 4u Co-Founder Caudwell Calls On Government For More Lyme Disease Research

John Caudwell seeks government help in boosting research efforts for Lyme disease, which has afflicted his family. According to the Phones 4u co-founder, the bacterial infection is affecting thousands of people due to under-diagnosis and lack of relevant disease information.

Life October 1, 2015

Tick Bite Leads To Loss Of Limbs For Oklahoma Woman

When Jo Rogers returned from a vacation, she didn’t think that something as small as a tick bite will change her life forever.

Life August 14, 2015

Warming Weather Causing Uptick In Lyme Disease From Ticks

The warm summer weather caused the rise of the tick-borne Lyme disease. Health officials and organizations suggest ways to prevent further uprising of the epidemic.

Life July 9, 2015

Cat Parasites May Cause Mental Illness In Humans: What Other Diseases Can You Catch From Your Pets?

Snuggling up to a pet is one of the easiest ways to beat a bad day but it can also be your fastest ticket to getting sick, if you’re not careful.

Life June 9, 2015

Unproven Lyme Disease Treatments Found Online That Should Be Avoided

A new study has warned of alternative treatments for Lyme disease being promoted on the Internet. Some treatments are not just costly, but also untested and dangerous.

Life June 1, 2015

Lyme Disease Continues To Spread With Hotter Weather And More Ticks

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the number of Lyme disease cases in the country has increased in the past few years, with Pennsylvania being the most affected by the illness. Experts believe that this increase is caused by the growing population of blacklegged ticks, or deer ticks, which are known to be carriers of the disease.

Life May 4, 2015

Warm Spring Weather Causing Uptick In Tick Numbers

The warm spring weather may result in a boom in the tick population in parts of the U.S. Blacklegged ticks can cause Lyme disease in humans.

Life April 17, 2015

Powassan Virus Pack Powerful Punch - Tick-borne Illness Worse Than Lyme Disease!

A tick-borne illness creates symptoms more severe than Lyme disease. Are you in danger from this potentially deadly illness?

Internet Culture April 12, 2015

Avril Lavigne Says Tick Bite Made Her 'Bedridden For Five Months': Lyme Disease — Facts And Symptoms

Avril Lavigne tells reporters she was laid up by Lyme disease for months. Where does this illness come from, how serious is it, and how can it be treated?

Life April 2, 2015

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