The latest Destiny event is called Festival of the Lost Halloween, and fans have been having a blast with it. However, there's something interesting with this release that most folks haven't heard of. Apparently, it's possible to traverse the world on a flying broom instead of a Sparrow.

This flying broom reminds us of Harry Potter all over again, but unfortunately, the game will not allow players to keep this fantastic broom. However, one can hope Bungie brings it back for Sparrow racing in the future because it would be such an excellent addition to the mode.

Now, you must be wondering, how does one get their hands on this flying broom? Well, it's not difficult. The broom is owned by a Sweeper Bot inside the Tower. It appears the bot managed to lose it, so players can do one of two things. Players can recover the broom and deliver it to the bot, or just have some fun before giving it back.

Reddit user NomNomzombie17, is the first person to come across the lost broom, and he was generous to share how he found it, and what it can do.

How To Acquire The Broom

First up, you'll need to get over to the Tower, then travel to the west and slip past the Shipwright. The next step is to go underground and take a stroll to the bar area. There's a jukebox nearby that will allow you to know you're in the right place. It's now time to walk past the kiosk. After that, look to the right, and you'll see some boxes.

Proceed to jump on one of the boxes, right there a broom sits at the top. It's time to retrieve the broom and watch as it is added to your inventory.

Become Harry Potter In Space

Checking the broom in the inventory will show it to be named the Lost Broom. Bear in mind it has Destabilizers, Strafe Thrusters, and 160 Boost. Quite a powerful kit, so go ahead and give it a test run before returning it to the Sweeper Bot.

Bear in mind, once the Festival of the Lost Halloween is ended, the Lost Broom will no longer be available for use.

Not everyone wants to play around with the Lost Broom, some folks would rather defeat Wrath of the Machine raid boss Aksis, all by their lonesome. Don't think it's possible? Think again, friend.

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