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Asia’s Longhorned Tick Makes Its Way To The US With First Documented Bite

For the first time in history, health officials confirmed a bite from the Asian longhorned tick in the United States. This species appeared in the United States in 2017, but is it time to be worried?

Health June 10, 2019

Microsoft's E3 Sale Shaves $100 Off The Xbox One X, Offers Big Discounts On Games

With Microsoft's E3 sale, the Xbox One X is $100 cheaper. The deals also extend to the Xbox One S and a slew of games, such as 'Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice' and 'Mortal Kombat 11.'

Culture June 9, 2019

The Moon Is A Part Of Mars? President Trump's Space Policy Tweet Sparks Confusion

The moon is a part of Mars? President Trump criticizes NASA over moon mission plan, saying they should focus on going to Mars instead, and sparks confusion with a tweet.

Feature June 9, 2019

Written Testimony Calling Climate Change Effects 'Possibly Catastrophic' Blocked By White House

The White House reportedly blocked a written testimony about how climate change can threaten national security. The action is in line with President Trump's views on climate change.

Feature June 9, 2019

Three Hospital Patients Dead Due To Pre-Packed Sandwiches Contaminated With Listeria

Investigations are under way after three hospital patients died in a listeria outbreak. The source of the listeria contamination so far appears to be pre-packed sandwiches .

Health June 9, 2019

Top 5 Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps In 2019

Ever since e-commerce became commonplace, entrepreneurs have been adopting the e-business route with great enthusiasm. Whether it is selling products or services, the internet works as a first-rate facilitator, and an even superior facilitator comes in the form of Shopify, the popular and ever-reliable e-commerce content management system that makes selling and dropshipping a breeze for businesses.

Trending News June 8, 2019

NASA Planning To Open ISS To Commercial Business, Private Astronauts

International Space Station has been accepting more and more commercial projects. Soon, the agency will be letting private citizens visit the space station as well, but it will come at a price.

Science June 8, 2019

American Hunter Tess Talley Who Shot A Giraffe Defends Actions, Says She Is 'Proud To Hunt'

The American hunter whose photo with the giraffe she shot went viral in 2017. She is now defending her actions and her love for hunting.

Science June 8, 2019

Football Field-Sized Asteroid To Pass Close To Earth In September, Has Low Chance Of Hitting

Experts are expecting an asteroid to have a close encounter with Earth this coming September. There is no need to worry about it, as the chances of it hitting Earth are very low.

Science June 8, 2019

Strange Radio Bridge 10 Million Light-Years Long Discovered To Connect Colliding Galaxy Clusters

Two galaxy clusters slowly crashing into each other are linked with a long thread of plasma. New research revealed that these invisible threads could have a magnetic field that emit radio waves.

Science June 8, 2019

Sony Announces Days Of Play Sale With Deals On PlayStation Games, Consoles, And More

Sony's annual Days of Play sale is now live. It's got a ton of deals on PlayStation consoles and other hardware, as well as discounts on more than 250 games.

Culture June 8, 2019

Top 5 Best Free Password Managers In 2019

Every time an individual makes an account on any site, the site demands that the password be complex lest it is misused by hackers. Well, making passwords is a bit tricky, and if one owns multiple accounts, even managing them is no less tricky. For organizations with fairly big teams, it is quite a task to keep tabs on the passwords employees use, but with password managers, one can easily streamline the passwords, irrespective of their scale. In fact, it is a good idea to have a password manager, as it takes away the tension of remembering and worrying about password leakage. So here are the best password managers one can use in 2019 for best results.

Trending News June 7, 2019

Bungie Announces Free-To-Play 'Destiny 2,' Calls It 'New Light'

Bungie has announced a free-to-play version of 'Destiny 2,' calling it 'Destiny 2: New Light.' It includes all year-one content, such as Curse of Osiris and Warmind, and it's going to be available in September.

Culture June 7, 2019

Microplastics Common From Ocean Surface To Ocean Floor, Entering Marine Food Webs

How deeply does our plastic problem really affect the planet? Even the creatures at the deepest parts of the ocean have microplastics in their system.

Science June 7, 2019

Jupiter Will Be So Close To Earth This Month, Its Moons Can Be Seen With Binoculars

Sky watchers should get ready, because Jupiter is showing up this June. The planet will be so close to the Earth that it and its moons can be seen even just using binoculars.

Science June 7, 2019

Sloths Get Their Family Tree Rewritten With Surprising Details On Their Strange Evolution

Scientists shake up the sloth family tree with two different studies revealing new and surprising insights about the animal's evolution. It turns out that the origins of modern sloths aren't quite what we thought it were.

Science June 7, 2019

1 Million New STD Infections Are Diagnosed Every Day, According To WHO

The four sexually transmitted infections continue to spread globally at alarming rates with a million new cases daily on adults and children. While treatable, STDs could have grave effects, including stillbirths and a higher risk of HIV.

Health June 7, 2019

3D Printer With 'Eyes And Brains' Can Print New Products That Weren't Possible With Normal 3D Printing

Inkbit used machine vision and machine learning technologies to give their first industrial 3D printer 'eyes' and 'brain.' This enabled their printers to print more products and using a wider range of materials.

Science June 7, 2019

Study: White Meat Can Increase Cholesterol Levels Just The Same As Red Meat

New research revealed that white meat has almost the effect on cholesterol levels as red meat. To decrease the risk of heart diseases, experts advise the consumption of lean meat and healthier food options.

Health June 7, 2019

Pentagon Agrees To Provide Military Technology For Fighting California Fires

California Gov. Gavin Newsom said the U.S. Department of Defense has given the state permission to use Cold War-era satellite technology to help fight wildfires. The DoD is also giving the state's National Guard access to unmanned drones.

Science June 7, 2019

Keeping A Regular Sleep Schedule Can Help Prevent Metabolic Problems, Says Study

A study linked irregular sleeping habits to the increased risk of metabolic disorders, including obesity and high blood sugar. An hour of variability in time for bed and time for sleep can raise the risk to up to 27 percent.

Health June 7, 2019

Researchers Find 52-Million-Year-Old Patagonian Ancestor Of Tree Now Common In Southeast Asia

Is the history of Castanopsis trees really limited to the Northern Hemisphere? Fossils recovered in Patagonia suggest that the trees had a history in the Southern Hemisphere as well.

Science June 7, 2019

Google Stadia Games, Price, And Release Date Revealed

During its Stadia Connect presentation, Google disclosed more info about its new cloud gaming platform. Particularly, it has revealed the release date, price, and games of Stadia.

Tech June 6, 2019

Marcia Cross' Anal Cancer Linked To HPV That Caused Husband's Throat Cancer

Former 'Desperate Housewives' star Marcia Cross recently opened up about her battle with anal cancer. The 57-year-old actress, whose cancer is now in remission, said she wants to change people's misconceptions about the disease.

Health June 6, 2019

Scientists Solved Bizarre Mystery Of 'The Galaxy Without Dark Matter'

The NGC1052-DF2 ultra-diffuse galaxy was first discovered and presented as the ‘galaxy without dark matter’. Astronomers from Spain found new evidence disputing the previous estimates of the galaxy’s mass and distance.

Science June 6, 2019

RoboForm Review: 11 Things You Must Know About This Excellent Password Manager

Remembering one password seems easy, right? How about a hundred different passwords that a hacker could never guess? Far too many of us have resorted to picking (easily guessable) variations of the same one, or just writing them down.

Reviews June 6, 2019

Self-Driving Boat Can Self Assemble Into Larger Floating Structures

MIT's self-driving robotic boats called roboats received an upgrade. The fleet can now identify and latch on to each other to collect garbage, transport people, and even create larger structures.

Science June 6, 2019

'Hoard Of The Rings' Found In Bronze Age Dig Is Actually A Type Of Ancient Cereal

Researchers found grain-based rings from a Late Bronze Age excavation site in Austria. The ancient cereals, however, were not meant to be eaten but used for a still-unknown ritualistic purpose.

Science June 6, 2019

What Is The Absolute Limit Of Human Endurance? Scientists Find Out

Ultramarathoners almost seem supernatural, but they're still bound by the limits of the human body. New research shows that the maximum level of human endurance appears to depend on the human gut.

Health June 6, 2019

iOS 13 Is Going To Improve Your iPhone's Battery Life By Not Fully Charging It

Apple's new 'Optimized Battery Charging' feature is set to help users extend the overall battery life of their iPhones. It's set to roll out this fall via iOS 13.

Tech June 5, 2019

Ancient DNA Sheds Light On Unknown Siberians, Reveals 'Missing Link' Of Native American Ancestry

Baby teeth from 31,000 years ago unveil a new group of ancient Siberians who thrived in the region's harsh conditions in the last Ice Age. Another set of bones also reveals the mysterious origins of Native Americans.

Science June 5, 2019

Top 5 Best Social Media Marketing Agencies In 2019

Social media is a blessing for new-age entrepreneurs and internet marketers. It empowers them to reach out to people through the most democratic and dynamic platform that ever existed. Open to all and equally beneficial for every player, social media channels offer a host of advantages over other marketing channels, and this is the reason marketers are in awe of social media.

Trending News June 5, 2019

Here's Why Some People Are Shy And Some Aren't

An expert said that genetics might influence a person to be shy, but the trait is also a result of the environment. Experts have discussed the genetics behind shyness and provided recommendations on how to be more confident.

Health June 5, 2019

Taking Dietary Supplements Could Have Bad Effect On Health Of Teens

A study led by researchers from Harvard linked dietary supplements to severe medical outcomes, including hospitalization and death. Pills that promise teens weight loss or muscle building were found to raise the risk of severe medical outcomes.

Health June 5, 2019

Mars 2020 Rover Getting High-Def Camera Kits Installed

The Mars 2020 rover received two high-definition cameras that will aid in its mission to find evidence of habitable conditions and past life on the surface of the Red Planet. The robotic explorer is scheduled to launch in July 2020.

Science June 5, 2019

Parker Solar Probe Could Find Answers To Mystery Behind The Sun's Superheating

The outer atmosphere of the Sun is far hotter than the surface, a phenomenon that scientists can't explain yet until now. The Parker Solar Probe will be able to solve the mystery in two years' time.

Science June 5, 2019

Liquid Laundry Pods Cause About 40 US Injuries A Day

New research showed the dangers that liquid laundry detergent packets pose to children and adults alike. In 2017, public health agencies received an average of one call related to substance exposure almost every 42 minutes.

Health June 5, 2019

Bees Are The First Known Insect To Understand The Concept Of Numerical Symbols

Bees are the mathematical geniuses of the insect world. These tiny buzzers can not only do simple arithmetic, but new research said they can also associate symbols to numbers.

Science June 5, 2019

Uber Eats Moves To The Main Uber App For Quicker Food Deliveries

Uber Eats is now available from the main Uber app. At least in some markets, customers can now order food without having to download the standalone Uber Eats app.

Tech June 5, 2019

Yup, Apple Is Truly Selling A Monitor Stand For $999

Apple’s Pro Display XDR stand is a sleek, gorgeous hunk of metal that retails for $999. Yes, the price the iPhone X originally sold for in 2017.

Tech June 5, 2019

How To Install iOS 13 Right Now — Spoiler Alert: You Must Be A Developer

iOS 13 is here. Well, sort of — those enrolled in Apple’s Developer Program can now download and install the latest update, but it’s probably really buggy and sluggish at the moment.

Tech June 5, 2019

You’re Going To See A Lot More Ads In Your Instagram Feed

Instagram will show you ads from influencer you don’t even follow. It’s part of its efforts to help business reach even more audiences on the platform than previous.

Tech June 5, 2019

macOS Catalina Will Not Have A Dashboard Feature

One beloved but little-used feature on macOS is going away. macOS Catalina appears to be gutting Dashboard completely, but the change makes plenty of sense as it provides little function these days.

Tech June 5, 2019

Human Civilization Likely To End By 2050 Due To Climate Change: Report

Is the end coming? Scientists believe the collapse of human civilization is only a few decades away as the effects of climate change catch up on our species.

Science June 5, 2019

Sparkling Opals Turn Out To Be The Bones Of A New Dinosaur Species

Hundreds of opal-encrusted bones have been found in the Australian town of Lightning Ridge. These bones belong to a newly discovered dinosaur species Fostoria dhimbangunmal from 100 million years ago.

Science June 5, 2019

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