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New Gene-Editing Technique Can Alter Genome Without Cutting DNA

Researchers developed a CRISPR system that eliminated the need to cut the genome to insert new DNA sequences. Called CAST, the new system can enable safer and more accurate gene-editing.

Health June 15, 2019

Religious Exemptions For Vaccines No Longer Allowed In New York

The state of New York has passed a bill banning parents for claiming religious beliefs to opt their children out of receiving required vaccinations. The mandate was introduced as a response to the measles outbreak across the United States.

Health June 15, 2019

NASA Puts Out Open Call To Private Companies On Supplying Lunar Station

NASA's Lunar Gateway is part of the United States' goal to maintain a presence on the Moon. The space station will serve as an outpost for astronauts who will explore the lunar surface and other destinations across the solar system.

Science June 15, 2019

William Shatner Takes Playful Jab At 'Star Wars' Over 'Starfleet' Symbol Found On Mars

An old rivalry between the 'Star Trek' and 'Star Wars' fandom was ignited thanks to a photo captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The photo featured a mark that looks eerily like the symbol of the Starfleet.

Science June 15, 2019

New Mathematical Model Can Accurately Predict Decisions People Make In Card-Picking Game

A new mathematical model can predict the cards that a participant will pick in the Iowa Gambling Task. According to a researcher, this will help scientists understand the disruptions in decision-making that some people experience.

Health June 15, 2019

Sleeping With Lights Or TV On Can Lead To Weight Gain In Women

Exposure to artificial lights such as lamps or the television during bedtime can do more harm than just disrupting sleep. Evidently, it can lead to weight gain and obesity in women.

Health June 15, 2019

Patient Dead From Superbug Infection After Fecal Transplant, FDA Warns

Are fecal transplants completely safe? The U.S. FDA warns of the possible risks after a patient died from being infected by superbugs from the donor.

Health June 15, 2019

5,200 People Quarantined In ICE Due To Mumps Or Chicken Pox Exposure

Over 5,000 people are now quarantined in ICE due to possible exposure to chicken pox or mumps. This is a spike from the number of quarantined individuals just months ago.

Health June 15, 2019

Ugandan Government Says Ebola Threat A Lot Worse Than Previous Projections

Uganda reported its first cases of Ebola this week. Two people have already died from the disease and three individuals were held in isolation after coming into contact with the infected patients.

Health June 15, 2019

Cassini Mission Dives Deep Into Inner Workings Of Saturn's Rings

In a new study, scientists analyzed data from Cassini's close encounters with Saturn's rings. They found textures and patterns, as well as understood the composition of the planet's famous feature.

Science June 14, 2019

The Hidden Oceans Of Jupiter’s Moon Europa Found Containing Basic Table Salt

Table salt has been unearthed in an alien landscape. Scientists found that sodium chloride is present on the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa, suggesting that the moon's oceans could be very similar to Earth's.

Science June 14, 2019

NASA Admin Estimates New Moon Landing Mission Will Cost Up To $30 Billion

The Artemis program will place two American astronauts on the surface of the moon in 2024. It will cost up to $30 billion, which exceeds NASA's current annual budget.

Science June 14, 2019

The Sweetest Moon Of The Year: The Next Full Moon Is June's Sweet 'Strawberry Moon'

June's upcoming full moon is the sweet "strawberry moon." It is also called the "Honey moon," "LRO moon," "Mead moon," and even "Rose moon."

Feature June 14, 2019

Star Trek's Starfleet Insignia Spotted On Mars Again

What is Star Trek's Starfleet insignia doing on Mars? This is not the first time that the iconic insignia was spotted on the Red Planet.

Science June 14, 2019

Zebra Stripes Used To Regulate Heat, Study Finds

Why do zebras have stripes? Previous research found that it is probably to ward of biting insects, but a new one suggests it could also be helping zebras with thermoregulation.

Science June 14, 2019

A New Breed Of Russian Startups Make Their Debut In Silicon Valley

Watch out for these Russian startups!

Tech June 13, 2019

Private Insurance Policy Holders Could Soon Get Free Daily HIV Prevention Drugs

PrEP, a treatment that prevents the transmission of HIV, has received an 'A' recommendation from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. This means that insurance will soon cover medicine for high-risk individuals at no cost.

Health June 13, 2019

Could Playing Computer Games Improve Your Peripheral Vision?

Researchers have found a significant improvement in the peripheral awareness of people who played computer games specially designed around using peripheral vision.

Science June 13, 2019

New Web-based Tool Accelerates Research On Conditions Such As Dementia, Sports Concussion

A new paper describes a web-computing platform led by Indiana University scientists to support and publish reproducible neuroscience research.

Science June 13, 2019

New Application Can Detect Twitter Bots In Any Language

A new application can detect Twitter bots independent of the language used.

Tech June 13, 2019

NASA Now Working On Giving Recognition To Hidden Figures Who Helped Make Space History

In honor of the African American women whose calculations helped bring the first Americans into space, NASA renamed a street 'Hidden Figures Way' in Washington, D.C. On Wednesday, June 12, an event was held to make the designation official.

Science June 13, 2019

Researchers Introduce New Model That Could Explain Autism

Researchers genetically edited macaque monkeys to study autism in the hopes of developing new treatments for humans. During the experiment, the macaque monkeys exhibited similar behavioral patterns to humans who have the same mutations.

Science June 13, 2019

Home Diagnostic Kit Can Detect Drugs In Blood And Urine Using Silicon Chips And An iPhone

A new diagnostic system proposed by researchers from Vanderbilt University uses a smartphone to test for drugs, infection, or bacteria in a liquid sample. An app will handle the data processing and perform diagnosis.

Health June 13, 2019

NASA Takes Radiation Shielding In Spacecraft Very Seriously: Here's How They Do It

Before a spacecraft gets launched into outer space, it goes through several testing. At the Goddard Spaceflight Center in Maryland, spacecraft are subjected to levels of radiation it will encounter throughout its mission.

Science June 13, 2019

Scientists Find Significant Vulnerability In Major Human Viruses That Could Exploited

Researchers found a new pocket in a broad class of viruses that cause some of the common infections that afflict humans. This might lead to the development of new antiviral drugs.

Health June 13, 2019

Sun Could Still Unleash Dangerous Superflares: What Would Happen To Earth Then?

Superflares are often linked to younger, more volatile stars, but new research showed that it can also occur in mature stars like the sun. If this happens, it could have grave consequences for Earth.

Science June 13, 2019

Here’s Why Noah’s Ark Isn’t Possible, According To A New Study

A pair of each species isn’t enough to ensure its survival, new research revealed. By conducting experiments on purple sea urchins, scientists found that large populations are important for this species to adapt to changing acidity and climate.

Science June 12, 2019

Top 5 Best Ecommerce Agencies Brooklyn, New York In 2019

Ecommerce is the future of business. At the pace at which it is spreading its wings, it is only a matter of time before it overtakes traditional business and becomes the mainstream route for entrepreneurs.

Trending News June 12, 2019

Samsung Is Launching Its Upgraded Galaxy A Series Phones In The US

Samsung's new Galaxy A Series smartphones are landing on U.S. shores this summer. The Galaxy A50, Galaxy A20, and Galaxy A10e are set to arrive soon, starting at a price of $179.99.

Tech June 12, 2019

Why Are There Mysterious, Gaping Holes In The Antarctic Ice?

For years, scientists have wondered about the huge holes suddenly appearing on sea ice. To solve the mystery, a team used floating robots, satellites, and seals outfitted with tiny hat-like sensors on their heads.

Science June 12, 2019

Here Are Square Enix's Biggest Game Announcements At E3 2019

Square Enix put on a big show at E3 2019. It revealed a ton of new games and the like, notably 'Final Fantasy VII Remake,' 'Marvel's Avengers: A-Day,' and 'Final Fantasy VIII Remastered.'

Culture June 11, 2019

Experimental Treatment Could Slow Down Type 1 Diabetes In High-Risk Individuals

An experimental drug was able to slow down the progression of type 1 diabetes, an inherited disease, among high-risk patients in a small clinical trial. This is the first to show that type 1 diabetes can be delayed.

Health June 11, 2019

New Study Can Help Scientists Narrow Down Their Search For Complex Alien Life

In a new study, researchers narrowed down the number of exoplanets that can potentially be home to complex alien life. They found that some stars do not have a habitable zone at all.

Science June 11, 2019

Anomalies On Moon's South Pole Could Be Caused By Metal Asteroid Impact

Researchers found an anomaly underneath the South Pole-Aitken basin on the far side of the moon. According to their calculations, the anomaly might have been caused by the remains of the asteroid that created the impact 4 billion years ago.

Science June 11, 2019

Researchers Discover New Technique That Make Help Separate Oil From Water

Researchers found a way to look into filter membranes and study how fouling works. This could lead to the development of new filter membranes that resist fouling and offer a more efficient way to separate oil from water.

Science June 11, 2019

This Could Be What The Google Pixel 4 Looks Like

Renders of the Pixel 4 have allegedly been leaked. Apparently, Google's next-generation Pixel might have a square camera housing on the back, USB-C port, and under-display fingerprint reader.

Tech June 11, 2019

Chickenpox Vaccination Also Effective At Protecting Children From Shingles

The varicella vaccine, which prevents chickenpox among children, could also reduce a person's likelihood of getting shingles years later. Researchers made the discovery after analyzing the medical records of more than 6 million people.

Health June 11, 2019

New Research Explains Why Lightning Is Very Rare On Mars

Scientists have detected evidence of lightning occurring during a dust storm in Mars. However, new research found the low air pressure on the Red Planet makes lightning weak and rare.

Science June 11, 2019

Here Are All Of Bethesda's Game Announcements At E3 2019

Bethesda unveiled a lot of new updates and games at E3 2019. The announcements include 'Doom Eternal' and 'Deathloop' and new content coming to 'Fallout 76' and 'Rage 2.'

Culture June 10, 2019

3 Islands Disappeared In 2018 And More Islands Could Go Under In The Near Future

The rising sea level caused by climate change already claimed three small and uninhabited islands. If global greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced, larger islands that are home to millions of people would also disappear.

Science June 10, 2019

Human Settlements On Mars Might Look More Like Caves Than Glassy Domes

The harsh conditions on the surface of Mars would require the construction of structures that can protect astronauts from radiation and other potential hazards. Future living and working habitats might look like caves.

Science June 10, 2019

1.2-Billion-Year-Old Crater Of Biggest Meteorite Collision In UK History Discovered Hidden In Scottish Coast

The site of the biggest meteorite crash in the United Kingdom has finally been found. It occurred 1.2 billion years ago, but scientists said the crater is remarkably well-preserved under the seabed.

Science June 10, 2019

Microsoft Unveils The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Microsoft's new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is now official. The company says it's now 'more elite than ever,' featuring new adjustable tension thumbsticks, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

Culture June 10, 2019

EmEditor: World's Fastest And Efficient Text Editor

Text is the backbone of content. Be it blogs, articles, stories, or any other form of content carrying text, the written word holds immense value. While what the words convey is most important, the way words are represented plays a big role in the impact of the content. This is where text editors come into the picture, as they help to edit plain text. If you are searching for a text editor for Windows, EmEditor comes across as a great choice.

Tech June 10, 2019

US Surgeons Find Tapeworm In Woman's Brain During Cancer Surgery

Lodged inside the brain of a woman misdiagnosed with a brain tumor was a baby tapeworm. Doctors found it during a surgery following a host of bizarre symptoms that include hallucinations and disorientation.

Health June 10, 2019

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