Ubisoft is quite busy preparing for Operation Chimera of Rainbow Six Siege that starts March 6. The studio introduced a new set of operators and announced a free weekend.

The free game offer, according to the game studio, will commence on Feb. 15 and will remain in effect all weekend. At the same time, Ubisoft finally revealed the two new operators — Lion and Finka — that will see in action starting when the hostilities set off in time for Operation Chimera this month and all the to Outbreak.

Up to 25 million players are expected to take part during the free weekend melee that Ubisoft said will grant full access, "including all of the maps, modes and operators," during the entire period.

"Discover the intense gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege full of close quarters combat, tactical team play, high lethality and explosive action," the game developer teased on its official page.

Important Things To Know

During the free weekend, Ubisoft said gamers can expect to get "the full Siege experience," that will be made available in four key regions — the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East, Asia and Oceania, and Japan. Players on the PC, Xbox One ,and PS4 platforms are welcome to join in the fun.

One sure highlight will be the "Terrorist Hunt" co-op mode that players can take advantage to stock up on operators and weapons. This is made possible by earning in-game currency as the game progresses that in turn can be used to purchase items such as guns and new characters.

The best part about the Siege free weekend is that the game progress will be saved and from which users can build on heading to the Outbreak event. Players will have five days to pile up on currency and items, as Ubisoft will shut down the free access on Feb. 20.

Best Biohazard Specialists

As mentioned, Lion and Finka will be part of the Chimera slugfest, and it looks like that when that mode has ended, the new operators will remain in the game. The operators dropping was previously hinted by Ubisoft, but the company provided more with a Twitter post, unmasking their names, looks, and more details.

Lion and Finka are both warriors and scientists, as Ubisoft said they have the expertise to make the big difference in Operation Chimera. The two are biohazard specialists and count drone and nanobots as part of their combat arsenal.

Finka is from Russia and is in command of the nanobots, the actual capabilities of which remain wrapped in mystery. It will be the French operator Lion who will take charge of the drone that he refers to as Big Brother. More details on the new operators will be known in the next few days.

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