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'New Super Mario Bros.' And More Nintendo Wii Games Will Be Available On Nvidia Shield In China

'New Super Mario Bros.' and other Nintendo Wii games will be available on the Nvidia Shield once the Android-powered set-top box is rolled out in China. Will the titles also arrive to other Android devices?

Video Games December 6, 2017

Nintendo Wii Shop Channel To Shut Down In 2019: We All Know Why, Right?

The Nintendo Wii Shop Channel will be closed in January 2019, over 12 years since the service was launched alongside the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo will be moving on from the Nintendo Wii to focus on the Nintendo Switch.

Video Games September 30, 2017

Texas Jury Orders Nintendo To Pay iLife $10 Million For Patent Infringement: Nintendo Disagrees, Calls Patent ‘Invalid’

Nintendo has been handed $10 million in damages that it must pay to iLife for reportedly infringing its patent. The verdict says the motion-sensing technology on the Nintendo Wii is an application of iLife’s technology.

Video Games September 1, 2017

The Nintendo Switch Will Do Better Than The Nintendo Wii, Analyst Says: Time To Buy Nintendo Stock?

Jefferies analyst Atul Goyal wrote that the Nintendo Switch may lead to higher earnings for Nintendo compared to the Nintendo Wii. The company's bright future, backed by the success of the Nintendo Switch, has made it very attractive to investors.

Video Games June 7, 2017

Will The Nintendo Switch Do Better Than The Nintendo Wii? GameStop Exec Thinks So

GameStop senior director of merchandising Eric Bright believes that the Nintendo Switch could be on track to outperform the Nintendo Wii in terms of sales. The hybrid console had a successful launch, but will it be able to sustain momentum?

Video Games March 21, 2017

This Gamer Has A Complete Wii Collection, And It Looks Amazing

Aaron Norton has unveiled a complete collection for the Nintendo Wii, which was a very successful console for Nintendo. The collection includes 1,262 games and all variants of the Nintendo Wii and its Wiimotes.

Video Games January 30, 2017

Black Friday: Xbox One Dominated Console Sales According to Report

The video game consoles war spilled over into Black Friday, and from all accounts, it appears as if Microsoft and its Xbox One console walked away with the top prize.

Movies/TV Shows December 1, 2014

Poor Xbox One Launch and Sales in Japan Claim First Victim: Takashi Sensui

Xbox One Japan's general manager, Takashi Sensui, will be stepping down from his post. Microsoft is reorganizing following a dismal launch and even poorer sales.

Business December 1, 2014

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