"Dino Squad Unleashed," a collection of dinosaur NFTs, is set to be released for minting on October 11. There are a total of 10,000 NFTs in the collection.

Holders of the first generation "Dino Squad Unleashed" NFTs will get a chance to mint a second-generation NFT for free. The community will get to decide what the second-generation NFTs will be.

'Dino Squad Unleashed' NFTs to Drop on October 11


"Dino Squad Unleashed," a collection of 10,000 dinosaur NFTs, is set to be released on October 11 at 6:30 p.m. UTC. Each dinosaur NFT can be minted for 0.01 Ethereum (ETH).

"Dino Squad Unleashed" is one of the NFT collections set for release on the mentioned date, per a list compiled by Rarity Tools. Other NFT collections that will be released on October 11 include fellow dinosaur NFT collection "Cyber Jurassic," "Blockchain Badlands," and "Bunny Buds."

According to the "Dino Squad Unleashed" website, "Every Dino Squad holder will be able to mint a FREE (+Gas) additional Dino Unleashed Gen. 2 Dino." The community will get to decide what the second generation NFT collection will be.

A community wallet that will have 15 ETH will also be created. The funds will be used to "further create, develop, or build something that the community values."

Traits and Rarity

According to the "Dino Squad Unleashed" website, each dinosaur NFT is actually a combination of over 150 different traits. All in all, each NFT has seven layers to it, including the background, body and body color, headwear, eyes and eyewear, mouth and nose region, clothing, and accessories.

As is with every NFT collection, some NFTs in the "Dino Squad Unleashed" NFT collection are rarer than others. This means that certain traits are rarer than others, and the probability that holders can get an NFT with these traits is lower.

For the body, the probability that an NFT holder will get a "Dino Squad Unleashed" NFT with a prisoner body is 4.02%. The rarest body trait is that of an astronaut, which has a 0.53% probability.

What are the chances that you can get a "Dino Squad Unleashed" NFT with normal-looking eyes? 20.17%. What are the odds you can get an NFT with laser eyes? 0.38%.

The complete rarity spreadsheet of the traits of the dinosaur NFTs in the collection is available on the "Dino Squad Unleashed" website.

Animal NFTs

"Dino Squad Unleashed" is the newest example of animal NFT collections that have been made available to NFT enthusiasts and collectors.

Other examples of animal-themed NFTs include cat NFTs, dog NFTs, panda NFTs, and even whale NFTs and kangaroo NFTs.

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Dog NFTs, in particular, seems to be a popular choice among NFT creators. Examples of dog NFTs include "Cyber Shibas," "SIPHER," and "10001 Dalmatians."

Other examples of animal-themed NFT collections are the sports-themed "Roo Crew," "Angry Bunny Club," and "Panda Fight Club."

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