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Apple Says iTunes Will Stay Alive ... On Windows

iTunes is about to be broken into three separate apps on the macOS when Catalina rolls out. On the other hand, it's going to remain intact as a single app on the Windows platform, according to Apple.

Tech June 5, 2019

Apple Announces iOS 13, iPadOS 13: Is Your iPhone Or iPad Compatible?

Apple impressed the audience attending WWDC 2019 with the new iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 features. The question iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users must be thinking now is whether their devices will be compatible with the new software updates.

Tech June 5, 2019

Researchers Pretend To Be Heroin Addicts To Spot Weaknesses In Treatment System

Researchers tried to set up appointments for heroin addiction treatment in clinics in states where opioid mortality is high. They found that real patients would face a number of roadblocks when seeking help.

Health June 5, 2019

Octopuses Could Potentially Become The Next Lab Rats

The Marine Biological Laboratory is raising octopuses to be used during scientific experiments. According to scientists, while the sea creatures are alien-looking, they have genes that are similar to humans and other animals.

Science June 5, 2019

This iOS 13 Feature Will Allow iPhone Users To Block Every Robocall

iOS 13 is set to bring a lot of nifty new features to the iPhone this fall, such as the much-requested Dark Mode. Another that stands out is a new tool made to protect users from robocalls.

Tech June 4, 2019

US To Lose Measles Elimination Status If Outbreak Continues Until October 2019

The CDC warned that the United States may lose its measles elimination status if the current outbreak is not contained by October. The country already has 981 confirmed cases of infection in the first five months of 2019.

Health June 4, 2019

Scientists Concerned Musk's Starlink Satellites Might Ruin View Of Night Sky

After photos and videos of the Starlink satellite constellations had been shared on social media, astronomers expressed concerns that the bright string of lights might interfere with scientific observations. SpaceX will send thousands of satellites into orbit.

Science June 4, 2019

New Study Says Drinking Up To 25 Cups Of Coffee A Day Is Still Safe

New research reveals that even drinking a cup of coffee at every hour of the day will not make your arteries stiffer than people who drink only one cup a day. Hard arteries are associated with heart disease and stroke.

Health June 4, 2019

Novartis Drug Kisqali Boosts Survival Rate Of Young Breast Cancer Patients

Clinical trials featuring Novartis' Kisqali revealed the potential of the drug to extend the life of breast cancer patients. Results showed that when Kisqali was used along with hormone therapy, it could increase survival rates by 70.2 percent.

Health June 4, 2019

Kentucky Toddler Jackson Oblisk Falls Into Coma After A Tick Bite: Here Are The Symptoms Of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

When a tick bit toddler Jackson Oblisk, the family thought nothing of it. However, when spots began appearing on his body and the little boy slipped into a coma, they realized it was the fatal Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Health June 4, 2019

China's Twin CRISPR Babies May Have Shorter Life Span Because Of Mutation

When scientist He Jiankui genetically modified twin babies in 2018, it was to give them protection from HIV. Now, it's revealed that he may have shaved off years from their lives in the process.

Health June 4, 2019

WWDC 2019: New ‘Find My’ Feature Can Track Your Apple Devices Even If They’re Offline

Apple has fused Find My iPhone and Find My Friends into a single app called Find My. With it, you’ll be able to track lost or stolen Apple devices even if they’re not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Tech June 4, 2019

Microsoft Allegedly Working On Dual-Screen Surface Device

Microsoft has apparently been showing off a dual-screen Surface prototype to employees. It might even release this device sometime within the next six months, if rumors are to be believed.

Tech June 4, 2019

Goodbye, Notch: Oppo And Xiaomi Hint At Under-Display Selfie Cameras

Oppo and Xiaomi may have just sped-up the death of the notch design. Both companies are teasing what appear to be phones with under-display cameras, but there’s no telling when either might be released.

Tech June 4, 2019

Google To Announce Stadia's Pricing, Games, And Launch Details

More details about Google's Stadia is about to be revealed. The company has announced Stadia Connect, an event where it's set to reveal the cloud gaming service's pricing, games, and launch details.

Tech June 4, 2019

WWDC 2019: The Mac Pro Is Back And It’s Exactly What You Wished For

As promised, the new Mac Pro is here. Apple redesigned the machine inside and out, making what’s perhaps the biggest comeback in tech thus far.

Tech June 4, 2019

Apple Announces macOS Catalina: Is Your Mac Compatible With The New Desktop OS?

As Apple announced at its 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference, its next desktop operating system is called macOS Catalina. It's compatible with a range of Mac devices, and it's coming with a lot of nifty features to boot.

Tech June 4, 2019

Apple Proves iPads Have Outgrown iOS With New iPadOS: How Is It Different?

Moving forward, iPads will no longer be running iOS. Instead, they’ll be powered by the new iPadOS, which caters to the tablet experience more specifically.

Tech June 4, 2019

New Dig Site Proves Stone Tools Were Invented Earlier Than Previous Estimate Of 2.58 Million Years Ago

A team of researchers unearthed a collection of stone tools that represent the oldest Oldowan technology ever found. The over 300 pieces of artifacts were extracted from an excavation site in Ethiopia.

Science June 4, 2019

Mediterranean Diet Could Help Improve Memory For Diabetics

In a study, diabetics reaped benefits, including improved memory and cognitive function, from following the Mediterranean diet. Those who do not have diabetes also performed better during memory tests after eating foods rich in antioxidants and healthy fats.

Health June 4, 2019

The 4 Best iOS 13 Features Apple Announced At WWDC 2019

The iPhone is about to get a whole lot better with iOS 13. As Apple announced during WWDC 2019, iOS users will soon get a dark mode, a new way to share audio, and more.

Tech June 3, 2019

A Rare, Beautiful Galaxy Is Inching Closer To The Milky Way

The stunning Messier 90 is located 60 million light-years away but it's a distance that's dropping over time. Unlike most galaxies in the universe, this spiral galaxy is moving toward the Milky Way.

Science June 3, 2019

Michigan Doctor Yasser Awaad Faces Trial Over Wrong Epilepsy Diagnosis

A Michigan woman has accused former Oakwood Healthcare physician Dr. Yasser Awaad of misdiagnosing her epilepsy. Awaad allegedly misread her test results to convince her to undergo more testing and medication to make more money for his employer.

Health June 3, 2019

A Solar Storm Of Similar Magnitude To 1859 Carrington Event Could Cause Trillions Worth Of Damage

A Harvard professor warned that another solar storm similar to the Carrington event in 1859 is imminent. He said that when it happens, it will cause damages worth up to $3 trillion in infrastructure damage.

Science June 3, 2019

Top 5 Best Digital Agencies In New York, NY 2019

Digital marketing rules the business realm, and for businesses, ruling gets easier if they have got their digital marketing strategy in place. Many companies have an in-house team to frame and execute the marketing plans, but there are also quite a good number of businesses that outsource the job to marketing agencies. The latter works well, as it is not just cost-efficient but also impactful.

Tech Buzz June 3, 2019

Cyber Warfare And The Future Of Cyber Security

Cyber Threats Are Changing. Protect Yourself Now.

Tech June 3, 2019

Frigid Ice Volcano Spews Liquid Water Over Pluto Surface

Scientists found ammonia on the icy crust of the distant dwarf planet. They claimed that ammonia found its way to the surface through a recent eruption of a volcano that spewed liquid water from a subsurface ocean.

Science June 3, 2019

Chrome To Lose Ad Blocking Capabilities: Here Are 3 Browser Alternatives Worth Considering

Soon enough, Google isn't allowing regular Chrome users to keep on using ad blockers. That said, it might be time to look for an alternative browser.

Tech June 3, 2019

Samsung Unveils Notebook 7 Force, The Perfect MacBook Pro Alternative

Samsung's new Notebook 7 lineup has been unveiled. Among them is the Notebook 7 Force, a laptop boasting an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 that could be an alternative to the MacBook Pro.

Tech June 3, 2019

Use Google Search AR To See How Big Animals Actually Are

How large is a tiger? If your phone is compatible with ARCore or ARKit, you can see a life-sized version of it. There’ll be more animals and objects, too — soon, you’ll be able to look at sneakers.

Tech June 3, 2019

Samsung Is Developing Multiple VR And AR Devices

Multiple AR and VR devices from Samsung are coming soon, according to an executive from the company. It’s not clear if they’ll still be called Gear, though.

Tech June 3, 2019

Niantic Ends Pokémon GO Support For Apple Watch

No more 'Pokémon GO' support for Apple Watch users beginning July. Instead, users should just switch to Adventure Sync, which provides most of the features from the app, says Niantic.

Culture June 3, 2019

Google Services Are Back After Widespread Outages

After suffering outages, a number of Google services are now online again. The issues affected not only Google’s apps, but a number of sites and services, too.

Tech June 3, 2019

Midday Naps Lead To Happy Children With Higher IQs, Improved Academic Performances

Children can benefit greatly from taking a break in the afternoon for a nap. A new study showed a link between regular midday naps and greater happiness, better behavior, and even higher IQ.

Health June 3, 2019

NASA Selects 3 Companies To Deliver Science Payloads To Lunar Surface For Moon Missions

NASA is shooting for a return to the moon by 2024, but who's coming along for the ride? The space agency announced three commercial landing service providers that will be carrying lunar payloads for them.

Science June 3, 2019

You’ll Be Able To Play ‘Cuphead’ … On Your Tesla

Add 'Cuphead' to the list of playable games on your Tesla. Elon Musk has confirmed that the acclaimed side-scrolling platformer is coming to Tesla cars sometime this summer.

Culture June 3, 2019

Perdue Foods Recalls 31,000 Pounds Of Chicken Over Possible Contamination

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service recalled several of Perdue's chicken products after customer complaints revealed possible contamination. These products were shipped nationwide.

Health June 3, 2019

Surgeons Had To Put Out Fire In Man's Chest During Heart Surgery

Surgeons from Australia present the strange case of a flash fire suddenly erupting in the chest cavity of a man under surgery. They point to several risk factors, including the patient's illness, that may have led to the accident.

Health June 3, 2019

Scientists Figure Out Why Giant Human-Sized Beavers Became Extinct

About 10,000 years ago, giant beavers that roamed across North America went extinct. In a new study, a team of researchers found that the mega-rodents died out because of climate change.

Science June 3, 2019

15 Percent Of Sepsis Survivors Die Within A Year Of Leaving The Hospital: Study

Sepsis is a serious disease that could result from any infection. Among nearly 100,000 survivors of critical cases, a new study revealed that 15 percent died in the first 12 months after getting discharged.

Health June 2, 2019

Some Antidepressants May Help Treat Multiple Infections, Study Says

A multi-organizational study has identified a potential of certain antidepressants to inhibit the spread of infections. The class of drug known as FIASMAs can target an enzyme in cells needed by pathogens to survive within their host's body.

Health June 2, 2019

Rumors Of Apple Killing iTunes Just Got More Real

Apple has started emptying out its social media pages for iTunes. At the time of writing, the Instagram and Facebook pages of the service have already been wiped.

Tech June 2, 2019

Parasitic Deer Fly Now Spreading Across US Says Study

Researchers found in a new study that four deer fly species now occur in more states and counties across the United States. The blood-sucking parasites carry pathogens that can be transmitted through bites.

Science June 2, 2019

Flexible And Wearable Electrical Generators Just Became A Lot More Practical

Researchers developed a more flexible wearable power generator that can charge electronic devices. The generator generates energy from coming in regular contact with human skin through everyday activities such as walking.

Science June 2, 2019

Strange 'Flashes' Of Light Reported To Appear On Lunar Surface

Several times a week, brief flashes of light appear on the surface of the Moon. A team of researchers from Germany proposed that the mysterious phenomena might be related to the recent discovery of seismic activity in the natural satellite.

Science June 2, 2019

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