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Thirdhand Smoke Is Dangerous And People Aren't Aware Of Its Existence: What Is Thirdhand Smoke?

Scientists are urging people to have caution with thirdhand smoke, another deadly way that smoking can harm people. It can be just as deadly as firsthand and secondhand smoke.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 10, 2018

Early Research Suggests Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Can Be Harmful

Prevailing wisdom for years has been that only secondhand smoke from cigarettes is harmful to people, but new research may be upending that. Secondhand marijuana smoke may be just as harmful as cigarette smoke.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 19, 2018

'Cigarette Smoking Kills' Is The New Ad Tobacco Companies Run

Tobacco companies have been ordered to stop the lies and inform the public of the dangers of smoking. They now have to run TV and newspaper ads that clearly outline the harmful effects of cigarettes, including secondhand smoke.

Public Health November 27, 2017

Exposure To Secondhand Smoke During Childhood Increases Pregnant Women's Miscarriage Risk

Pregnant women who were exposed to secondhand smoke as a child have increased risk of losing their pregnancy. What are other factors that can raise miscarriage risk?

Public Health January 12, 2017

Effects Of Secondhand Smoke Exposure Before Pregnancy Linger To Impair Fetal Brain Development Later On: Study

Secondhand smoke has long been shown to be bad for the health. Now, researchers have found that simply being exposed prior to a pregnancy can put a woman’s baby at risk of impaired fetal brain development.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 8, 2017

Secondhand Smoke Affects Half Of Non-Smoking Teens

Fewer teens may be smoking but secondhand smoke is still a widespread problem. As a result, even teens who don’t smoke face health risks.

Life January 11, 2016

Passive Smoking Can Kill Your Cat: Secondhand Smoke Poses More Risks To Pets Than To Humans

Secondhand smoke is known for its bad effects on human health. In a new study, however, researchers have found that passive smoking can also cause serious health problems in pets, especially cats.

Life December 30, 2015

Smoking And Secondhand Smoke Linked To Infertility And Early Menopause In Women

A study that involved 93,000 women linked passive and active smoking to early menopause and fertility issues. Women exposed to high tobacco smoke experienced early menopause up to two years in advance.

Life December 16, 2015

Living With Smokers Doubles Risk Of Hospitalization For Children With Asthma

Researchers were able to discover that children with asthma living with smokers are twice as likely to get hospitalized compared to those who have no exposure. According to the authors, this study may help serve as a reminder to parents to stop exposing their kids to secondhand smoke.

Life September 26, 2015

Passive Smoking Increases Diabetes Risks By 22 Percent: How To Reduce Exposure To Secondhand Smoke

Non-smokers inhaling secondhand smoke are 22 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, a new study shows.

Life September 19, 2015

Workplace Stress As Deadly As Second Hand Smoke: Study

Stress in the workplace has long been recognized as detrimental to employees' health. A new study further investigated on this idea and found that workplace stress equates to the health effects of second hand smoke.

Life September 7, 2015

Higher Risk Of Stroke: Another Reason Why Nonsmokers Should Avoid Secondhand Smoke

There are numerous negative effects associated with secondhand smoke. A new study has once again discovered a reason why nonsmokers should refrain from being exposed.

Life July 13, 2015

Parents Smoking In Front Of Toddlers Put Their Kids At Higher Risk Of Obesity

Exposure to secondhand smoke has already been proven to be bad for children but researchers are adding a new ill effect to the list: it increases risks of obesity.

Life June 22, 2015

Kanpur City In India Follows Beijing As Tobacco-Free City

Officials in Kanpur in northern India will implement the guidelines stated in sections 4, 5 and 6 of the Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act of 2003. The order will effectively restrict the sale and use of tobacco products in the city.

Life June 1, 2015

Secondhand Smoke Exposure Down, But Risks Remain

Secondhand smoke still a risk, especially for children, CDC says. More than 400 infants die each year from effects of secondhand smoke, experts say.

Life February 4, 2015

Cigars less harmful than cigarettes? New study proves this notion wrong

The verdict is in: there’s no better way to smoke. Smoking is smoking, whether you’re using cigars or cigarettes, according to a study.

Life November 10, 2014

E-cigarettes emit harmful secondhand smoke full of toxic metals

While secondhand smoke from e-cigarettes is safer than that of traditional cigarettes by some measures, they emit worrisome levels of toxic metals, a study finds. Toxic chromium and nickel found in the smoke of the e-devices.

Life August 29, 2014

Smoking during pregnancy leads to risks much later in child's life

More research shows the dangers of smoking during and right after pregnancy. Researchers have found that the negative consequences of smoking may continue to affect children until their teenage years.

Life August 20, 2014

Ban on smoking in public places lowers risks of premature birth and childhood asthma: Study

Because of the health hazards attached to secondhand smoke, nonsmokers may still not be safe from its effects such as premature births and childhood asthma. Now, what has been the effects of smoking ban in public places?

Life March 28, 2014

Passive smoking linked to miscarriage, stillbirths

A recent study has found that non-smoking women continually exposed to secondhand smoke were at a higher risk of miscarrying than those who were not. Active smokers were also found to be at a higher risk of miscarriage, stillbirths, and ectopic tubal pregnancies.

Life February 28, 2014

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