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People With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder More Likely To Have Money Problems

A charity in the United Kingdom has found that people with mental health issues such as obsessive compulsive disorder are more likely to have money problems. There is a way to change that, the charity said.

Public Health March 27, 2019

Schizophrenia Patients Learn To Control Verbal Hallucinations Using Video Game

Schizophrenia patients were asked to play a video game that involves moving a rocket using their own mental strategy. They eventually learned how to control part of their brain associated with verbal hallucinations.

Neuroscience February 12, 2018

Video Game Addiction To Be Recognized As Mental Disorder: Here's What To Do If You Think You Have It

The World Health Organization will soon classify video game addiction as a mental health condition. Here is how to determine if you have gaming disorder and what you should do next if you think you have it.

Public Health December 27, 2017

Obsessed With Taking Selfies? A New Test May Check If You Have 'Selfitis'

Is "selfitis" a hoax, or is it a real mental disorder? What started as a news article in 2014 could very well be an actual mental disorder marked by obsessive selfie-taking.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 16, 2017

Mental Health Drug Aripiprazole May Cause Uncontrollable Urges To Gamble, Shop, Binge Eat And Have Sex: FDA

The FDA has warned of the side effects of the antipsychotic drug aripiprazole (Abilify, Aristada). Taking the medication may cause compulsive behaviors such as binge eating, gambling, compulsive shopping and sex.

Neuroscience May 4, 2016

Feeling Too Stressed Out? Living Near The Beach May Boost Your Mental State

Feeling stressed? Having a view of the ocean or living by the beach might prove to be beneficial to your mental health, reveals a new study.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 30, 2016

Landmark Study Sheds Light On Biological Cause Of Schizophrenia

People with genes that accelerate the process called brain pruning are at higher risk of developing schizophrenia, a new landmark study revealed. The findings shed light on the biological cause of the brain disorder.

Life January 28, 2016

This Website Offers Support To People With Hair-Pulling Condition Trichotillomania

A website was launched to help people with trichotillomania, an impulse disorder that makes people pull hair out of their own body. is an online community where people can support each other while raising awareness about the little-known condition.

Life January 21, 2016

Bigorexia Plagues 1 In 10 Male Gymgoers: What Is This Disorder?

One out of ten men could be suffering from bigorexia, but what is it exactly and what could be causing it?

Life September 24, 2015

Orthorexia Nervosa: Obsession With Healthy Foods As Mental Disorder

Obsessed with sticking to a healthy diet? There's a term for that: experts are referring to the mental disorder as orthorexia nervosa.

Life February 21, 2015

Smoking Extra Strong Marijuana May Lead To Psychiatric Problems Says Study

Smoking high potency marijuana can result in psychiatric disorders in individuals. The use of hash was not linked with elevated risk of psychosis.

Life February 18, 2015

New Mysteries of Fragile X Syndrome Unraveled

Genetic study yields new insight into the most common cause of inherited intellectual disabilities. Patient with unusual genetic mutation provides researchers with clues to condition and its source.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 20, 2015

3 in 10 Cancer patients struggle with anxiety, depression

About 3 in 10 cancer patients suffer from mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. The prevalence of psychological disorders may vary with the type of cancer.

Life October 7, 2014

Schizophrenia linked to eight genetic disorders, not one: Study

New study suggests that the mental disorder schizophrenia is not a single disease. It is actually a group of eight genetic disorders that individually has its own distinct symptoms.

Life September 16, 2014

Schizophrenia: Scientists tie over 80 new genes to mental illness

Researchers from the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium found new gene variants tied to schizophrenia, a discovery that could pave way to better and more effective treatments for the mental disorder.

Life July 23, 2014

Scientists find genetic marker for obsessive-compulsive disorder, may lead to development of drug treatment

Researchers identified a genetic marker associated with obsessive compulsive disorder, a mental disorder that affects millions of Americans. This could pave way for development of a drug that could treat the condition.

Life May 15, 2014

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