Samsung is rumored to be developing a new smartwatch powered by Tizen. It'll be the proper successor to the Gear Sport and thus continue Samsung's "Gear" wearable lineup, unlike the Galaxy Watch released this past August.

SamMobile has obtained exclusive information about this said watch, citing its model number as SM-R500 and its codename as "Pulse."

Samsung started developing that watch earlier this December, the report notes, with R500XXE0ARL5 as its initial software version.

Samsung Pulse Smartwatch

Obviously, codenames are merely placeholder monikers during development, so the rumored smartwatch likely won't be called the Gear Pulse. SamMobile speculates it to be Galaxy Sport, although that's as good as anyone's guess at the moment. Do know, however, that the Gear Sport had the model number SM-R600, so it remains to be seen if SM-R500 actually refers to its successor.

It's not certain why Samsung went backward in terms of the model numbering scheme. It could mean the company will be switching branding for its smartwatches moving forward, but none of those speculation can be ascertained.

Samsung Pulse Smartwatch Specs

As for the specs, the report alleges that the Galaxy Sport will come with 4 GB of internal storage and be powered by Tizen, as with previous Samsung smartwatches. Plus, if it turns out to be a successor to the Gear Sport as rumored, the Galaxy Sport will likely be focused on fitness. That means it'll have biometric features baked in, including heart rate monitoring. However, that also implies that an LTE version will be unlikely.

Samsung could offer the Galaxy Sport in two sizes, as it has with its previous wearables. However, it's worth noting that the Gear Sport only came in a single size. Offering the Galaxy Sport in two sizes will likely broaden its appeal, because not everyone prefers wielding a bulky device on their wrist.


Finally, the Galaxy Sport could also come preinstalled with Bixby, Samsung's voice-activated digital assistant. The watch might also have support for Bixby Reminder, which can't be said of the Galaxy Watch. A software update may bring Bixby Reminder to the Galaxy Watch at a later date, though.

It's not clear when Samsung plans to unveil the rumored Galaxy Sport. The Galaxy S10 is expected to arrive in February 2019, perhaps then there will be more details about the wearable. In the meantime, feel free to sound off in the comments section below if you have any thoughts!

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