Digital watchmakers like AppleFitbit, and Samsung build their very own fitness trackers, smartwatches, and other things that you could use or wear to indicate if we live a healthy life or not. Now, however, it can be a way to detect early signs of coronavirus.  

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How Do They Do This?

People are now finding ways to be creative on how to detect the coronavirus strain to fill the void of the test kits scarcity. This is a way to assist the people in the front lines like the doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who risk their lives every day to help out.

They plan to use wearables in a manner to assist as an early detection device for signs of coronavirus infection. Specifically, they plan to use it to track the progress of the pandemic as it spread across the country. Another one is to identify doctors, nurses, and other practitioners who have contracted the disease as quickly as possible. Lastly, monitor the coronavirus patients to make better decisions about who should be hospitalized and when. 

Before everything else, they should first do population monitoring. This can be achieved with most of the wearable tech that tracks activity and heart rate. The second thing to do requires advanced metrics for which a tiny but growing percentage of wearables are equipped to track. 

The long term goal is that the urgency that is making wearables' swift integration into providers' pandemic response could indicate lasting changes for what the wearables could track. Also, it could help how doctors could make use of the data to help keep an eye on our conditions and not just for personal fitness. 

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Another Important Source Of Information

Researchers have seen the importance of several years now in terms of population tracking. This, in turn, now comes into play to track the spread of the disease. With one out of three Americans are now wearing fitness tracking devices, this is prime time that the population is finally large enough to make a difference. 

Scripps Research Translational Institute announced last January that it built a model to track influenza using monitoring identified data like heart rate, sleep duration as well as activity from tens of thousands of Fitbits. 

If you ever want to contribute to their more recent endeavor, designed to quickly pinpoint outbreaks of viruses in general, or in particular the coronavirus. Scripps is planning to give out wearable watches to volunteers

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention identifies three broad coronavirus symptoms. First is the respiratory distress, which Spire monitors as shortness of breath. The other two signs are fever and coughing.

Validic, which is a health data platform provider, is now helping health care organizations deploy its COVID-19 monitoring package, which focuses on fever as the leading indicator. They are also currently thinking of incorporating wearables that can spot fevers, which only some wrist-worn devices can do today. 

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