Google claims that "Fortnite" 2020 recently released a potential security vulnerability in its Play Store platform. 

Google Claims Epic Games 'Fortnite' 2020 Brings Security Vulnerability in Play Store—Countersuing the Company
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"The Google Play ecosystem has suffered injury because the hotfix potentially exposed a security vulnerability that could be exploited for even more nefarious purposes," said the giant search engine. 

Because of this, the tech firm decided to file an antitrust lawsuit against Epic Games. Recently, the giant game publisher also sued Google, claiming that the company is practicing monopoly against state laws. 

Now, it seems like the situation has now turned around since Google is countersuing the title creator. The search engine giant's new lawsuit against the game developer states that "Fortnite" 2020's hotfix intentionally breached their contract. 

Google Claims 'Fortnite' Puts Its Users at Risk

According to Bloomberg's latest report, Google stated that Epic Games continued launching its "Fortnite" 2020 mobile version despite its hotfix's alleged security vulnerability. 

Google Claims Epic Games 'Fortnite' 2020 Brings Security Vulnerability in Play Store—Countersuing the Company
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The tech giant manufacturer explained that it lost significant global service fees because of the game's availability in its Google Play Store platform. Now, the developer is seeking compensatory from Epic Games. 

On the other hand, various critics claimed that the "Fortnite" developer is still breaching its contract with Google since it allows consumers to install the game's unapproved version. 

As of the moment, Epic Games still hasn't commented about the new lawsuit against it. However, it would soon have to if it doesn't want the situation to get worst.  

Google Still Making Its Services More Secured

The new lawsuit of Google is currently aligned with its latest efforts, which usually involve enhancing the security features of its services. 

BBC recently reported that the search engine giant plans to offer thousands of security keys for free, especially to high-risk users. It confirmed that release more than 10,000 free security keys after discovering that malicious campaigns targeted around 14,000 Gmails users. 

This security innovation is a part of Google's ongoing APP enhancement initiatives. The company also partnered with various organizations, such as UN Women, Defending Digital Campaigns, and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, to develop Titan security keys.  

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