Windows 11's preview build is currently out for anyone who wants to test the OS before it's launched. If you're good at finding bugs in the build, you can earn some cool rewards.  

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BRAZIL - 2021/07/04: In this photo illustration the Windows 11 logo seen displayed on a smartphone. It is a major version of the Windows NT operating system.

The rewards program is called "Bug Bash" and is available for early adopters of Windows 11 (aka the ones who downloaded and installed the preview build). According to Windows Central, Windows 11 insiders who encounter any bug while doing certain tasks will be given unique badges and achievements. These tasks can range from customizing the Start menu to installing a web app on Microsoft Edge. 

Microsoft calls these "quests," which often involve things that Windows 11 insiders have already done while testing the build-out. And once the bug bash is complete, insiders can earn achievements based on which quests they've already completed. If you'd like to participate in the bash (and already have the Windows 11 build installed), you can do so by visiting the Feedback Hub. 

According to WindowsReport, the Windows 11 bug bash runs until July 14. Until then, users have enough time to complete tasks and report any bugs they encounter directly to Microsoft. 

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Windows 11 Bugs That Have Been Identified So Far

With the bug bash, many users have already reported numerous bugs, with most of them in the OS's basic functions like the Start menu and taskbar. 

According to the most recent reports, sometimes the taskbar will not be shown if you're running a multiple monitor setup. While this doesn't seem too serious, multi-monitor systems will suffer from a drastic decrease in productivity and usability, especially if the taskbar doesn't appear in the main monitor. 

Other bugs include widgets not syncing properly or displaying in the wrong size. If you can remember, Windows 10 users have had many issues with widgets in the past, but Microsoft still keeps adding them when nobody wants them. Just look at the weather and news widget, which a lot of people wanted to get rid of immediately after being added via Windows update. 

Potential Gaming Issues 

Microsoft straight-up said during the Windows 11 reveal that the OS is "built for gaming." But so far, the preview build is exhibiting some glaring problems when running video games. 

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KETTERING, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 12: A competitor repairs a gaming PC at the epicLAN esport tournament at the Kettering Conference Centre, on October 12, 2019 in Kettering, England. EpicLAN events see between 32 and 700 networked players compete against each other for cash prizes and trophies. With gamers taking part in networked tournaments of Battalion 1944, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six:Siege, Rocket League, Starcraft 2 and others, the prize funds varied from £1000 to £15000.

According to Windows Report, various users on Reddit are saying that you can get banned from online games like the "Battlefield" series, "PUBG," and "Rainbow Six: Siege" if you're using the Windows 11 preview build. That's because the games' anti-cheat measures could flag a system up. This will likely be fixed once the final version is released, but for now, beware of these issues if you want to play a multiplayer title on the preview build. 

Should You Install the Preview? 

Generally, it's not a good idea to install an unfinished piece of software into your computer, even if it comes from Microsoft themselves. Their next-generation OS is still a long way to go from a public release, and most of the time, encountering bugs regularly while using your computer is simply annoying. 

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