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Microsoft confirmed on May 18 that it no longer plans to release Windows 10X. The operating was originally supposed to arrive alongside new dual-screen devices like the Surface Neo, with a more lightweight and simplified interface and features.

This plan was all before the pandemic struck, and Microsoft then decided to prioritize Windows 10X for single-screen laptops instead.

However, Windows 10X is now officially over, and the tech giant is now planning to bring its best bits into Windows 10.

Microsoft Pulls the Plug on Windows 10X

John Cable, the head of Windows servicing and delivery, said that instead of bringing a product called Windows 10X to market in 2021 like what was originally intended, they are leveraging learnings from their journey thus far, and accelerating the integration of key foundational 10X technology into other parts of Windows and products at the company.

Some of that has already started appearing in the form of a new app container technology, better voice typing, and a modernized touch keyboard for Windows 10, according to Gadgets 360.

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Microsoft stated that it will now continue to invest in areas where the 10X technology makes sense for both software and hardware in the future.

With that, it is unlikely that fans will ever see the Surface Neo device now.

Windows 10X was going to appear in 2021 as more of a Chrome OS competitor, and Microsoft had spent numerous years trying to modernize Windows in an attempt to bring a more lightweight version to the market.

Windows RT was released together with the original Surface tablet in 2012, and then Windows 10S was launched in 2017, as noted by The VergeBoth failed to simplify Windows, but Windows 10X had some promising features that will now start to appear in Windows 10 instead.

While Microsoft released a smaller Windows 10, it was announced that Microsoft is planning to create a larger one for October.

This update includes some massive visual changes in the form of new system icons, File Explorer improvements, and the end of Windows 95-era icons.

Microsoft is also focusing on some key features and additions like fixing the rearranging apps issues on numerous monitors, adding the Xbox Auto HDR feature, and also improving Bluetooth audio support.

Windows 10 Free Space Bug

In a previous report by Tech Times, it has already been speculated that the tech giant will be canceling Windows 10X, and now that it has been confirmed, fans could still expect some changes to the beloved OS in the near future.

Howeverm your Windows computer's hard drive can fill up fast if you download a bunch of programs or video games. But, with the normal course of use, it should not be stacked. If a user noticed a sudden decrease in available free space, then there is a possibility of a bug.

So how can Windows users fix this?

If you find your computer running a bit slow and a warning popping up about low disk space, then you might have been hit by the bug. Luckily, there is a solution if you have a home computer. For those with servers or business machines, the whole process will take a bit longer. 

Check the guide here to help you further solve this problem.

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