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Safari Tourists Scare Elephants And Make Them More Violent: Study

Researchers found that elephants get scared and show violent behaviors when more tourists are present in the safari. The study demonstrated that tourism can have a big impact on animals' welfare in the wild.

Animals March 21, 2019

Carbon Footprint Caused By Global Tourism Is Harmful For The Environment, 4 Times Higher Than Previous Estimates

Global tourism may be good for obtaining life experiences but a study found it to be hurting the planet. It turns out that global tourism produces a large carbon footprint which can hurt smaller countries.

Earth/Environment May 7, 2018

You Can Now Visit 11 Disney Parks On Google Maps Street View

Users are now allowed to view several Disney Parks on Google Maps Street View. A virtual tour of each park can help people plan for the actual trip in the future.

Google March 7, 2018

The Dead Sea Is Dying: World’s Saltiest Salt Lake Shrinking 3 Feet Every Year, Says Environmental Group

The Dead Sea is dying fast with water levels plunging every year. According to an eco group, the Dead Sea has fallen more than 80 feet since the year 2000, and its salinity is also increasing alarmingly.

Earth/Environment November 24, 2016

As Concerns Of Zika In Florida Continue To Rise, Tourism Is Poised To Take A Dive

Tourism in Florida has taken a rather significant hit, as concerns about Zika have made would-be tourists book their vacations in 'safer' locales.

Public Health September 27, 2016

US-Bound Tourists, Heads Up: Your Social Media Accounts Will Be Inspected

Tourists entering the United States under the Visa Waiver Program may soon be asked to reveal their social media identifiers. The proposal looks to provide further protection against terrorist activities.

Internet June 28, 2016

Greenland’s Persistent Ice Melts Improve Tourism Prospects

Greenland is experiencing rising surface temperatures that send ice melt into overdrive. But as the melting rates increase, so does Greenland's tourism prospects, with numbers of cruise and land visitors shooting up.

Earth/Environment June 14, 2016

Thailand Halts Activity In 10 Diving Sites Because Of Coral Bleaching Crisis

Thailand has shut down 10 diving sites in its marine parks because of the widespread coral bleaching crisis. An official says tourists and divers are unaware of their effect on coral reefs.

Earth/Environment May 29, 2016

Thailand Closes Koh Tachai Island Because Tourism Is Destroying Its Beautiful Beaches, Waters And Coral Reefs

Koh Tachai Island of Similan National Park in Thailand is closing indefinitely to give its beaches, shoreline and coral reefs time to recover from overcrowding and the negative impacts of tourism.

Earth/Environment May 18, 2016

Atacama Desert: Why Are Rare Flowers Blooming In the Earth's Driest Place?

Rare flowers bloomed in the vast lands of one of the driest places on the planet. Experts believe that these blossoms were brought about by climate change which caused abnormal rains that devastated the Atacama region early this year.

Animals November 1, 2015

Tourists Freak Out As China's Glass Walkway Cracked Underfoot

A newly opened glass bridge more than 3,000 feet from the ground opened in Henan Province, China and a glass panel cracked as tourists walked on it. None of the visitors were hurt but the bridge is closed to the public until further notice.

Internet Culture October 8, 2015

Experts Surprised At Amount Of Biodiversity In Antarctica

Antarctica may appear to be a vast icy wasteland but it is actually teeming with life. Human activities, however, threaten the biodiversity of the continent.

Animals June 26, 2015

How Drones And Virtual Reality Will Change Tourism

Traveling to far-away places could soon get a lot easier and more affordable thanks to new drone and virtual reality technology. Imagine traveling the world all from the comfort of your living room.

June 1, 2015

Elephant Takes Tourist's Camera: See The Viral 'Elphie'

An elephant took a selfie with a tourist after grabbing his GoPro in search of more food. Although the viral photo is unique, it was not the first 'elphie' taken.

Internet Culture May 28, 2015

Godzilla Hotel Rooms Are Officially Open For Business In Tokyo

If you've ever wanted to stare out your window and see a giant, radioactive dinosaur staring back - this is your chance.

Internet Culture May 6, 2015

Wonder How Yellowstone Hot Springs Looked Before Tourists Ruined Them? We Know Now

Yellowstone National Park has some of the most stunning hot springs in the world. This is the history of the national landmark.

Earth/Environment December 22, 2014

Antarctic Penguins Face Threat from New Enemy: Tourists

As more and more tourists visit Antarctica, penguins face risks of diseases they may bring with them, scientists say. Long isolation has left Antarctic species with immune systems not used to common world pathogens, they explain.

Earth/Environment December 22, 2014

Scientists Use Mathematical Model to Recreate How Yellowstone Hot Springs Looked Before Contamination by Tourism

The waters of Yellowstone National Park's Morning Glory Pool were once uniformly deep blue. The current appearance has something to do with tourism-related contamination.

Animals December 21, 2014

According To Lonely Planet, Queens Is 2015's Number One Tourist Destination

Sure, Queens is a great place to live for a lot of people - but few would ever call the residential borough a tourist attraction. Lonely Planet seems to think differently.

Internet Culture December 12, 2014

British Columbia Is Using The Oculus Rift To Attract Tourists

Destination British Columbia is developing a new method for attracting tourists -- virtual tours.

Internet Culture December 10, 2014

Monkey Waiters Serve Beer In Japan's Best Tavern

What is the single greatest achievement of the year 2014? Monkey waiters. Nuff said.

Internet Culture December 3, 2014

What are the top up-and-coming cities? Yelp reviews reveal the list

Review company Yelp analyzed its data to create a list of the top up-and-coming cities in the U.S. The list does not include big population cities like New York, but the results may surprise tourists.

Internet Culture September 14, 2014

'Beatles' Abbey Road live-stream is the perfect cure for boredom

What happens when you combine the iconic crosswalk from the Beatles' 'Abbey Road' album, motorists, and a 24/7 live-stream? A time sink that is simply too entertaining to quit.

Internet Culture September 7, 2014

Cape Cod shark warning brochure may kill local business

Sharks can be a danger to tourists. But, can warnings of the animals cause a greater danger to tourism?

Animals May 8, 2014

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