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Magic Mushroom Treats Depression Without Emotional Numbing Effects Of Antidepressants

The main psychedelic compound in magic mushrooms helps alleviate symptoms of depression. Unlike SSRI antidepressants, however, psilocybin does not cause emotional numbing but instead enhances emotional receptivity.

Neuroscience January 8, 2018

Magic Mushroom Compound May Reset Brain Of Depressive People

Researchers found that the psychoactive compound in magic mushrooms is effective in lessening the symptoms of depression among patients with treatment-resistant depression. Participants used terms such as 'reset,' 'reboot,' and 'defrag' to describe the drug's effect on their brains.

Neuroscience October 14, 2017

Psychedelic Drugs LSD, Ketamine, And Psilocybin Cause Brain To Enter Higher State Of Consciousness

People under the influence of psychedelic drugs such as ketamine, LSD, and psilocybin were found to have more random activities in the brain than normal. What does this mean?

Neuroscience April 19, 2017

Researchers Urge Caution Around Psilocybin Use, Warn About Bad ‘Magic Mushroom’ Trips

Psilocybin-containing magic mushrooms can give quite the trip, and when it’s bad, it’s bad, according to a survey carried out by researchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Medicine January 4, 2017

Magic Mushrooms Show Promise In Easing Anxiety And Depression In Cancer Patients

Two research papers published recently have asserted that terminally ill cancer patients facing depression and pain can gain immense relief from the use of psilocybin — an active ingredient present in psychedelic or magic mushrooms.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 2, 2016

Magic Mushroom Curbs Symptoms Of Depression: Could It Revolutionize Treatment?

A psychedelic substance found in magic mushrooms has been found to lift depression in volunteers. Could this drug revolutionize treatment?

Medicine May 18, 2016

Magic Mushroom Psilocybin May Reduce Pain Of Social Exclusion

The potent ingredient in the 'magic mushroom' called psilocybin could help people suffering from social exclusion. It reduces the feeling of distress and patients taking it could experience social rejection as less stressful.

Life April 21, 2016

Good High? Psychedelic Drugs May Help Patients with Mental Health Disorders

Some illegal drugs may have therapeutic benefits to patients with mental health disorders. In small clinical trials, psychedelics such as LSD and magic mushrooms were found to help patients suffering from PTSD, addiction, depression and anxiety.

Life September 9, 2015

Magic Mushrooms And LSD Can Help Treat Anxiety And Other Mental Health Disorders

Shrooms may be the answer to treat mental health disorders.

Life May 29, 2015

Can magic mushrooms really help you quit smoking?

For many smokers, the road to finally kicking the nicotine habit can be long and difficult. A new study, however, points to mushrooms as the answer.

Internet Culture September 14, 2014

Experts explain how magic mushroom affects the brain and how it might treat depression

Researchers are studying the possible psychotherapeutic effects of the Magic Mushrooms. Fifteen volunteers injected with the psilocybin psychedelic ingredient found in the mushrooms were found to be in a dream-like state.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 9, 2014

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