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10,000 Steps Overkill For Reducing Mortality Risk In Older Women Says Study

Elderly women do not have to take 10,000 steps per day to reap health benefits, according to a new study. Researchers found that women who took an average of about 4,000 steps per day lived longer than those who took less.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 1, 2019

Americans Are Sitting More And Computers, Not TV, Are To Blame

Almost half of Americans spend two or more hours each day sitting in front of their computers, according to a new study. This can lead to an increased risk for serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 24, 2019

4-Year-Old Girl With Cerebral Palsy Takes First Steps After Spine Surgery

A 4-year-old girl who was born with cerebral palsy took her first step without the assistance of a walker. The young girl received spinal surgery in May 2018.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 5, 2018

Walking Isn’t Enough Exercise, Strength Training Also Key: Study

A new review from Public Health England warned that walking and aerobic exercises aren’t enough for good health and fitness. It promoted bone and muscle strengthening exercises for optimal wellness, even among older adults.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 5, 2018

Walking At A Faster Pace Is Good For The Heart And Can Help Prevent Premature Death

Researchers suggest that walking a faster rate is better for the heart. A study showed that for people who walked faster had a significantly lower risk of dying young or having a stroke or heart attack.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 2, 2018

Chewing Gum While You Walk May Help You Lose Weight, Study Says

Chewing gum while walking may be beneficial for those who are looking to lose weight and stay slim, according to researchers from Japan. Here’s how they came to this conclusion.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 30, 2018

Early Humans Might Have Been Excellent Walkers Based On 3.6-Million-Year-Old Footprints

Evolutionary anthropologist Dr. David Raichlen found that early humans might have been good walkers. Raichlen looked at the 3.6-million-year-old prints that belonged to genus Australopithecus as a research guide.

Ancient April 23, 2018

New Report Ranks Laziest Nations, And US Is In Bottom Half With Lowest Average Steps

Nations with large differences in walking rates in their citizens have higher obesity levels than those who do not see such a vast spread, a new study has reported. Find out more about activity inequality and why walkable cities matter.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 13, 2017

Measuring Walking Speed Using Wireless Signals May Help Predict Cardiac Diseases And Cognitive Decline

MIT researchers have developed a device that measures walking speed using a wireless signal. How is WiGait better than other methods and technology currently used to measure walking speed?

Feature | Science May 3, 2017

RUAWALK Is The Wearable That Sets Workout Pace With The Beat Of The Music

RUAWALK is the wearable that uses the beat of the music to help motivate users to walk.

Wearable Tech February 27, 2017

Here’s Why Humans Walk On Their Heels, Not Their Toes

There is an evolutionary reason why people walk on their heels, according to a new study. The research suggests this way of walking is ancient among hominins, and the reason behind this is efficiency.

Ancient December 23, 2016

Can’t Get To 10,000 Steps? Take Fewer, Faster Steps Instead

Walking has long been considered as a great form of physcal activity. If you’re having trouble meeting the 10,000-step requirement, researchers want you to keep this in mind: less can be more.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 17, 2016

Positive Effects Of Walking, Cycling In Cities Such As London Outweigh Harms Caused By Air Pollution

Cycling or walking around in cities with high levels of air pollution still has benefits that outweigh the harm, a new study revealed. However, this is no excuse for complacency, researchers said.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 5, 2016

Living In Active Neighborhood Can Make You Exercise More

Activity-friendly neighborhoods can help promote physical activity among its residents. Those living in these areas had 90 minutes of activity per week.

Life April 6, 2016

New Equation More Accurately Predicts Calories Burned By Walking

Standardized equations that track calories burned by walking are relatively inaccurate. The SMU equation, however, is up to four times more accurate as it factored in different sizes of walkers and used data from a larger database.

Life March 21, 2016

Taking Public Transport Can Help You Lose Weight

Taking public transportation may help people lose weight. A new study has found that commuting via walking, cycling or riding public vehicles instead of driving a car may produce more health benefits.

Life March 18, 2016

Walking For At Least 10 Minutes Can Help You Live Longer

If you want to live longer, get up and move. Researchers found that replacing inactivity with just 10 minutes of light movements can prolong life.

Life February 28, 2016

Researchers Say Take A Walk In The Woods For Better Health

Japanese research has showed that walking in nature exposes people to positive substances that aid in health and well-being. Beneficial bacteria, plant-derived essential oils and negatively-charged ions which help plants defend themselves, also help humans.

Life February 1, 2016

Slow Walking In Seniors May Indicate Alzheimer's Risks

The speed at which an elderly individual is walking may be an indicative of an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease (AD). This is because slow walking speed is a sign of increased amyloid deposits or plaques in the brain, one major cause of Alzheimer's.

Life December 7, 2015

Walking Speed Linked To Heart Health In Older Adults

Walk the talk. Researchers found senior adults who walk faster, over three miles per hour, have lower risks in developing heart diseases compared those who walk slower. Walking an average of seven blocks daily also helps lower risks of heart ailments.

Life November 23, 2015

Study Finds Brisk Walking Better Than The Gym In Losing Weight

A new research found that brisk walking can help people lose weight better than hitting the gym. Researchers think this is because walking is free, easier to adapt and to perform routinely.

Life November 9, 2015

Increasing Daily Steps Reduces Risks For Early Death By 46 Percent, Says Study

Experts said that taking daily steps of about 10,000 a day can reduce risks for early death. Through the use of fitness tracking devices or pedometers, a person can track his progress for the day.

Life November 6, 2015

Evolution: New Study Sheds Light On How Upright Chimps Walk Like Humans

Contrary to popular belief, chimps are able to walk upright, much like humans. In a new study, experts found that chimps do not have highly rigid torsos, allowing them to walk like humans.

Animals October 8, 2015

Are Humans Hard-Wired To Be Lazy? Here's What Experts Found Out

A study has claimed that humans are wired to be lazy; or at least, the human body is. It will always shift to the most energy saving movements with little trouble.

Life September 17, 2015

Surgeon General Wants Americans To 'Step It Up' And Make Walking A Priority

In a bid to promote health, the U.S. Surgeon General is encouraging Americans to step it up, to walk for better health and make the U.S a safe place for walkers of all kinds and ages.

Life September 15, 2015

Shorter Bursts Of Physical Activity Can Help Counter Idle Lifestyles Of Children

Children who take at least three minutes to walk every 30 minutes during a long period of sedentary activity such as watching TV have lower levels of blood sugar and insulin, which could help reduce their risks for Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Life August 28, 2015

Prostate Cancer Patients May Improve Health By Walking

Walking could help improve the quality of life and health of men with prostate cancer, a new study reveals. How much is enough?

Life April 21, 2015

These Exoskeleton Boots Are Made For (Easier) Walking

Researchers have built a pair of exoskeleton boots that are not that fashionable, but can reduce energy expenditure while walking by 7 percent without the need for an additional power source.

Geek April 7, 2015

Purely Mechanical Exoskeleton On Legs: Walking Easy To The Future

Scientists have invented a wearable device that decreases the amount of energy required to walk functionally — no motor or batteries needed.

April 6, 2015

Taking Steps to a Better Work Life: Why Walking is Useful in the Workplace

Walking while working, using a treadmill workstation, improved both physical and mental health, study shows. In-office exercise means more job satisfaction, less boredom, researchers say.

Life December 6, 2014

Want to Find Fountain of Youth? Just Keep Running

Another reason to lace up! Researchers show running makes it easier to move in older adults, affirm the benefits of vigorous exercise in a study.

Life November 24, 2014

China's mobile device addicts get their own special pedestrian texting lanes

A Chinese city asks distracted walkers to stay in their own lanes. While some may view the cell phone lanes on Chongqing's sidewalks as a novelty, distracted walking injuries continue to climb.

Society September 15, 2014

How many steps does it take to burn off the calories in a soda?

New studies found that you could eliminate the unhealthy effects of soda by simply moving around more. A new study found that fructose, the common form of sugar in sodas, has less of a health risk in people who are physically active even if they don't formally exercise.

Internet Culture September 15, 2014

Walking, cycling to work can make you happier, experts claim

Walking and cycling have better mental health benefits over driving. Experts suggest that driving for longer distance has worse effects on mental wellbeing of a person.

Life September 15, 2014

This is what New York smells like

People are experiencing New York from another sense -- through their noses. During a Smellmap tour of New York, walkers got to take in the distinct smells of the city.

Internet Culture September 14, 2014

Slow walk, memory stumbles may reveal onset of dementia, reveals new study

Researchers have devised a simple test that assesses a person's gait and memory to determine if they are facing potential dementia. The test, say researchers, is critical for communities where high-end diagnostic capabilities are not within reach.

Life July 29, 2014

Walking regimen may help ease Parkinson's disease symptoms

New research says more study is needed but that it appears regular steady walking can help ease symptoms and boost energy levels. The study was published in the July issue of Neurology.

Life July 5, 2014

Dark chocolate may ease artery disease impact, improve walking ability

A new small research report indicates dark chocolate intake could help open leg arteries to allow more blood flow, making walking easier for those with artery disease. Researchers warn the results require deeper investigation.

Life July 3, 2014

Seniors who exercise regularly will have lower risks of disability

Seniors who do not want to easily lose their ability to walk should engage in regular exercise. Researchers found that older adults who are physically active are less likely to have mobility problems than their peers with a more sedentary lifestyle.

Life May 29, 2014

Vitamins, walking may lower breast cancer risk

New studies point to benefits of walking and consumption of multivitamins with mineral for women who want fight breast cancer.

Life October 14, 2013

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