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NASA Finds Newly Made Impact Crater On Mars

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spotted a new crater near the equator of Mars. Scientists said that the feature might have been created when a small space rock crashed into the Red Planet.

Space June 18, 2019

Ground Penetrating Radar Hints At Massive Amount Of Water Beneath Polar Region On Mars

Researchers just discovered a large reservoir of water ice underneath the surface of Mars. They believe that the slabs of ice sandwiched between alternating sand layers are remnants of ancient polar ice caps.

Space May 25, 2019

Israel Now 7th Nation To Orbit The Moon With Beresheet Spacecraft's Successful Lunar Capture Maneuver

Israel succeeded in being the seventh nation to send a space vehicle to orbit the moon. The lunar capture moved the mission one step closer to its ultimate goal of landing on the surface.

Space April 5, 2019

Mars Orbiter HiRISE Sends Back Photo Of Opportunity Rover Covered In Dust

Opportunity can be seen as a black dot in the photo captured using the HiRISE. The 15-year-old rover has been silent since the Red Planet was engulfed in a red haze caused by a dust storm.

Space September 27, 2018

NASA Reconnaissance Orbiter Spots Beaker The Muppet, Yoshi, And Cookie Monster On Mars

A camera aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter transmitted images that showed sand and rocks taking the shape of a Muppet. The image was posted on Twitter, and netizens joined in, spotting other adorable figures from it.

Space August 18, 2018

NASA Captures Images Of Crawling 'Spiders' On Mars

NASA's MRO spacecraft has captured a landscape on planet Mars that features what look like crawling spiders. Scientists call this araneiform terrain. How does it form on the Red Planet?

Space July 13, 2018

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Captures Image Of Blue Dune On Red Planet

The HiRISE camera aboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured an image of a blue dune on Mars' Lyot Crater region. The image was enhanced to provide a better look at the surface features of the Red Planet.

Space June 23, 2018

Visual Artist Creates Video Simulating A Flyby On Mars Using Real Data

A visual artist used data captured with a camera on Mars then turned it into a video. The video shows what it would be like to fly over the Martian surface.

Space June 18, 2018

NASA MRO Image Features Stunning Dune Gullies At Matara Crater On Mars

The HiRISE instrument onboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured image of gullies that formed on the sand dunes of Matara Crater on the Red Planet. How did these gullies form?

Space April 8, 2018

NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter On 'Precautionary Standby Mode': What's The Problem?

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has been orbiting Mars for 12 years, was placed on a 'precautionary standby mode.' What does this status mean, and is the spacecraft in danger of being lost in space forever?

Space February 20, 2018

Deep Hole Found On Mars' Surface: What Could It Be?

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured images of a deep dark spot on the Red Planet's surface. Researchers opined that the picture belonged to an underground cave, which could support life if it was deep.

Space June 8, 2017

NASA Mars Probe Completes 50000th Red Planet Orbit

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has completed its 50,000th trip around the red planet. The spacecraft has been functioning for more than 11 years, providing useful data.

Space March 31, 2017

NASA And ESA Posts Images Of Mars' North Polar Ice Cap

Some recent mosaic images released by ESA and NASA give us a detailed look into the Martian polar caps. The polar caps are made partly of water-based ice and frozen carbon dioxide.

Space February 4, 2017

NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Gets Best View Of ExoMars Schiaparelli Landing Site, Offers Detailed Look At Spacecraft’s Landing Hardware

NASA's most powerful telescope orbiting Mars has provided images related to the possible impact site of the Schiaparelli probe. The engines of the lander prematurely shut down on Oct. 19.

Space October 28, 2016

Spider Starburst Crops Up On Mars: NASA Explains What These Strange Markings Are

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured an image of strange deep troughs that form a starburst-like pattern on the Martian surface. Here's what NASA scientists think.

Space January 14, 2016

Science Images Of The Week: UFOs, Carl Sagan Day, A Disabled Orangutan And More

This week's science images are full of awe and aww.

Space November 12, 2015

NASA Finds First Evidence Of Flowing Water On Mars: Could Life Exist On The Red Planet Now?

NASA scientists confirmed that present day Mars has liquid water that flows intermittently. The discovery raises the possibility that alien life now thrive on the Red Planet.

Space September 29, 2015

NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Celebrates 10th Anniversary In Space: Work Is Far From Over

After 10 years of flying to Mars and observing the Red Planet, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is still going strong. What's next for this hearty robotic explorer?

Space August 16, 2015

Glass Detected On Mars Could Hold Signs Of Ancient Life Within It

Molten glass created in impacts on Mars could have captured and preserved signs of ancient life on the Red Planet as it cooled, researchers suggest. A NASA spacecraft has confirmed the presence of large amounts of glass in Martian impact craters.

Space June 9, 2015

Mysterious Circular Landform on Mars Stumps NASA Scientists

A bizarre looking land formation resembling the surface of human brain was spotted by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Spacecraft on the Red Planet. Scientists are baffled, but they have speculations on how it was created.

Space December 8, 2014

Red Planet orbiters on red alert as Comet Siding Spring looms

Comet Siding Spring will make a close encounter with Mars, and NASA is moving orbiters out of the way, fearing damage to the vehicles.

Space August 6, 2014

Help wanted: NASA asks for commercial satellite network on Mars

NASA says more communications capacity needed as its landers and rovers on Mars continue science explorations. Commercially owned and operated satellites could be one solution, space agency says.

Space July 25, 2014

Gullies on Mars carved by dry ice, not by water

Martian gullies, once thought to be the result of liquid water on the surface of the planet, were formed by dry ice, a new study reveals. What could this mean for the search of life on the Red Planet?

Space July 17, 2014

Mars Curiosity now traversing former ancient glacier territory

Gale Crater on Mars, where NASA rover Curiosity is traveling, shows signs of ancient water, glaciers. Features in the crater match many glacial features seen on Earth today.

Space June 26, 2014

Freshly made crater spotted by Mars orbiter ... and it is huge

From a Chelyabinsk-like impact comes a freshly made crater in the equator of Mars. It was discovered two years after it was made when the image was captured by the weather camera of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Space May 25, 2014

Mars Orbiter goes to sleep after suffering glitch, NASA fix on way

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter put itself in hibernation mode this week, and no one is sure why it happened. But help is on the way.

Space March 16, 2014

Has Star Trek Starfleet set up a base in Mars? Martian sand dunes suggest so

Strange formations on Mars look like the insignia from Star Trek. They lie like birds or fleets of aircraft on long flights. But what does any of this have to do with an interplanetary internet network?

Space February 24, 2014

Did NASA just discover evidence of water on Mars? The truth is out there

NASA may have finally found evidence of flowing water on Mars. However, the space agency is not disclosing much.

Space February 12, 2014

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has just spotted a fresh impact crater

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has photographed a stunning crater, created by a meteor, recently striking the Red Planet. But what does that have to do with bringing the Internet to space?

Space February 6, 2014

Hi there: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captures Curiosity rover in amazing photos

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured amazing photos of the Curiosity rover at work on Mars.

Space January 13, 2014

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