For those who are looking for a new laptop in the market or checking on an online shopping website, we have a suggested brand that you may consider. If you want to replace your old laptop with Chromebook, maybe you are making a good decision.

Here are the five reasons why you should consider Chromebook as your next laptop.

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According to 9to5Google's previous report, people can do online tasks without using devices that are running macOS or Windows. Without needing to install any applications or software, since the browser is the place where almost all of the action occurs, users can now do many things using only a browser.

Chromebook, a mobile device that acts and looks like a laptop but is purposely designed for the always-connected world we are currently living, which has been affected by the ongoing global pandemic. The source suggests that those who spend most of their time on the internet should better use Chromebook laptops. Here is another important information you should know before choosing Chromebook as your next laptop.

Chromebook as your next laptop? Here are 5 reasons why; You'll always be connected to the world

Battery life

Chromebook laptops can last longer compared to other Macbook and Windows laptops since its users are only running the Chrome browser. 10-hour mark can be achieved by Chromebooks, which Windows laptops with the same price, cannot achieve.

Form factor

Chromebooks tend to be more compact and lighter than Windows laptops at the same price since they are not so resilient on hardware. Users can also have a 2-in-1 machine, offering the flexibility of a tablet alongside a dockable traditional laptop form factor, by getting a Chromebook of their own.


You'll be needing between $400 up to $1,000 or more (pricing comparable to Apple), to get an entry-level Windows 10-powered laptop or even a Macbook. For a device that will only be used for Netflix, YouTube, document editing, and mainly on other browser-based tasks, the prices are quite a large financial outlay.

On the other hand, users can get a sub-$500 Chromebook laptop, which can last for more than five years without experiencing any major issues, since it is not really based upon specifications. People will have an upper handpicking Chromebooks as their laptop for homework, online meetings, and even as a shopping portal.

Backup and restore

Since every task in Chromebooks is done within Chrome, users can switch devices without using photos, files, or anything that is important to them, which is one of the biggest benefits they can get. Chromebooks have Cloud backups that are basically built-in.

Stability and support

Chromebooks are far lighter compared to other desktops and laptops and can run smoothly and consistently even with modest internals since Chrome OS is nowhere near as the Chrome browser, which is resource-hungry. Chromebook also allows its users to enjoy their favorite mobile apps without requiring their smartphone to be nearby since the ability to run Android applications is included in Chromebooks.

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