Google Pay Adds International New Banks in 9 Countries and User-to-User Transfers in Singapore
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Google Pay Adds International New Banks in 9 Countries and User-to-User Transfers in Singapore

Google Pay is adding new banks stretching across nine countries as well as user-to-user transfer options in Singapore. This will make purchasing through Google Pay much easier with the addition of more banks across the world.

Google Pay Mobile Payment System

According to the story by AndroidPolice, Google's now unstoppable march still continues. The company reportedly will not rest until every particular financial institute internationally can finally use the Google Pay mobile payment system.

Over the course of the last few weeks, AndroidPolice has been cataloging brand new banks that were added to a number of Google support pages. There has also been a notable uptick when it comes to the new entries.

Switzerland Adds Over 80 Banks

This is especially true for Switzerland as there are over 80 banks that have just been added to the Google Pay compatibility recently. These additional banks make using Google Pay mobile payment system much easier for users that are not in the United States. Aside from payment, Google Pay is also to help users store their vaccine cards digitally.

In addition to Switzerland, Google Pay reportedly added compatibility with banks stretching across Australia, Chile, Bulgaria, Italy, Singapore, Romania, and Ukraine. On top of everything, Google Pay users that are in Singapore can easily send as well as receive payments coming from other users. This is something that was only previously an option in India and the United States.

Aside from the 80 banks in Switzerland, the eight other countries on this list all have banks that were added to the Google Pay list of partnered banks. For scale, Switzerland reportedly has 246 banks which means Google has been able to add around a third of the total banks in Switzerland. 

Check out the New Google Pay Partnered Banks:

  • Airwallex Pty Ltd coming from Australia

  • DiPocket coming from Bulgaria

  • Cencosud coming from Chile

  • Alpha Bank coming from Greece

  • Cassa Centrale Banca coming from Italy

  • DiPocket coming from Romania

  • CIMB coming from Singapore (Google Pay has also enabled the person-to-person transfer for people around the country using the service)

  • Joint Stock Company OKCI Bank coming from Ukraine

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Google Pay New Bank Solutions

As of the moment, these are the eight new banks that have officially been added to Google Pay. This, of course, does not include the list of 80 new banks coming from Switzerland alone, enabling Google Pay to be much more accessible within the country.

With the surge of contactless transactions, Google Pay could be providing a solution to those that prefer not to use the current services that are offered today. This also works as another option to pay, making the contactless payment process much easier for users.

Back in May of 2021, Google Pay started to expand to other countries outside of the United States, with a list of 200 countries expected to join the list. With the new banks becoming available to use with Google Pay, the company is getting closer to its goal.

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