Apple's October event already has speculations that would release several devices that were leaked earlier this year, and this includes two Mac platform releases and the accessory, which is highly anticipated this year. It was only a day after the September Fall event showcase, which had a lot of people excited about the new devices that were released. 

Finally, Apple addressed the long absence of the iPad Mini, which has been skipped over for almost two years since its last release in 2019. Moreover, the September Fall event has brought a lot of exciting releases for Apple but mostly centered on the lineup of the new smartphones, headlined by the 1TB storage and 120Hz display of the iPhone 13. 

Apple October Event

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The hype and feels of what the September Fall event, a.k.a. "California Streaming," has brought to the public is still here, but speculators have gone on to the next page and look at the future for Apple's next event. And while it is still early, there is a possibility that there would be another event if it would be patterned from last 2020's releases which had three events in the fall.

Namely, these Apple events are September 2020's "Time Flies," October 2020's "Hi, Speed," and November 2020's "One More Thing."

Now, speculators are on the move for another event of Apple, and it is this October, still under the Fall season. The September Fall event brought a lot of devices to the public, but it seems like it is not yet enough to tackle everything Apple during this time. 

People were disappointed that the AirPods Gen 3 was not revealed this September, as rumors have claimed that it would come alongside the iPhone. However, then again, while rumors were running high for the iPhone 13's release this September, it was not confirmed or guaranteed by Apple for the California Streaming event.

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MacBook Pro 14-Inch and 16-Inch, Mac Mini M1X

MacBook Pro
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The next big thing for the October release would be the flagship laptop PC of Apple, and it is with the MacBook Pro 14-Inch and 16-inch. These devices would, of course, bring the Apple Silicon chip, but it is said that it would feature the "M2" or the second-generation 5nm system-on-chip made by Apple, which are speculated to be smaller and more powerful. 

The Mac event last year was held last November, so the speculation puts Apple a month early for this year. 

Moreover, it would also bring along its companion last year, and it is with the Mac Mini, which would have an upgraded chip labeled as the "M1X." This is the upgraded version of the M1, designed to be faster and better than the first one, kind of like the "Pro" version of the Apple Silicon. 

Apple AirPods Gen 3

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AirPods and AirPods 2

Another release that is expected and anticipated for the next Apple event would still be the AirPods Gen 3, which has also been almost two years since its last release. Technically, it would be three years since it is a predecessor of the AirPods Gen 2. 

However, if the namesake of AirPods is to be followed, it would only be two years since the AirPods Pro was released in 2019 alongside the iPhone 11. 

Other Apple releases are also coming, and speculators are not running out of suggestions or insider leaks for all the upcoming tech for the Cupertino giant. 

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