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Burn Injuries From Viral Boiling Water Challenge Sending People To The Hospital

The viral boiling water challenge became popular amid record low temperatures in the United States. Unfortunately, the stunt is sending people to the hospital because of burns. Some suffered from face scald injuries.

Public Health February 9, 2019

NASA Satellite Image Shows Polar Vortex Spreading Frigid Air Over United States

NASA's new satellite images show how the polar vortex is spreading frigid air over the United States. So far, the Midwest has been experiencing the lowest temperatures in years.

Earth/Environment February 2, 2019

Your Phone's Battery Might Not Survive Extreme Temperatures: How To Prevent It From Shutting Down

Frosty weather is here again, courtesy of the polar vortex. It’s important to keep yourself warm, but your device needs some protection from the cold, too.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 1, 2019

Alaska readies for storm that will send cold blast to East Coast

Nuri may not be a super typhoon anymore, but effects of the Pacific storm will soon be felt as far away as the eastern United States.

November 7, 2014

Polar vortex linked to global warming: Study

Climate change could be driving the polar vortex, bringing frigid winter temperatures to North America and Europe.

Earth/Environment September 3, 2014

Climate change means fewer extreme winters in the U.S. and Europe

James Screen of the University of Exeter presents findings suggesting decreases in extreme cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere as a result of Arctic warming, and overall warmer springs, autumns and winters.

Earth/Environment June 17, 2014

Warming Arctic spells less extreme cold for U.S., Europe

Contrary to previous assumptions, a new study hints that arctic warming may lead to fewer extreme cold weather events. The study covers parts of Europe, Asia and the US.

Earth/Environment June 16, 2014

Melting of the polar vortex could mean a vicious allergy season

Thanks to the harsh winter brought about the polar vortex, the Midwest and East Coast may be subjected to a particularly severe allergy season. Doctors recommend early treatment for those at risk.

Life March 28, 2014

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