Pikachu Talk App Lets You Chat With The Iconic Pokémon Through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant


After its debut in Japan last year, the Pikachu Talk is finally available for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa in time to celebrate Pokemon Day.

It appears that both companies understand how the Nintendo franchise is globally popular. Therefore, the app gives users have a chance to converse with Pikachu, the series's mascot. For users on Amazon's platform, the skill is reportedly accessible worldwide.

Meanwhile, those on Google's ecosystem can only use the service within the United States. There is currently no word if it might become available for other territories later on.

A Lively Conversation

Before anyone downloads the application to take for a spin, users should be aware that the app is purely for entertainment purposes only. Once activated, the virtual assistants of each manufacturer will be replaced with the familiar squeaky voice of the little rodent.

In other words, the smart speakers lose its primary functions in order to provide a little entertainment, which fans will most likely still enjoy. It's an immersive experience wherein the device will respond and hold a conversation just like the character in the anime.

Celebrating A Global Franchise

Ever since it launched in 1996 for the Nintendo Game Boy, the series continued to remain popular and evolved together with the different platforms it released for. The company marks this year's Pokemon Day with special events like the release of Pikachu Talk for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Pokemon Go players will also get a chance to capture a special Pikachu donning a purple hat with stripes. Additionally, it can learn the move "Present" and rewards three times the number of Stardust for its capture. Some fans are apparently disappointed at Niantic Lab's underwhelming offer to celebrate the event. Snapchat receives several lenses that will be available for a limited time only. The first one to come out will be Bulbasaur, followed by Charmander and Squirtle. Fans can also check out the franchise's latest film Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You! via the Pokemon TV website or app.

Collecting Goodies

For fans that want to add something to their collection, the Pokemon Center both online and physical store will offer several goodies. First up is a new lineup of collectible figures called Pokemon Gallery Figure DX. The first figure available will be Charizard as it does its Blast Burn attack.

Furthermore, a new series of Pokemon Pins that feature the legendary Dialga and Palkia will be available with new pairs featured each month until November. It looks like Pikachu Talk for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa is just a small part of the celebration to mark the 22 years of the franchise.

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