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Scientists Complete Axolotl Genome Sequence That Could Hold Key To Human Regeneration

It was not easy, but scientists have finally completed axolotl genome sequencing. They may now be holding the key to mimicking the creatures' regeneration capabilities in humans.

Animals January 27, 2019

Biologists Identify New Groundwater Salamander Species In Central Texas Including 1 At Risk Of Extinction

The three newly identified groundwater salamander species are all endemic in Central Texas. These predators play an important role in maintaining the quality and quantity of fresh water that people in Texas depend on.

Animals January 14, 2019

Giant Salamander With Leopard Spots Found In Florida

Scientists were finally able to officially name and describe a creature that has long been the subject of rumors. The reticulated siren lives in muddy waters in Florida and Alabama.

Animals December 6, 2018

Chinese Giant Salamander Now Close To Extinction Because People Keep Eating Them

Populations of Chinese Giant Salamanders, once thought to occur widely across China, are dwindling, according to a new study. Humans must try to conserve this species, but that might be difficult.

Animals May 23, 2018

European Salamander Falls Prey To Deadly Fungus, And Scientists Worry About Its Future

Fire salamanders In Europe are facing possible extinction due to a skin-eating fungal disease. Infected amphibians rapidly succumb to the deadly Asian fungus, which could even reach the United States through the pet trade.

Animals April 21, 2017

Ancient Horse Shrank To Size Of Cat Because Of Global Warming: How Climate Change Affects Plants And Animals

Arenahippus, an early horse the size of a dog, shrank to the size of a cat as a result of global warming more than 50 million years ago. How does climate change affect modern-day plants and animals?

Earth/Environment March 17, 2017

US Wildlife Officials Team Up To Save Populations Of Salamanders

Wildlife officials and biologists in the United States are working together to protect and preserve the population of salamanders in the country. A deadly fungus that has devastated Europe's salamander species is threatening to arrive.

Animals June 2, 2016

New Repair System That Mimics How Salamanders Grow Limbs Offers Hope For Damaged Tissue Regeneration

Scientists in South Wales have developed a new repair system that mimics how salamanders grow their limbs. The new stem cell therapy raises hopes for regeneration of damaged bones and tissues.

Life April 6, 2016

Bizarre Anatomy Holds Clue To Blind Cavefish's Waddling Walk

It’s not unusual to see a fish move on land, but to see one -- especially a rare cave angel fish -- move like a salamander is quite spectacular. How does the cave angel fish manage this amazing feat?

Animals March 27, 2016

Blind Walking Fish In Thailand Climbs Waterfalls Like Salamander

A blind cavefish discovered in Thailand can walk and climb waterfalls like four-footed creatures. What does this walking fish reveal about early land vertebrates?

Animals March 25, 2016

Amphibian-Inspired Drug May Boost Bone Healing After Fractures

Taking inspiration from amphibians, researchers tested a protein drug that stimulates the Wnt molecular pathway to divide stems cells and produce bone cells. This molecular activation enables faster recovery in bone fracture patients.

Life November 24, 2015

Amphibian Fossils Suggest Ancient Four-Legged Vertebrates Can Regrow Their Limbs

Salamanders had been the only modern tetrapods or four-legged vertebrates that can regenerate their limbs, tails, and internal organs lost or injured in their lifetime. A large sample of fossils offered evolutionary clues into their regenative capacity.

Animals October 27, 2015

Scientists Unearth Amber Fossil With Ancient Salamander In The Caribbean

Scientists unearthed a never-before seen salamander fossil preserved in amber. This is the first hint of salamanders living in the Caribbean, 20 to 30 million years ago.

Earth/Environment August 20, 2015

Salamander Discovered In Dominican Amber Helps Ecologists Reconstruct Ancient Events Of Earth's History

The first salamander ever found preserved in amber puts the species in the Caribbean, where no salamanders exist today. The finding gives clues to the past history of the region's many islands, researchers say.

August 19, 2015

Bsal Fungus Can Wipe Out U.S. Salamander Population: What To Know

The Bsal fungus is believed to come from China and is spread through pet trade. Scientists warn that it could wipe up entire species of Salamander in North America.

Animals August 2, 2015

Monster Fish-Eating Salamander Was A Top Predator, Fossil Discovery In Portugal Reveals

A giant salamander that thrived during the Triassic era posed threats to early mammals and early dinosaurs that got close to it. The salamander's disappearance, however, paved the way to the dinosaur's rise to dominance.

Earth/Environment March 24, 2015

Eastern Hellbender May Get Endangered Status, Protection in New York

New York used to be teeming with eastern hellbenders. Environmentalists are petitioning to have the salamanders included in the endangered list to safeguard them against pollution and habitat destruction.

Earth/Environment November 26, 2014

Deadly salamander-killing fungus may hit stateside, new study warns

Experts say changes in laws about importing live animals needed to protect North American salamander species from deadly disease. Researchers warn of fungus currently decimating species in Europe.

Animals November 2, 2014

Hellbender salamander is giving U.S. scientists hellish headache

Hellbender salamanders are become less common throughout the eastern United States. Some conservationists are questioning if those losses are caused by pollution and habitat loss.

Earth/Environment July 10, 2014

Salamanders shrink from global warming new study says

Salamanders are reportedly shrinking due to the effects of climate change in North America, scientists believe. A recently released study points to data from the Appalachians.

Earth/Environment July 1, 2014

Shrinking size of North American salamanders linked to climate change

Salamander species expending more energy just to survive in warmer, drier habitats with changing climate, have less energy to grow and are gradually shrinking in size.

Earth/Environment March 29, 2014

Mexico water monster axolotl in danger of becoming extinct in its natural habitat

Mexican biologists fear that the axolotl may have finally disappeared from their natural lake habitats.

Animals January 30, 2014

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