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Flea And Tick Medicine Can Cause Nerve Related Side Effects, Says FDA

The FDA issued a warning against a type of anti-flea and tick medicines that might cause adverse neurological issues. Dogs and cats that have taken these veterinary products experienced muscle tremors and seizures.

Medicine September 21, 2018

Plastic-Eating Bacteria Discovered At Recycling Center Could Renew Waste

Plastic waste can be a serious problem for landfills, particularly PET's, a common material in food storage and clothing. However, a newly-discovered bacteria eats the plastic, converting the garbage into simple chemicals.

Earth/Environment March 10, 2016

Smart Collar Can Diagnose Health Problems In Pets While Monitoring Vital Signs

Smart collar for pets can help monitor the health of cats and dogs. The devices can also trigger a notice if the animal is in pain.

Life September 4, 2015

Researcher Louis Sokoloff, Who Pioneered The Use Of Brain PET Scans, Passes Away At 93

NIH’s Dr. Louis Sokoloff passed away at 93 on July 30 in Washington. He is most popularly known for his major contributions in PET scanning and psychotherapy.

Life August 17, 2015

Vets Pull Knitting Needle from Heart of Puppy. No Surgery Needed

A young Papillon was brought by its owners to a veterinary hospital on New Year's eve after it fell into a knitting needle that pierced its heart. The dog luckily survived.

Life January 7, 2015

Neighbor Convicted for Stealing and Euthanizing Cancer Patient's Beloved Dog: 'She Knew What She Did'

A woman from Spring Hill, Pittsburgh took her neighbor's Siberian husky while he was getting treatment for stage 3 cancer and had the dog euthanized. She now faces up to ten years in prison.

Society December 30, 2014

Your Dog Can Understand You More Than You Think

Dogs do not just process familiar verbal commands. They also try to understand the meaning of human speech based on the speaker's emotional tone and intonation.

Animals November 28, 2014

Great Dane eats 43 socks for snacks, vet able to save its life

A 140-pound Great Dane was operated after feasting on his owners’ socks. The dog’s X-ray also earned the animal clinic where he was operated a place in a competition.

Life September 4, 2014

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