Microsoft is slashing $100 off the Xbox One X for a limited time as part of the nationwide Black Friday festivities, bringing the console's total price to an all-time-low of $400. The deal will be available directly from Microsoft and a number of retailers, valid from Nov. 18 through 26.

Xbox One X Black Friday Deal

Microsoft announced the deal amid various game news plus the most recent Xbox One update, in which it confirmed support for external mouse and keyboard will arrive Nov. 14. This is by far the steepest discount for the company's 4K-capable console, and at $400, it's just $100 more expensive than the Nintendo Switch. They're radically different consoles, of course, but suffice it to say this deal will give customers an incredible value for their money.

Aside from this surprise sale, Microsoft also announced that it'll slash $100 off an Xbox One S Minecraft bundle. In addition, it also plans to take $70 off several game bundles, including one with Forza Horizon 4. What's more, regardless of which system customers buy, they'll be receiving a free digital copy of Gears of War 4. Christmas came early, as the saying goes.

Microsoft Black Friday Game Deals

That's not all. Microsoft also promises to unleash a bunch of other game deals between Nov. 22 and 30, including the aforementioned Forza Horizon 4, up to 35 percent off; Forza Motorsport 7, up to 50 percent off; PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, 35 percent off; Sea of Thieves, 50 percent off; State of Decay 2, 35 percent off; Disneyland Adventures, 35 percent off; and a lot more.

"This holiday is the perfect time to jump in, whether you already have an Xbox or are buying one for the first time," the company writes in an announcement. "Be sure to visit the Microsoft Store, whether shopping online, in a physical store, or through an Xbox or Windows 10 device, for deals on the hottest games this holiday season."

Microsoft will also offer an Xbox Live Gold discount for a limited time. Between Nov. 15 and 30, non-subscribers can get one month for the low, low price of $1. Alternatively, users can save up to 40 percent if they purchase a three-month subscription between Nov. 22 and 26.

Check out Microsoft's website for a full list of its Black Friday deals.

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