Destiny 2 is bleeding players since launch. Controversies have mired the release since the beginning and Bungie has been slow to react to players' concerns, despite how much it says that it's been listening.

In an effort to calm down the dwindling fanbase Bungie laid out a roadmap to mark the changes the developers will make to Destiny 2.

Development Roadmap

After a long period of what seemed like it was just ignoring the fanbase, Bungie is stepping up by providing specific dates for the updates its promising. In the new update Destiny 2 game director Christopher Barrett outlines changes and the dates of when they will be implemented into the game.

Barrett promised that the team would get into the details in the roadmap. The updates will be available to all Destiny 2 players. He also promised to keep players notice of any changes to the schedule.

"Some of these delivery dates may change, but everything you see listed here is being worked on the by the team," said Barrett in the release of the roadmap. "While there are larger projects in development, these are the game enhancements you'll find in your immediate future. If any of these deployments change, we'll let you know."

Besides changes that were stated in previous updates, the team added more new changes to the list. These include a PC public chat function, better rewards, private matches, and a 6v6 Iron Banner. Some of the changes do have asterisks on them - meaning that these features are stretch goals and could be out on a different date than stated.

Sandbox changes will be coming to Destiny 2 on March 27. But even that's a tentative date since it's included among one of the features with stretch goals.

Curiously missing from the update is the cause of major headaches for players of the game - the Eververse store. Changes to the Eververse store were previously stated to be scheduled to take place as soon as the Crimson Days event.

Prestige Mode for the Eater of Worlds raid lair was pushed back to May. That can cause it to come out around the time of the release of the second DLC. Eater of Worlds has been available since December when Curse of Osiris was released. Community manager Deej told fans that the raid team will be updating the community soon about the change.

Bungie is trying to destroy the narrative that Destiny 2 is failing but doing a really slow job taking care of the issues in the game. One of the most telling signs that the game rapidly declining is its Twitch viewership.

Viewers have been declining since the release of the game in September. The number of channels streaming the game decreased since the release. Curse of Osiris didn't have any effect with a minor uptick before dropping again.

Bungie has not been winning with players recently, it's trying to recapture the fanbase with changes. An analyst previously reported that the franchise was beyond repair.

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