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Rise In Preterm Births Possibly Linked To Trump's Election In 2016: Study

Premature births among Latina women were higher than expected nine months starting the U.S. 2016 presidential election that voted Donald Trump into office. Researchers identified the potential stressor that affected pregnant women.

Public Health

World’s Tiniest Surviving Baby ‘Saybie’ Weighed As Much As An Apple At Birth

Baby Saybie was born at just 245 grams, which is roughly the size of an apple, thus, making her the smallest newborn ever to survive. In mid-May, she was finally released from the hospital.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 31, 2019

Preterm Birth Rates On The Rise For Third Year In A Row

Preterm birth rates are on the rise in the United States for the third year in a row. The rate difference seems small, but it amounts to about 27,000 babies born prematurely since 2014.

Public Health November 2, 2018

Baby Born After Mother Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Suffers Brain Injury

A baby girl born prematurely due to her mother's cancer diagnosis is struggling for life after being rushed to the hospital. She suffered a brain injury after coding six times.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 13, 2018

Blood Test Can Predict Due Date And Premature Delivery Risk Of Pregnant Women

Worldwide, 15 million infants are born prematurely each year. A research team's new blood test development could help detect such types of birth, potentially reducing its complications beforehand.

Medicine June 8, 2018

Asia's Smallest Surviving Baby Was Born Weighing Less Than A Chocolate Bar

Manushi was born weighing only 400 grams and her feet were only slightly bigger than a fingernail. On Thursday, the now 6-month old baby was finally discharged from the hospital.

Feature | Health January 13, 2018

Researchers Create Artificial Womb That Can Help Premature Babies: What Are The Ethical Implications?

Aspiring to one day help premature babies, researchers developed an artificial womb that perfectly mimics the uterus. Fellow scientists welcome the successfully tested device but wonder about its potential ethical concerns.

Biotech April 26, 2017

Artificial Womb That Grows Tiny Lambs To Maturity Could Soon Help Premature Babies

Artificial womb that can sustain tiny lambs offers new hope for premature babies. The new device perfectly mimics the conditions inside the uterus.

Biotech April 26, 2017

Premature Babies Face Higher Risk For Mental Health Problems Later In Life

Babies born with low birth weight such as those who were born prematurely have increased odds of suffering from mental health problems as children, teenagers and adults. What are the risk factors for giving birth to low birth weight babies?

Public Health February 14, 2017

Pre-Cancer Cervical Surgery Associated With Premature, Low Birth Weight Babies

Pre-cancer cervical surgery was associated with premature births and infants with low birth weight. Women suffering from cervical dysplasia who undergo the surgery are advised to wait a period of time before getting pregnant.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 31, 2017

Woman Battling Cancer Gives Birth To Quadruplets

A woman suffering from Hodgkin's Lymphoma gave birth to quadruplets after a 30-week pregnancy. The woman's cancer gives her half a chance of surviving the following five years, but close people are optimistic.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 4, 2017

Premature Babies At Increased Risk For Osteoporosis In Adulthood

Premature babies may have an increased risk of developing osteoporosis later in life. Experts found that adults from premature and low-weight births have low bone mass and bone density.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 31, 2016

Extremely Premature Babies Likely To Have Poorer Health, Wealth Later In Life

Premature babies born with extremely low birth weights have higher chances of developing lifelong health and socioeconomic issues. According to a research these preemies are also more likely to earn less and remain single.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 24, 2016

As Height Of Moms Decreases, Chances Of Premature Birth Increase, Study Finds

A new study adds to the growing evidence that maternal height may have a bigger role on pregnancy and its complications than previously thought. Small women may have an increased risk of preterm birth.

Public Health April 26, 2016

Indian Woman Gives Birth To Quintuplets By Natural Delivery

A woman in India, gave birth to not one but five prematurely-born baby girls. The mother was not even aware that she was pregnant with five babies.

Society April 5, 2016

Premature Babies Are More Prone To Childhood Infections: Study

A new study found that premature babies are at a more increased risk of developing childhood infections until their teenage years. The same goes for those born with low birth weight and low birth length, prompting more efforts toward prolonging pregnancy and ensuring adequate natal care.

Life April 4, 2016

Premature Birth Linked To Air Pollution Costs US $4.3 Billion Per Year

Premature births associated with air pollution are found to cost the United States a total of $4.3 billion annually in medical costs and lost economic productivity. The findings add to the growing body of research on air pollution's harsh effects on health and the economy.

Life March 31, 2016

Preemies With Low Birth Weight Likely To Be Bullied

Researchers have found that preemies or babies born with extremely low birth weight are more likely to be bullied. The lasting effects of bullying go all the way into adulthood and increase the risks of developing anxiety and mental health disorders.

Life February 17, 2016

Father's Depression During Pregnancy Linked To Increased Risk Of Premature Birth

Fathers newly diagnosed with depression during his partner's pregnancy were found to increase the risk of premature births. Researchers said babies may also be affected by paternal factors such as stress and sperm quality.

Life January 21, 2016

Premature 'Miracle Baby' Born On Cruise Ship Arrives Home

Home for Christmas. A premature one-and-a-half pound baby born onboard a Caribbean cruise makes it home to Utah from a hospital in Miami. University of Utah's Flight Med program transport Baby Haiden for free after hearing the family's story.

Life November 23, 2015

Study Finds Link Between Premature Birth And Risks For Mental Illness

Premature babies are at greater risk for developing mental disorders due to weakened brain network connections. Researchers said that their findings can help improve assessment and treatment outcomes for patients with mental disorders.

Life October 20, 2015

32-Year-Old Mom In UK Says Viagra Helped Save Her Premature Baby's Life

A couple faced the grim prospect of losing their weakening unborn baby until doctors gave them the option to try Viagra. Weeks later, the surviving baby's parents were thankful that they did.

Life October 12, 2015

1.5-Pound Baby Born On Cruise Ship At 23 Weeks, Beats 30 Percent Survival Odds

A Utah mother gave birth prematurely aboard a cruise ship on Aug. 31. Her baby, Haiden, lived through critical post-delivery hours and defied low odds of survival.

Life September 27, 2015

Babies Born Prematurely May Earn Less In Adulthood: Study

According to research, babies born before 37 weeks are more likely to earn less as adults, in spite of growing up healthy. Latest study hints at connections between premature birth and cognitive ability.

Life September 3, 2015

Some Types Of Bacteria Can Increase Odds Of Premature Birth

Researchers found that some microbial environments inside the body may contribute to premature births. The findings of a new study suggest that checking the microbiota of women during early gestation may provide an insight of pregnancy outcomes.

Life August 18, 2015

Premature Babies As Young As 22 Weeks Can Survive, Study Finds - Will This Charge Debate Over Abortion?

If babies can survive after just 22 weeks in the womb, it could affect abortion laws around the nation. What else did a new finding on premature babies uncover?

Life May 7, 2015

Premature Birth Alters Brain Connections, May Be Linked To Autism, Study Finds

Babies born prematurely may have less well-formed brain connections involved in higher mental functions, researchers say. That could put them more at risk of autism or ADHA, they suggest.

Life May 4, 2015

Miracle! Mom Gives Birth While In Coma And Then Wakes Up

Sharista Giles awakened from a coma to see her son for the first time. She was five months pregnant when a car crash sent her into a coma.

Internet Culture April 13, 2015

Preemies May Be Linked To Later Psychiatric Disorders

Premature babies develop problems later in life, compared to those born at full term. How do they differ from normal babies?

Life February 10, 2015

British Couple Will Not Have to Pay $200,000 Bill to U.S. Hospital for Premature Baby Birth

New York hospital says young British pair won't have to be responsible for whopping bill for birth and care of their preemie son. Hospital says it will work with insurance company to cover all expenses.

Life January 4, 2015

Premature Birth is the Leading Killer of Young Children, Study Reveals

Premature birth is now a leading cause of death in children worldwide. A new study shows that in 2013, premature birth surpassed individual infectious diseases as the cause for death in infants and young children.

Life November 17, 2014

Couple Weds Next to Their Premature Baby in Texas NICU

Kristi Warriner and Justin Nelson finally tied the knot, getting married by their baby’s bedside at the Cook Children’s Medical Center NICU.

Life November 12, 2014

Preterm birth rates down in U.S., hits 2020 goal: March of Dimes

The rate of premature births has declined in the U.S. for the seventh consecutive year. March of Dimes, a non-profit organization, says that the preterm birth rate is now on track to hit the 9.6 percent target of 2020.

Life November 7, 2014

Low-cost, inflatable incubator wins James Dyson Award

James Roberts won the James Dyson Award for the MOM incubator, a low-cost equipment for babies born prematurely, especially those in conflict situations. The incubator can be collapsed into a flat package for easy transport.

November 7, 2014

Nine-year-old Texas kid makes bucket list of must-see things worldwide before going blind

Ben Pierce will lose his eye sight before he reaches adulthood so he and his family came up with a bucket list of things that he would see and do before he becomes totally blind.

Life May 5, 2014

Underweight baby girls have higher chances of fertility problems in adulthood: Study

Baby girls born underweight or small, have a higher likelihood of surviving into adulthood due to advances in medicine. However, a new study has shown that they may have problems with fertility later in life.

Life March 13, 2014

Bacteria may be reason behind premature birth

A primary cause of premature birth, where water breaks early and triggers labor, may be caused by a certain bacteria.

Life January 9, 2014

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