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Data Breach Puts 773M Email Addresses, 21M Passwords At Risk: How To Check If You're Affected

Hackers have stolen about 773 million email addresses and over 21 million passwords in a massive data breach dubbed Collection #1. Here's how to check if you're affected.


Google May Be Trying To Save Wear OS By Buying Fossil

While Google Wear OS got the biggest chunk of the wearable tech market in 2018, the giant tech firm needs a champion that could reach tech enthusiasts. According to Fossil, the $40 million deal with Google is expected to close in January.


Samsung Galaxy S10E, S10, And S10 Plus Leak: Three Rear Cameras, Punch-Hole Display Bared

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the star of a lot of leaks and rumors. Now new info in the same vein is circulating online in the form of leaked press images of the Galaxy S10E, S10, and S10 Plus.


North Seattle Health Authorities Issue Public Warning After Sudden Spike In Opioid Overdoses

North Seattle authorities issued a public health warning after a spike in opioid overdoses. Those who use illicit drugs are cautioned not to do so alone.


Scientists Create Monsters With Multiple Heads In Lab To Study How Hydra Regenerates With Only One Head

Researchers at the University of Geneva created creatures that sprouted multiple heads when they engineered hydras not to express the Sp5 gene. The study may pave way for a treatment that can target cancer cells.


Controversial Startup Ambrosia Offers Adults Young Blood Transfusions As Anti-Aging Therapy

A controversial startup is offering plasma therapy for adults as an anti-aging treatment. One liter of young plasma costs $8,000, while two liters would cost $12,000.


Artificial Intelligence Identifies Human Ancestor Species That Was Likely A Hybrid Of Neanderthals And Denisovans

Deep learning algorithm identified the genome of a human ancestor that would have been a hybrid of the Neanderthals and Denisovans. This species is not known to modern science.

Science January 19, 2019

Why Sunday's Total Lunar Eclipse Is Called 'Super Blood Wolf Moon'

Why is the upcoming total lunar eclipse called the super blood wolf moon? The name sounds a little ominous, but there's actually a very simple explantion for it.

Feature January 19, 2019

Scientists Develop Microrobot That Can One Day Bring Medicine Straight To Target Tissues

A team of researchers developed a microrobot that can one day revolutionize targeted drug delivery. The tiny elastic robots could ideally bring the medicine straight to the target area with ease.

Science January 19, 2019

U.S. Air Force Offers Launchpad To 3D-Printed Rocket Start-Up

Relativity Space entered a contract with the U.S. Air Force for the exclusive use of Launch Complex 16, or LC-16. The company's 3D-printed rocket will be launched in 2020.

Tech January 19, 2019

Study Links Drugmakers' Marketing To Doctors To More Opioid Overdose Deaths

A new study found increases in opioid overdose deaths for every three additional payments of drugmakers to doctors. These 'payments' are not just in money, but in subtler forms such as meals.

Health January 19, 2019

More Affected By Measles Outbreak In Washington Including Attendee At Trail Blazers Game In Portland

Authorities so far confirmed 19 cases of measles related to the ongoing outbreak in Washington state. One of the affected was one of over 19,000 audience members at a basketball game.

Health January 19, 2019

Researchers Narrow Down Specific Cells Responsible For Pain In Human Brain

Scientists from Stanford temporarily disabled the brain cells responsible for the emotional experience of pain in mice. They hope this could lead to the future treatment of chronic pain in humans.

Health January 19, 2019

Scientists Say Pair Of Ancient Hominin Skeletons Found In South Africa Are From Same Species

Malapa Hominin 1 (male) and Malapa Hominin 2 (female) were found to be from the same hominin species. After a decade of analysis, scientists concluded that the skeletons unearthed in South Africa were both Australopithecus sediba.

Science January 19, 2019

Japan Launches Mini-Satellite That Can Create Artificial Meteor Showers To Space

Japan's Epsilon rocket successfully lifted off for the fourth time from JAXA Uchinoura Space Center since its maiden voyage in 2013. Seven spacecraft are on board the booster, including a microsatellite that can create the first ever artificial meteor showers.

Science January 19, 2019

Study Shows Significant Number Of Antibiotic Prescriptions Are Not Necessary

Researchers found that 23 percent of prescription antibiotics were handed to patients who might not need them. They warned that the high rate of antibiotics prescription is contributing to the rise of superbugs.

Health January 19, 2019

Spotify Is Making A Music Player For Cars, Possibly Launching This Year

Rumors of Spotify’s physical product have been making rounds since April last year. A new report now corroborates this speculation, and it says the service may launch it later this year.

Tech January 19, 2019

World's Oldest Periodic Table Chart Dating Back To 1885 Found In Storage Room Of British University

Thomas Purdie, a chemistry professor who worked at St Andrews, purchased the periodic table of elements chart in 1888. It likely hung in his classroom for years until he retired in 1909.

Feature January 18, 2019

Apple's New iPad Pro Videos Show 'A New Way' To Get Things Done

Apple is showing iPad Pro users 'a new way' to do things with the tablet, from hosting a podcast to making a presentation. It uploaded five new videos that highlight the capabilities and features of the device.

Tech January 18, 2019

Russian Startup StartRocket Wants To Put Ads In Space By 2021

A Russian startup wants to put ads in space using tiny satellites with reflective sails. The ads would only be visible at night but could be seen from anywhere in the world.

Science January 18, 2019

Maggots Used To Treat UK Man Matthew Blurton's Rotting Foot Caused By Insect Bite In Africa

UK doctors used medical maggots to treat Matthew Blurton, who contracted a serious foot infection when he was bitten by an unknown insect while doing volunteer work in Africa. How does maggot therapy work?

Health January 18, 2019

Bodies Of Tardigrades, Crustaceans Found In Antarctica's Lake Mercer

Scientists with the SALSA project found tardigrades, crustaceans and a fungus or plant while exploring Mercer subglacial lake in Antarctica. How did these organisms get into the lake?

Science January 18, 2019

UFC Star Ronda Rousey To Voice Sonya Blade In 'MK11', Says It's A Dream Come True

The official Sonya Blade reveal trailer published on YouTube introduces the Olympic medalist and WWE champion, Ronda Rousey, as the voice of the Sonya Blade. For Rousey, her participation in 'MK11' is a dream come true.

Culture January 18, 2019

Get A Legit Windows 10 License For A Fraction Of The Cost With SCDKey

Tired of pirating Windows 10? Well, you don’t need to. SCDKey is offering a legit Windows 10 Global Key for just $14, and then some.

Sponsored January 18, 2019

NASA's Hubble Spacecraft Back In Business After Camera Malfunction

The Hubble Space Telescope experienced another malfunction this month after its Wide Field Camera 3 automatically had shut down due to hardware issues. On Thursday, however, the instrument was already fully operational.

Science January 18, 2019

Report Details Possible Link Between Birth Defect And Opioid Use

The number of children born with the birth defect gastroschisis doubled between 1995 and 2005. After the investigation, the CDC found that the number of new cases rose in counties where the number of opioid prescription is high.

Health January 18, 2019

Facebook Releases Open Sourced Image Compression Tool Called Spectrum

Spectrum 1.0.0 was officially launched on Github as Facebook opens it to the developers for Android and iOS on Thursday, The new feature is available to download from the GitHub page.

Tech January 18, 2019

Scientists Report Spike In Asteroid Impacts: Is Earth Headed For Collision?

The frequency of asteroid impacts had increased between two to three times about 290 million years ago before dinosaurs emerged. Researchers noticed an uptick in asteroid strikes by studying impact craters on the moon and Earth.

Science January 18, 2019

Dinosaur Age Collision May Have Formed Saturn's Rings

Data gathered by the Cassini mission before it plunged into Saturn's atmosphere shed light on the age of the gas giant's rings. Researchers said these likely formed around the age of the dinosaurs.

Science January 18, 2019

Viral 10-Year Challenge Sparks Wave Of Climate Change Posts On Social Media

The 10-year challenge showed how bad the rising temperature is impacting the environment around the world. Glaciers and ice sheets are melting because of global warming, threatening a rapid rise in sea level.

Science January 18, 2019

China's First Plants To Grow On Moon Die After Scientists Shut Down Power

China's first seedling in space sprouted but died soon after when scientists had to shut down power. Evidently, the temperature in the biosphere became extreme and erratic.

Science January 18, 2019

Wearing Zebra-Like Stripes May Protect Your From Insect Bites

Tribal communities in areas where horseflies are abundant paint themselves in black and white stripes for cultural purposes. However, scientists found that the monochromatic tones also repel insects, protecting these people from diseases.

Health January 18, 2019

Vaccination Hesitancy Part Of WHO's Top Global Health Threats Of 2019

Ebola, HIV, and the anti-vaxx movement are just some of the top global health threats of 2019. The World Health Organization notes the multiple health challenges that the world is facing this year.

Health January 18, 2019

Florida Woman Ann-Christine Langselius Attacked By 'Aggressive' Otter While Walking Her Dog

A woman in Florida says that an otter attacked her while she was taking a stroll with her dog at a park. Her dog was unharmed, but she is temporarily unable to walk because of the severe bites she incurred.

Health January 18, 2019

Some Android Users’ Supposedly Private Tweets Went Public Due To A Twitter Bug

Twitter for Android users who have set their accounts to private might need to backtrack on their tweets. A bug that makes private tweets public was just uncovered — after four long years.

Tech January 18, 2019

Mayo Clinic Study Finds Mindfulness Can Ease Women's Menopausal Symptoms

Women with high mindfulness scores were found to experience fewer menopausal symptoms. Researchers said that doctors can discuss about mindfulness as a potential treatment option for menopausal women.

Health January 18, 2019

Youth Suicide Higher In States With High Gun Ownership

The states with higher gun ownership also have higher youth suicide rates, a study finds. According to researchers, gun ownership may be driving the rise in suicide rates.

Health January 18, 2019

Fake Android GPS Apps Plaguing Play Store Just Put Ads Over Google Maps

There's a rise of fake Android GPS apps in the Play Store. With over 50 million downloads, these apps simply play an ad and run Google Maps.

Tech January 18, 2019

Fortnite Raked In $2.4 Billion In 2018, Says Market Research Firm

'Fortnite' generated an estimated $2.4 billion revenue in 2018 for Epic Games, making it the market leader in free-to-play games. Nexon's 'Dungeon Fighter Online' came in second to 'Fortnite' with $1.5 billion in revenue.

Culture January 17, 2019

Facebook's Employees Leave 5-Star Amazon Ratings For Its Portal Smart Display

Busted: Facebook employees are leaving five-star ratings for the company's own product Portal. The social media brand has responded and asked them to take down the reviews.

Tech January 17, 2019

Scientists Study Possible Rainfall On Saturnian Moon Titan

The summer season has officially started in the northern hemisphere of Titan. Scientists finally spotted the first evidence of methane rainfall along the north pole of the Saturnian moon.

Science January 17, 2019

Researchers Build Robot From Fossil To Learn How Extinct Herbivore Walked

Evolutionary biologists at the Humboldt University in Berlin built an OroBOT, a robot version of the Orobates pabsti that looks like a lizard. The new study will help scientists to better understand the evolution of locomotion.

Science January 17, 2019

Elderly People Can Protect Their Aging Brain From Dementia With Housework, Exercise

Physical activities can protect older adults' brain from dementia. Intense activities and exercises are highly beneficial but light activities such as doing house chores can still provide benefit.

Health January 17, 2019

Harvard Professor Avi Loeb Justifies Why Interstellar Object ‘Oumuamua Is An Alien Probe

SETI researchers were not able to find signals that could indicate 'Oumuamua is an alien spacecraft. Harvard Professor Avi Loeb, however, said this does not rule out the idea the interstellar object is an alien probe.

Science January 17, 2019

Diet With More Beans And Less Beef Better For Planet And Health, Says Study

A diet that is rich in beans, vegetables, and fruits could be the way to fight global warming. However, to significantly reduce greenhouse gases emission, everyone around the world should switch to a mostly plant-based diet with less red meat.

Health January 17, 2019

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