Google Pixel 6
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Google Pixel 6 is just around the corner, and multiple leaks have surfaced the web -- from design to specs, and Google's first chipset.

Google is known for releasing the latest Pixel installment every year, and 2021 is no exception. The new Google Pixel 6 will set sail soon, and the sixth-generation packs a lot of punch. The brand new phone is still in the works, but that should not stop us from making informed guesses, and analyzing leaks about its unique set of features.

Google Pixel 6: Leaked Design

Over the years, Google's smartphone design has been varied. But Android Central recently mentioned that Google Pixel 6 appears to be one of the boldest designs that the tech company has ever manufactured.

Android Central stated that Pixel 6 might have a dual-toned design, reminiscent of the earlier Pixel models. The larger phone's front portion seems to look like a Galaxy-branded flagship smartphone because of its small bezels, punch-hole camera, an on-screen fingerprint sensor.

On the other hand, the smaller version of Google Pixel 6 seems to have slightly larger bezels and a flat-screen based on the leaked photos that Android Central has.

Stereo front-facing speakers are evident on both phones, but something seems to be missing: the trademark colored power button that all previous Pixel phones had.

It is probably the most consistent part of the Pixel series, and taking it off might be controversial.

Google Pixel 6: Rumored Specs

Android Central stated that Pixel 6 does not only have excellent design -- the phone might also have bolder specs.

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Google Pixel 6: New Chipset

Google's first chipset, more commonly known as Whitechapel of GS101, might be powering the latest installment of the Pixel series. The chipset is rumored to have a custom blend of ARM processing primary cores to offer a near-flagship level of performance compressed in advanced AI and single-core processing.

The chipset will also provide an improved battery life compared to flagship-level smartphones with Qualcomm SoCs.

With the current information that we have, Google's first chipset seems like an intelligently made processor that combines two excellent features into one product. Google can freely utilize it to custom-tune performance and support for the coming years.

Because of the more powerful chipset, Google might decide to upgrade Google Pixel 6's OLED panel into a 120Hz screen to perfectly go well with the premium specs that the phone could have.

With Google's power move to curate their chipset, the company can now produce high-quality processors without compromising their dedication to increasing their smartphones' battery lives, and powerhouse performance.

Additional Leaks:

Android Central confirmed that based on current sources, Google Pixel 6 might have a significant camera upgrade. The new series installment is rumored to have the latest generation sensor for its main cameras, together with a periscope camera, a super zoom feature.

Despite huge claims, the phones still have no specifics on battery size, RAM, and storage. However, it is highly likely that the phone will have at least 8GB RAM and 128 of storage at the very least.

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