When Windows 11 was announced, we were aware that it has corresponding requirements that should be met by the user's computer.

For those who have older hardware, getting this new Microsoft operating system is near to impossible. But Asus has a solution for those who have old hardware and even those that are not supported by Microsoft.

Asus Brings Windows 11 Support to Older Intel Hardware

Asus is Now Developing a Firmware That Can Allow Windows 11 to Older Systems
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Asus has now the solution for the older Intel processors. Through its firmware that is now in development, Windows 11 support is now possible for older hardware.

Earlier this week, Windows Latest spotted that Asus has the key for those people who have outdated hardware for their PCs but want to install the latest Windows OS.

The tech site discovered that Asus can bypass the set requirements of Microsoft for the laptops, computers, and other gadgets that need Windows 11.

From the motherboard changelog of Asus' STRIX Z270F, it was mentioned that the said hardware can support the newest Microsoft OS by default. In addition, there will be no required changes in the settings for the UEFI BIOS.

Besides the STRIX Z270F, another changelog from MAXIMUS IX FORMULA BIOS 1501 confirmed that it would also support Windows 11 through its ongoing firmware.

Asus Firmware For Intel Processors

In an article written by Tom's Guide on Thursday, Sept.9, the Taiwanese hardware giant is also planning to create a firmware that will support Intel's 6th and 7th generation chips.

The development will pave the way for the unsupported systems to upgrade their old OS to the newest Windows 11. 

There is no need anymore to buy the latest hardware to enable the latest operating system through this firmware.

Previously, Microsoft announced that it's still possible for the old Intel hardware to adopt Windows 11. 

The catch here is this: users should download tools such as Media Creation Tool. Moreover, the Redmont tech firm also said that it will not support older hardware when it comes to performance issue support.

Asus clarified that there is not yet a final release of the firmware. Although it's not yet ready, the users with old hardware can now use Windows 11.

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Windows 11 Changes and Speed

Recently, Microsoft said that the speed of Windows 11 is not dependent on the hardware. 

As per the company's Steve Dispensa, the VP for the Windows Management Team, the contributing factor for Windows 11's speed is the combined support coming from both hardware and software. 

The users should wait for the many improvements to come to the upcoming OS. The tech giant said that it was now prioritizing developing programs for Windows 11.

In line with the improvement of the system's performance, it is attributed to the reduction of 37% in CPU usage and 32% in memory usage.

Back in June, Microsoft unveiled several changes for its latest OS. At that time, the company teased the following changes in the start button, start menu, settings, keyboard, refresh rate, touch gestures, and sets of windows.

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