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NASA's Next Mission Takes Dragonfly Drone To Saturn's Moon, Titan

NASA announced its next mission in the solar system. The next destination will be the icy world of Saturn's moon, Titan, with the Dragonfly set to launch in 2026.

Space June 28, 2019

Saturn Moon Titan Features Unexpected Belt Of Ice

Using a nonconventional method of analyzing spectral images, scientists uncovered a large swathe of icy bedrock on Saturn's moon, Titan. This discovery will help further study Titan’s surface and hazy atmosphere.

Space April 30, 2019

Researchers Find Origin Of Organic Sand On Saturn’s Largest Moon

The bizarre organic sands on Saturn’s icy moon Titan could have been formed right where they are, new research suggests. The Cassini mission discovered the long stretches of sand on the moon’s equator more than a decade ago.

Space June 29, 2018

Ocean World On Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Could Host Life With Newly Discovered Complex Organic Molecules

Heavier organic molecules with more sophisticated compositions were discovered for the first time on Saturn’s moon Enceladus. The discovery suggested that the moon can be the most promising host to other life forms beyond Earth.

Space June 28, 2018

Computer Simulations Reveal That Saturn's Inner Moons Got Their Odd Shapes From Collisions And Mergers

Scientists have long wondered why Saturn's inner moons are oddly shaped. A new study reveals that the moons' shapes are due to collisions and mergers.

Space May 22, 2018

NASA May Send Submarine To Explore Saturn's Moon Titan

The US space agency is planning to send a submarine to Titan, which is Saturn's largest moon. The submarine is going to explore the satellite's vast liquid ocean.

Space February 14, 2018

Saturn Moon Enceladus Has Warm Ocean Old Enough To Have Evolved Life

Is there alien life on Enceladus? A new study suggests its vast sub-ocean may have a heat source enough to sustain it for billions of years: a long time for possible life-forms to thrive.

Space November 7, 2017

Bubbles Form 'Magic Islands' On Saturn Moon Titan

Disappearing 'magic islands' on Titan's sea may be streams of nitrogen bubbles that appear and disappear at random, a new study suggests. The strange phenomenon is caused by several factors.

Space April 18, 2017

NASA's Cassini Captures Odd Shape Of Saturn Moon Pan As It Gears For Final Plunge Into Ringed Planet's Atmosphere

Cassini spacecraft captured an image of a ravioli-like Saturn moon Pan as it prepares for the Grand Finale of its mission. The final phase could settle questions about the planet and its rings.

Space March 12, 2017

Saturn's Tiny Moon Pan Looks Like A UFO, A Ravioli, An Empanada - But It's Not Weird At All In Space

The internet is in love with the latest image of Saturn's moon Pan, with people tagging it as the ravioli moon, UFO moon, and more. However, Pan is not weird at all, and here's why.

Space March 11, 2017

NASA Cassini Spacecraft Offers Never-Before-Seen View Of Saturn's Moon Pandora

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has captured a high-resolution image of Saturn's potato-shaped moon Pandora. The new photo was taken on Dec. 18, when the space probe was making its closest flyby of the moon.

Space December 29, 2016

NASA Cassini Data Show Saturn Moons May Be Younger Than Previously Thought

A new study says the moons of Saturn are young, rebutting the belief that they are 4. 5 billion years old. The finding was derived by interpreting new data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, showing the shorter distance existing between the planet and moons.

Space December 9, 2016

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