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Earthquakes Come In Clusters Because Fault Lines ‘Remember’

The reason why earthquakes come in clusters was revealed by Northwestern University researchers. They said the localized seismic events have links with the memory of the latest quake maintained by the fault, giving the scope for more quakes.

Earth/Environment December 15, 2016

Dad Bod Really Exists: First-Time Dads Gain Weight, Confirms New Study

A recent study conducted by Northwestern University researchers suggests that men who become fathers experience weight gain and an increase in their BMI rating.

July 23, 2015

Study Seeks Answers On Why Some Children Have Difficulty Reading

Scientists at Northwestern University have developed a way to identify potential learning disabilities in children. The method measures the ability of children to decipher sounds amid background noises.

Life July 15, 2015

Teens Trust Dr. Google And Go Online To Seek For Health Information

Majority of teens rely on online information to answer their health concerns, according to a new study. While most still go to their parents for advice, they have also turned to a different medical source: Dr. Google.

Life June 3, 2015

Earth found hiding huge reservoirs of water 400 miles below...but not water as we know it

Water may be trapped 400 miles under the ground, in a reservoir nearly the size of the continental United States. That is HUGE. However, this water, deep below, is not in the form of liquid, ice or steam.

Animals June 16, 2014

Tin-made solar cells are cost effective alternative to lead

Solar cells made of tin could revolutionize the renewable energy industry. This is the story of how they work.

Energy May 7, 2014

Scientists develop greener solar cells using tin instead of lead

Solar cells are not a thing of the past. A recent study discovered an environment-friendly version of the solar cell. Find out why it is dubbed as "the next big thing."

Energy May 6, 2014

Amazon black ghost knifefish teaches robots a thing or two about underwater locomotion

The Amazon black ghost knifefish has inspired scientists to build underwater robots with similar capabilities. This new robot uses a new type of locomotive strategy never before seen.

FUTURE TECH February 19, 2014

Get up, stand up: Study shows that sitting is linked to disability

For adults over 60, sitting down may not be the innocent rest one might think. Sitting down frequently and for extended periods of time, sometimes called sitting disease, may cause disability as a direct result of sedentary habits.

Life February 19, 2014

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