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Newly Found Brain Circuit Explains Why We Can't Resist High-Calorie Foods

A study related to the neurobiology of eating discovered a network of cells within the brain that drives binge-eating of calorie-rich and tasty food. This research could also lead to new advances in efforts to curb the obesity problem.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 26, 2019

Are You Overeating? Blame That Attractive Food Packaging

A study reveals that attractive food packaging leads consumers to eat more than the suggested size. Moreover, the images on the box is more than the actual recommended serving size.

Life April 7, 2016

Sleep Loss Can Give You Cannabis-Style Munchies: Study

Sleep deprivation can likely cause one to get the munchies, the same seen in cannabis users, according to a new study. Those who did not get enough sleep had elevated levels of endocannabinoids or cannabis-like chemicals in their brain that trigger overeating.

Life March 1, 2016

Cluttered And Chaotic Kitchen Can Make You Fat: Study

Cluttered kitchen causes stress to women that makes them feel out-of-control. This may lead to grabbing more snacks than intended and eventually, weight gain.

Life February 4, 2016

Slow Chewing Of Food May Help Prevent Kids From Gaining Excess Weight

A study found that slow eating helped children lose weight by up to 5.7 percent in six months and up to 4.8 in one year. Chewing for 30 seconds before the next bite allows the satiety reflex to signal the brain that the stomach is full, which prevents people from overeating.

Life December 18, 2015

Overeating To Impress? Men Eat More When Dining With Women

Most men tend to overeat when dining in the company of women, a new study revealed. Researchers said overeating may be linked to the drive to impress a potential mate.

Life November 18, 2015

Large Servings Contributes To Overconsumption Of Food: Study

Larger sized food portions and oversized tableware and packages can contribute to overeating. Reducing the availability of super-sized food could slash the caloric intake of Americans by up to 29 percent.

Life September 15, 2015

Love Eating On The Go? It Could Be Making You Gain Weight

A new study found that eating while walking or distracted with other activities may increase the risk of weight gain or obesity. Not being able to focus on meals may hinder people's thinking of when they are already overeating.

Life August 21, 2015

What Happens To Your Body When You Overeat?

With Turkey Day just around the corner, and Christmas around the next corner, there's a chance that we'll all be overeating during the holidays. But what happens inside the body when you eat too much?

Internet Culture November 25, 2014

Report: Eating junk food regularly can dangerously keep you from trying new foods

In a recent study by Australian researchers, it was concluded that when given the option between healthy and unhealthy foods for an extended period of time, rats would consistently return to the unhealthy foods and shun new flavors.

Internet Culture August 31, 2014

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