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Planet Nine Could Be 5 To 10 Times The Size Of Earth

Astronomers used new computer models to have an updated insight of Planet Nine. In a new study, they said the elusive could be five to 10 times as massive as Earth.

Space March 2, 2019

Melina Thévenot, NASA Citizen Scientist Hunting For Planet Nine, Finds Ancient Dead Star With Warm Rings

Melina Thévenot, who is working with a NASA-funded project searching for brown dwarfs and Planet Nine, discovered J0207. The object is the coldest and oldest white dwarf ever detected and the first known white dwarf with multiple rings.

Space February 21, 2019

Planet Nine Need Not Exist To Explain Strange Orbits In Outer Solar System

The hypothetical Planet Nine is popularly attributed to the strange movements of objects in the outer solar system. Researchers now say these strange orbits could be explained by the collective force of smaller objects.

Space January 21, 2019

Planet Nine Possibly Exists But Invisible To Existing Telescopes: Astronomers

Astronomers think that Planet Nine exists at the edge of the Solar System. Here's one possible reason why the body remains elusive despite circumstantial evidence that it exists beyond planet Neptune.

Space September 3, 2018

New Theory About Trans-Neptunian Objects Fails To Completely Debunk Planet Nine

A new theory suggests gravity of smaller space debris could explain the strange orbits of Sedna and other trans-Neptunian objects. Here's why it failed to debunk the existence of Planet Nine.

Space June 7, 2018

Planet 9 May Not Exist Instead Collective Gravity Explains Orbits Of Detached Objects Beyond Neptune

New evidence shows that Planet Nine may not exist after all and collective gravity may be to blame for some of the evidence of the missing planet. This would throw off calculations expecting a planet.

Space June 4, 2018

Scientists Find 840 Icy Little Planets Beyond Neptune, Say There Could Be Hundreds Of Thousands More

A five-year survey of the outer reaches of the solar system has led scientists to discover as many as 840 previously unknown small planets. They believe there could be as many as 90,000 little icy worlds more.

Space May 29, 2018

Scientists May Have Found Evidence Of Planet Nine Due To Strange Orbit Of Trans Neptunian Object

Scientists have theorized that there may be a ninth planet in the solar system due to strange orbits that many Trans Neptunian objects have. One of those objects may have just delivered evidence of a ninth planet.

Space May 17, 2018

Researchers Say 1000-Year-Old Tapestries Might Prove The Existence Of The Mysterious 'Planet Nine'

Researchers believe that medieval tapestries might contain proof that 'Planet Nine' exists in the solar system. Scientists are still searching the skies trying to find the mysterious planet.

Space May 4, 2018

Planet X To Appear In The Sky On April 23 According To Numerologist, But What Does Science Say?

A now-viral report posed the possibility of Planet X finally being seen on April 23. The planet, also known as Nibiru and Planet 9, would supposedly become visible with other astronomical bodies, signaling the end of times.

Space April 13, 2018

Mysterious Planet Nine Exists: NASA Close To Finding It, Reassures Us It Won't Hit The Earth

NASA is getting close to finally finding the mysterious Planet Nine, as Caltech researchers have presented new evidence for its existence. NASA also reiterated that Planet Nine, Nibiru, or whatever people want to call it, will not collide with Earth.

Space October 16, 2017

Planet 9 Out, Planet 10 In? What We Know About The Planet Potentially Hiding At Solar System’s Edge

New observations offer evidence that a Planet 10 may be hiding closer to home based on its effects on Kuiper Belt objects. How does this affect the search for Planet 9 and other worlds in the outer solar system?

Space June 27, 2017

Planet 10? There May Be Another Planet Hiding Beyond Neptune

Planet Nine may not exist, but that doesn't mean there are only eight planets in our solar system. The orbit of certain celestial bodies suggests there might be a smaller planet at the edge of our solar system.

Space June 24, 2017

DeeDee Could Be Our Solar System’s Newest Dwarf Planet: Find Out More About The Icy Orb

Astronomers first spotted the distant celestial object UZ224 in 2014. After years of observation, they reveal that 'DeeDee' meets all the new requirements to be considered a dwarf planet.

Space April 16, 2017

Citizen Astronomers Spot 4 Potential Planet Nine Candidates

In a citizen science project using images from the SkyMapper telescope, researchers from the Australian National University have identified four likely Planet Nine candidates. Will one of these objects end the elusive search?

Space April 4, 2017

Here’s A Cool Opportunity To Help Find The Elusive Planet Nine

Australian astronomers have released thousands of images for the public to help pinpoint the location of Planet Nine. The images were captured by the SkyMapper telescope and go by the thousands.

Space March 28, 2017

Hunt For Planet Nine: NASA Wants Your Help Finding This Mysterious Planet

Ever dreamed of being an astronomer? NASA wants your help finding an elusive and mysterious planet called Planet Nine, which scientists believe is located beyond Neptune.

Space February 17, 2017

Is Planet Nine A Rogue Planet Caught By The Solar System?

A new study proposes that Planet Nine could previously be a 'rogue planet,' a free-moving body not bound to any host star, which eventually got snatched into the solar system through the sun’s gravitational pull.

Space January 13, 2017

More Objects Beyond Neptune Discovered, Offer New Evidence Supporting Existence Of Planet Nine

The discovery of more objects beyond Neptune has strengthened hopes of locating the elusive Planet Nine. The presence of three more trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs), in addition to the existing six, supports evidence about Planet Nine’s existence.

Space October 27, 2016

Planet Nine May Be Responsible For Curious Tilt Of Sun In The Solar System

The sun's odd tilt relative to the orbital plane of the other planets could be attributed to a massive object lying in the far outer solar system. The findings support the idea of the existence of the theoretical Planet Nine.

Space October 20, 2016

Newly Discovered Object Beyond Planet Neptune Orbits Sun In The Wrong Direction

The trans-Neptunian object called Niku orbits the sun in a plane tilted 110 degrees to the plane of the rest of the bodies in the solar system and orbits backwards. Is the hypothetical Planet Nine responsible for this odd behavior?

Space August 12, 2016

What's All The Fuss About Planet Nine: Just Another Planet Or Something Scientists Are Worried About?

Heard about Planet Nine? The theoretical planet is getting many astronomers all fired up trying to know what, where, and how it is, so here’s a guide for you.

Space April 10, 2016

Our Sun May Have Stolen Planet Nine From Passing Star

Planet Nine could have been stolen by the sun when a close star passed by, researchers found. This challenges a first theory that the ninth planet is originally of the solar system and migrated to its edge.

Space April 9, 2016

Cassini Probe May Help Find Planet Nine

Some observations on the Cassini spacecraft, which is orbiting Saturn, are fueling hope that the elusive Planet Nine may soon be detected.

Space April 8, 2016

If Planet Nine Exists Then What Is It Like?

Planet nine may orbit in the depths of the solar system, frigid and massive. What would conditions be like on this frozen world?

Space April 7, 2016

New Evidence Suggests Solar System's Planet Nine Exists

The hypothetical Planet Nine may or may not exist beyond the outer solar system, but scientists believe they found new evidence to support its presence. The evidence is supported by eccentric objects lining up in the Kuiper Belt.

Space March 30, 2016

Does Planet Nine Exist? These Are The Tools Astronomers Are Using To Find It

Observations of bodies deep in the solar system suggest an unseen ninth planet sits beyond the orbit of Neptune. Here are some of the tools astronomers are using to find the distant world.

Space February 28, 2016

Scientists Narrow Down Location Of Solar System's Planet Nine

Find Planet Nine! In the quest to find our solar system's assumed ninth planet, French scientists said, by using mathematical models, they were able to narrow down its location by almost 50 percent.

Space February 25, 2016

Planet 9 In Solar System Is Still A Theory: NASA

NASA said that there is no actual proof yet that Planet 9 exists - it remains a theory up to this day. Computer simulations, however, recently attributed the alignment of some bodies beyond Neptune to the effects of a planet about 30 billion kilometers from the sun.

Space February 1, 2016

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