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WHO Stops Classifying Transgender People As Mentally Ill

Transgender people are no longer classified as having a mental health disorder in the updated manual of the World Health Organization. Now, 'gender incongruence' is listed under sexual health in a move that’s hoped to benefit transgender people worldwide.

Public Health May 29, 2019

Teenage Psychotic Experiences Linked To Air Pollution, Study Finds

Air pollution could be as bad to the mind as to the human body. Researchers found that psychotic experiences commonly occur in teens who live in polluted urban areas.

Earth/Environment March 30, 2019

New Treatment Programs In US Aim To Treat 'Internet Addiction'

Reboot, a program in a mental health center in Ohio, targets 'internet addiction' in children. It is only one of the programs in the United States that offers treatment for people who might be addicted to the internet and electronic devices.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 28, 2019

Exposure To Lead During Childhood Linked To Mental Health Issues Later In Life

A study claimed a link between exposure to high levels of lead in childhood and mental health issues in adulthood. The researchers warned that the negative effects of the toxic metal might show up to three or four decades later.

Public Health January 25, 2019

Number Of Children Facing Mental Health Problems Continues To Grow

A new survey found that the number of children and late teens facing mental health problems is increasing. This came on the heels of a commissioner lambasting the agency for slow services.

Healthy Living/Wellness November 23, 2018

Large-Scale Study Shows Global Warming Has Adverse Effects On Mental Health

A new study found that global warming might create new and worsened cases of mental illnesses in the United States. The changing climate and the frequency of natural disaster will further cause distress to Americans.

Earth/Environment October 10, 2018

What Causes Mental Illness? Here Are The Signs And Symptoms In Children, Adolescents, And Adults

From children to adolescents and adults, millions of people struggle with various types of mental illness and health problems. Here are the signs and symptoms of mental illness you need to know.

Neuroscience February 22, 2018

Gaming Disorder Soon To Be Classified As Mental Health Condition

Gaming disorder will be included in the upcoming edition of the International Classification of Diseases by the World Health Organization. What are the symptoms of a gaming disorder, and is it even legitimate?

December 25, 2017

Mom Arrested After Subjecting Her Son To 13 Major Surgeries And 323 Hospital Visits: Munchausen By Proxy?

34-year-old Texas mother was arrested for injury to a child, after putting her son through 323 hospital visits and 13 major surgeries, all unnecessary. She is believed to suffer from Munchausen by Proxy.

Medicine December 15, 2017

Mentally Ill Inmates Held In Confinement Longer, Federal Watchdog Says

The Office of Inspector General revealed that mentally ill inmates in federal prisons are being placed in confinement for long periods. The report alleges that the Bureau of Prisons has done a poor job at providing care for such inmates.

July 13, 2017

Most US Soldiers Dismissed For Misconduct Suffer From Mental Illness

GAO reported that 62 percent of U.S. soldiers who were discharged from military service were diagnosed with mental health conditions such as PTSD and TBI. How do servicemen cope with these conditions?

Neuroscience May 16, 2017

Mental Illness Isn’t The Endgame: Simple Yet Effective Ways To Support Your Loved One’s Mental Health

Do you know someone who’s suffering from any form of mental disorder? Here are some practical and useful strategies you can do to make sure he or she gets the right support.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 8, 2017

8.3 Million Adult Americans Suffer From Serious Psychological Distress: What Is It And What Can You Do About It?

Depression and anxiety are taking their toll on Americans, as more and more people struggle with psychological distress. Find out what the most common symptoms of PD are, what triggers this mental health disorder, and how to combat it.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 19, 2017

3 Misconceptions About Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Debunked

Check out three of the most common misconceptions about obsessive-compulsive disorder and learn why saying 'I'm OCD,' in reference to one's penchant for cleaning, is wrong.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 3, 2017

Take A Digital Detox: Constantly Checking Social Media Can Drive You Insane

Social media is more stressful than people think. A recent survey shows that social media addiction and mental health issues are connected and affect most Americans.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 24, 2017

Scratch That: Your Cat Will Not Give You Mental Illness

Owning cats does not up your risk for mental disorders such as schizophrenia and psychosis, among other mental illnesses. Here's the proof.

Public Health February 23, 2017

Your Brain Shape May Indicate Your Personality Type And Risk For Mental Illness

Brain scans revealed a link between the shape of the brain and personality types. The structure of the brain also hints of risk for mental health problems.

Neuroscience January 25, 2017

More Than Half Of American Adults With Mental Health Issues Not Getting Needed Treatment

Mental Health America's annual report revealed better access to mental health care in the country. However, more than half of adults with mental illness are still not getting the treatment they need.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 20, 2016

This Machine Uses Your Instagram Photos To Diagnose Depression, Other Mental Illness

Researchers have developed a machine-learning algorithm that can identify depression by analyzing Instagram photos. The system can be used for early and effective depression diagnosis.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 20, 2016

Patients With Bipolar Disorder Wait Six Years Before Seeking Treatment

Patients with bipolar disorder already show disruptive and distressing symptoms years before they get proper treatment for their psychiatric condition. What causes the delay in diagnosis?

Neuroscience July 27, 2016

Air Pollution Could Increase Mental Illness Risk In Children

Researchers find a link between an increase in air pollution rates and the surge in children's mental illness. Alarmingly, the link persists even in countries with relatively low air pollution levels such as Sweden.

Public Health June 14, 2016

Most Antidepressants Are Ineffective In Treating Teens With Depression

Most antidepressants do not help curb the symptoms of depression in kids and teens, a new study revealed. Certain antidepressants were linked to increased suicidal thoughts.

Medicine June 9, 2016

Brains Of Schizophrenia Patients Attempt To Self-Repair, MRI Scans Reveal

Schizophrenia is believed to be a degenerative mental illness. MRI imaging, however, showed that the brains of patients suffering from this condition become more 'normal' over time.

Neuroscience May 28, 2016

Celebrities Speak Up About Struggles With Mental Health

Celebrities have opened up about their struggles with mental health problems. One of those celebrities is Kristen Bell, who openly shared her experiences to help others.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 16, 2016

May Is Mental Health Awareness Month: Here's What You Can Do To Spread Awareness And Get Involved

It's Mental Health Awareness month. It's time return to a conversation that should carry on year-round.

Public Health May 15, 2016

Bipolar Disorder Shares Genetic Roots With Autism, Schizophrenia

Bipolar disorder may share the same genetic roots with other psychiatric conditions such as autism and schizophrenia. Identifying these specific genes could help researchers develop new treatments for bipolar disorder patients.

Neuroscience May 6, 2016

Yeast Infection May Be Linked To High Risk For Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia

Researchers have found that prior yeast infection could be linked to mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. The connection, however, is not causal in nature.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 5, 2016

People With Mental Illness Experience More Complications After Hip Replacement Surgery: Study

Patients with mental disorders are most likely to develop complications after hip replacement surgery, a new study has found. This is because of their lack of self-management, higher risk of other medical conditions and lack of ability to follow post-surgery instructions, among others.

April 28, 2016

24 Percent Rise In US Suicide Rate Highest In 30 Years: CDC

Suicide rates in the United States have increased by 24 percent since 1999, signifying the highest surge in 30 years, a new report has revealed. Experts say prevention techniques are effective, but funding is scarce.

April 22, 2016

Canadian Man To 'Run For Wellness' In 10 Half-Marathons For Mental Health Awareness

In a bid to raise awareness about the positive effects exercise has on mental health, Jacob Morris intends to run 10 half-marathons in 10 Canadian cities, around mid-June to mid-July.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 21, 2016

Bipolar Disorder: Symptoms, Warning Signs, Treatment And Everything You Need To Know

Bipolar disorder is characterized by dramatic episodes of mania and depression. It is estimated that one in every 100 adults is affected.

Life March 31, 2016

19,000 Mentally Ill Patients Living In Hell, Shackled And Locked Up In Indonesia

It has been almost 40 years since Indonesia banned 'pasung' or shackling. However, there are still nearly 19,000 patients with disabilities that are bound and locked up in atrocious conditions.

Life March 22, 2016

Psychiatric Disorders And Type 2 Diabetes Are Linked: Researchers

Researchers have found a genetic link between psychiatric disorders and Type 2 diabetes. Through their discovery, they are hopeful that new treatment options will be developed to help patients.

Life February 8, 2016

Almost Half Of Adults Have Suffered Mental Health Illness At Some Stage In Life: Report

A report revealed that almost half of all adults in the UK have had a mental health illness at some point in their lives. Experts said the increasing numbers may signify that society is becoming more accepting of the issue, encouraging patients to recognize the burden.

Life January 16, 2016

Obama Administration Unveils Plan To Keep Guns Away From Mentally Ill People

The Obama Administration has announced an executive action to reduce gun violence. Among the most prominent proposals stated is keeping guns away from mentally ill people and strengthening health care services for them.

Society January 7, 2016

People With Mental Illness 16 Times At Greater Risk Of Getting Killed By Police

People with mental illness undergo constant health challenges yet they are 16 times more likely to get killed from police encounters. Public policy reforms are needed to ensure that such tragic killings are prevented.

Life December 12, 2015

Study Finds Offspring Have Increased Risk Of Anxiety If Mother Suffers From Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Researchers found that since PCOS causes higher testosterone levels, children of pregnant women with the disease are at a higher risk of anxiety.

Life November 9, 2015

Study Finds Link Between Premature Birth And Risks For Mental Illness

Premature babies are at greater risk for developing mental disorders due to weakened brain network connections. Researchers said that their findings can help improve assessment and treatment outcomes for patients with mental disorders.

Life October 20, 2015

13 Million Americans are Mentally Ill: Groups Urge Legislators To Reform U.S. Mental Health System

Following a mass shooting at the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, 23 mental health groups across the United States urged Congress to approve mental health-related legislations.

Life October 6, 2015

Ninja Theory Outs 'Hellblade' Trailer: Game Tackles Mental Illness

Gaming company Ninja Theory explored mental health issues in the game Hellblade.

Internet Culture June 11, 2015

Study Suggests Creativity And Mental Illness May Have Common Genetic Origins

Researchers find DNA mutations raising risks of conditions such as schizophrenia in some people may boot creativity in others. A study looked at the genetic makeup of people engaged in artistic endeavors, comparing them to people at risk for mental illness.

Life June 9, 2015

Bullying Seen As More Serious Cause Of Mental Health Problems Than Child Abuse

Children who are bullied face an even higher risk of ongoing mental health problems than victims of other forms of abuse, researchers suggest. Society's different attitudes toward bullying and child abuse are part of the problem, they say.

Society April 29, 2015

Florida Man Throws 5-year-old Daughter Off Bridge: Case of Mental Illness?

A 25-year-old man who was prescribed 37 different medications at the same time but did not take them is on trial for murdering his five-year-old daughter by throwing her off a bridge.

Society January 9, 2015

Florida Man Decapitates Mother on New Year's Eve. What Happened?

Police discovered the decapitated body of a woman outside her Florida home near some garbage cans. Her head was found inside one of the cans.

Society January 3, 2015

What Are The Real Causes Of Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Although most just consider it a case of the winter blues, the depression condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real condition that some people suffer from? But what causes it?

Internet Culture December 17, 2014

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