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YouTube Is Fighting Its Extremist, Child Exploitation Problem With Over 10,000 Content Police Officers

YouTube plans to increase its content moderator workforce to over 10,000 next year as a way to combat extremist, child exploitation, and other inappropriate and offensive content on the site. It also plans to reevaluate its approach to advertising.

Internet December 5, 2017

Google Restructures As Alphabet Inc.: Will The ABCs Of Technology World Change?

After undergoing a massive shakeup, Google is now the subsidiary of a new holding company called Alphabet, but most people won’t probably feel the changes at all.

Business August 11, 2015

YouTube CEO Not Worried About Growing Online Video Competition (Read: Facebook, Snapchat, Et Al.)

Major entrants in the online video market abound, but YouTube thinks the market is large enough for everyone.

Internet July 14, 2015

YouTube mulls ad-free paid subscription option as battle to dominate video continues

YouTube is looking once again at giving users the option to pay to watch videos without ads. As artists decry the possibility of being forced by YouTube into contracts for meager revenue, the streaming video service is still not ready to talk about a music subscription service.

Internet October 28, 2014

YouTube's new features include a virtual tip jar

YouTube has announced a number of new features. Among them is a new crowdfunding 'virtual tip jar' that aims to help vloggers earn some cash for their efforts.

Internet June 27, 2014

Google appoints Susan Wojcicki to steer YouTube growth

Susan Wojcicki, Google's ads guru, has been appointed as new head of YouTube to explore more opportunities for the website.

Business February 6, 2014

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