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Car-Sized Great White Shark Pregnant With 14 Pups Sold At Fish Market In Taiwan

A great white shark pregnant with record number of pups were caught and sold in Taiwan. It measured 15 feet long, which is bigger than a small car.

Animals March 24, 2019

Taiwanese Grandpa Plays 'Pokémon GO' On 11 Phones Strapped To His Bike

Chen San-yuan, a 70-year-old grandfather from Taipei City, Taiwan, has been hooked on 'Pokémon GO' since he was introduced to the game by his grandson. He now has 11 phones on his bicycle.

Video Games August 14, 2018

Apple Fixes iPhone Bug That Crashed Apps For Mentioning Taiwan Or Using Taiwan Flag Emoji

A friend told security researcher Patrick Wardle in April that China was trying to hack her iPhone. It turned out to be a peculiar bug that caused apps to crash whenever the word 'Taiwan' or the Taiwan flag emoji appeared.

Apple July 11, 2018

Intersex Shark With Female And Male Genitalia Found In Taiwan

An intersex shark that contained both female and male genitalia was discovered in Taiwan. Scientists claim that the shark would have functioned as either sex.

Animals January 3, 2018

Thieves Steal $2 Million In Taiwan ATM Heist

Police are looking for three suspects believed to have perpetrated the US$2.17 million ATM heist in Taiwan. How did the suspects manage to steal such large amount of money from cash machines?

Security July 13, 2016

Mother Embracing Her Baby For 4,800 Years: Fossilized Remains Unearthed In Taiwan

Another great discovery of early human activity in Asia has been found in Taiwan and it is heartwarming. Take a look at the fossilized remains of a mother cradling her child.

Earth/Environment April 28, 2016

Container Ship Breaks Apart, Causes Massive Oil Spill On Taiwan Coast

A shipwreck in New Taipei has caused oil to spill on the shore of Shihmen. The vessel also contains toxic chemicals that could damage the ecosystem.

Society March 28, 2016

Apple's iPhone 7 Could Face Delays As Sole Chip Supplier TSMC Suffers Earthquake Damage

The recent earthquake hit the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s chip manufacturing facilities pretty seriously. TSMC, the only provider of A10 chipsets for the iPhone 7, could have fewer wafer shipments than anticipated and this could hinder Apple’s plans.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 16, 2016

Geologic Event Identified As Cause Of Strong Earthquakes: Diking Linked To Tremors With Magnitude Between 6 And 7

Diking occurs when Earth's tectonic plates move apart and cause magma to rise and form dikes. It was pinpointed as a cause of strong earthquakes after researchers studied a 2002 volcanic eruption in Congo and a strong earthquake that followed.

Animals February 9, 2016

Magnitude 6.4 Taiwan Earthquake Leaves At Least Seven Dead, Injures Hundreds Of Others

At least seven were dead after a 6.4 earthquake hit 30 miles east of Tainan in Taiwan. The tremor toppled nine buildings and left five others tilted at dangerous angles.

Animals February 6, 2016

This 3D Printer Uses A Smartphone Screen Light To Print Models

Eponymously named the Taiwan Tech Printer, this 3D printer uses UV rays generated from any given smartphone screen to cure resin — the material almost all 3D-printed products are made out of — and subsequently hardens it to reinforce a finished, more durable product.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 22, 2015

Apple Secret Lab Developing New Display Technologies For iPhone And iPad In Taiwan

Apple launched a secret laboratory in northern Taiwan where engineers are said to be working on new display technologies. The company is said to be switching to OLED technology from LCD screens on its iPhones, iPads and Macs.

Business December 15, 2015

Man Moved To Steal By ‘My Neighbor Totoro’

Is 'My Neighbor Totoro' bad for you? It is, if based on the actions of a man, who said he was driven to steal after watching the Studio Ghibli movie.

Internet Culture October 19, 2015

Taiwan's FTC Fines Apple $647,124 For Anti-Competitive Practices

Apple fined for $647,124 in Taiwan over anti-competitive practices. In Taiwan, Apple was the most-popular smartphone vendor in the final quarter of 2014 with a market share of 32 percent.

Legal June 18, 2015

Long, Green Worm With Pink Tongue Causes Panic In Taiwan: Alien Life, Sea Creature, Or Slimer In Disguise?

A fisherman posts a video of a slimy, green sea creature that has a long, pink tongue and alien-like features. Not a single person has been able to identify its true identity.

Earth/Environment June 6, 2015

Bitten By Travel Bug? Here Are The Best Summer Destinations 2015

Planning your next summer vacation? Check out our list of the top 10 places to visit this year.

Feature May 15, 2015

Dashcams Capture Last Moments Of TransAsia Airways Plane Before It Crashes In Taiwan River [Videos]

The penultimate moments of the ill-fated TransAsia GE Airways plane before it crashed into a river in Taiwan has been captured by dashcams.

Society February 5, 2015

Fossil Found in Taiwan is Evidence of New Species of Early Humans

A fossil discovered in waters off Taiwan could represent a previously-unknown species of human ancestor or relative. What do we know about this mysterious find?

January 28, 2015

Hardcore Gamer in Taiwan Dies in Internet Cafe After Three-Day Gaming Binge

Another man was found dead after days of non-stop gaming in Taiwan.

Internet Culture January 20, 2015

Nokia, Baidu Powering up Maps, Location Services Outside China

Baidu's second-ranked search engine plops its mapping service on top of Nokia's Here. Baidu Maps' Here integration is now live in web form and is rolling out in mobile variants.

Apps/Software December 15, 2014

Apple, Xiaomi Among 12 Vendors Breaking Taiwan Privacy Laws

The Taiwanese government accuses 12 tech companies of violating its privacy laws. Of the 12 accused, only Apple and Xiaomi have been named thus far.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 5, 2014

New species of snail named in honor of same-sex marriage: Say hello to Aegista diversifamilia

Researchers from Taiwan have named a newly identified species of snail in recognition of equal marriage rights. Aegista diversifamilia is a hermaphrodite land snail.

Earth/Environment October 14, 2014

New snail species named in honor of marriage equality

A newly-recognized species of snail has been named in honor of marriage equality.

Animals October 13, 2014

Taiwan investigates Xiaomi for cyber security threats, bans messaging app Line

The Taiwanese government has banned government employees from downloading messaging apps like Line on their work PCs. The government is also probing smartphone maker Xiaomi for possible security violations.

Business September 24, 2014

Uber eyes expansion in Taiwan, greater China

Uber has started to gain attention in Taipei and taxi cab drivers are complaining. The startup is set to expand in Taiwan and the rest of greater China.

Business July 7, 2014

Tree frogs croak their way from storm drains to heart of mates

Mientien frogs, like the one shown here, are learning to use storm drains and other structures as amplifiers for mating calls.

Animals June 9, 2014

ARM will open world-class CPU Design Center in Taiwan

ARM is looking to hire at least 100 engineers in Taiwan to man the first ever ARM design center in Asia. The new facility will focus on the creation of ARM M-Cortex series of SoCs.

Business June 3, 2014

Apple on engineer hiring spree in Asia: What's cooking?

Apple has been hiring engineers and other professionals in Asia. Can you smell global domination?

Business March 6, 2014

Taiwan indicts HTC employees for corporate espionage and corruption

The Taiwanese government has charged six HTC employees, including an executive, of leaking trade secrets and other illegal activities.

Legal December 29, 2013

Taiwan fines Apple for iPhone price fixing

Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission has found Apple guilty of interfering with the price structure of three local wireless carriers selling the iPhone.

Legal December 26, 2013

Samsung fined nearly $0.5 mn for slanderous campaign against HTC

Samsung has been fined for creating fake, glowing comments about its products along with slandering rival HTC.

Legal October 27, 2013

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