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NASA Satellite Provides First-Of-Its-Kind Supernova Observation

Ohio State University scientists successfully used NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite to observe a white dwarf supernova. The spacecraft allowed the team to measure traces of hydrogen in the aftermath of the explosion.

Space July 17, 2019

Dead Planet Orbiting Dead Star Offers Glimpse Of What Could Happen To Earth

The last piece of a dead planet orbits a stellar corpse more than 400 light-years away. Is this what the future of the solar system could look like? Astronomers take a peek.

Space April 5, 2019

Melina Thévenot, NASA Citizen Scientist Hunting For Planet Nine, Finds Ancient Dead Star With Warm Rings

Melina Thévenot, who is working with a NASA-funded project searching for brown dwarfs and Planet Nine, discovered J0207. The object is the coldest and oldest white dwarf ever detected and the first known white dwarf with multiple rings.

Space February 21, 2019

Einstein's Theory Of Relativity Used To Measure A Star's Mass

Using a century old experiment, first discussed by Albert Einstein, scientists were able to determine the mass of a distant star. This experiment also offers new proof for the theory of relativity.

Space June 7, 2017

Remains Of Massive Halley-Like Comet Destruction Found Around White Dwarf

Scientists observe a massive comet falling into a white dwarf, leaving debris around the compact star’s surface. The event marks quite a few firsts in space observation.

Space February 12, 2017

South African Large Telescope Lives Up To Expectations: Scientist

SALT, one of the biggest telescopes in the world now found in South Africa, is proving its worth. So far, scientists have discovered the first white dwarf pulsar and an unusual black hole.

Space May 1, 2016

Astronomers Discovered Polluted White Dwarf A Century Ago And Did Not Know It

Evidence of a polluted white dwarf was discovered in 1917 and scientists didn't know what was right under their noses. Here's what you need to know.

Space April 13, 2016

100-Year-Old Astronomical Plate Shows First Evidence Of Exoplanets

Renowned astronomer Walter Adams already caught evidence of exoplanets back in 1917, according to new research. Key to the discovery were unusual elements found on van Maanen's star, a white dwarf discovered the same year Adams created the astronomical plate.

Space April 13, 2016

Scientists Capture Image Of Asteroid Being Ripped By Dead Star Forming Saturn-Like Disk

Using Doppler Tomography, scientists captured an image of asteroid being torn apart by white dwarf star SDSS1228+1040 forming disk similar to that of Saturn's. The spiral like-structure is likely related to collisions of dust grains.

Space November 11, 2015

A Far Off Star Is Destroying A Neighboring Planet

Kepler 2 data reveals a rocky object being shredded to pieces by a white dwarf.

Space October 22, 2015

Real Life 'Death Star' Caught Destroying A Planet

For the first time, scientists made observations from NASA’s Kepler spacecraft of a white dwarf in the process of consuming a disintegrating rocky body. The white dwarf was ripping it apart by its extreme gravity and turning it into dust.

Space October 22, 2015

Dying Stars Can Display 'Irregular Heartbeats,' Astronomers Find

Scientists have found a distant dying star with a wildly erratic "pulse." Most such stars pulse at a steady rhythm, never missing a beat over decades, they say.

Space August 31, 2015

Astronomers Find Cannibal Star Making A Meal Of Its Cosmic Companion

Rare binary star system features a white dwarf actively consuming its much larger companion star, astronomers say. The result could be a supernova explosion, they say.

Space July 20, 2015

White Dwarf Exodus Pictured For First Time By Hubble - Where Are They Headed?

An exodus of white dwarf stars has been recorded by astronomers for the first time ever. What can this discovery tell us about stellar evolution?

Space May 15, 2015

Astronomers Say Cosmic Graveyard Of Dead 'Zombie' Stars May Exist In Center Of Milky Way Galaxy

Mysterious X-rays coming from the middle of the Milky Way galaxy, near the massive black hole that lives in its center, are a cosmic puzzle, astronomers say. Pulsars, white dwarfs, or even 'zombie' stars have been put forward as possible sources of the mysterious radiation.

Space April 30, 2015

Astronomers observe exploding fireball stage of nova

Astronomers from Georgia State University recently observed a star undergoing nova as it entered its exploding thermonuclear fireball stage, showing that this expansion phase of a nova is more complicated than originally thought.

Geek October 27, 2014

Dead stars sometimes 're-ignite' to explode as supernovas: Type la supernovae explained

Type 1a supernovae may finally be explained after the discovery of cobalt-56, a rare element, during one of the events.

Space August 30, 2014

Dead star torn apart in thermonuclear supernova

Scientists see "dead" white dwarf star come back to life in massive supernova explosion. Detection of rare event in another galaxy proves theory of such explosions.

Space August 29, 2014

Ancient stellar remnant is an Earth-sized diamond, definitely a girl's best friend

Faint, cool white dwarf star is almost all crystallized carbon, researches say. That makes it a giant cosmic diamond.

Space June 25, 2014

Space bling: White dwarf star may have crystallized into super-massive diamond

A diamond in space, the size of the Earth, has been discovered 870 light years from Earth, using a system of radio telescopes.

Space June 24, 2014

Will you marry me? Cosmic diamond engagement ring stuns scientists

Abell 33, a planetary nebula located 2,500 light years from Earth, is shown as a diamond ring in space.

Space April 10, 2014

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