Amazon to Turn Hosts Into DJs Through Building a Clubhouse Competitor App
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Amazon to Turn Hosts Into DJs Through Building a Clubhouse Competitor App

Amazon is now yet another company that is getting into live audio games. The company is designed to build a new app called "Project Mic." This will give anyone the opportunity to build and distribute a live radio show that includes music.

Aiming to Reinvent the Radio

According to the story by The Verge, the project's massive goal is to democratize and reinvent the radio. The app is said to focus on the United States initially. Listeners will be able to tune in through the app, Amazon Music, Audible, Twitch, and even other Alexa-equipped devices. With the different Alexa devices, listeners can interact with the show by just using their voice.

The whole app experience is also reportedly optimized for the car, which plays into Amazon's whole idea of reinventing the radio. Users are said to be able to search for content by name, topic, or music. A new Clubhouse feature is bringing 30-second audio previews before users decide to join the room.

Amazon's Music Catalog

Anyone would be able to pull from Amazon's own music catalog to arrange their program. For launch, it said that the company is planning to recruit celebrity talent and some smaller tastemakers to help launch the app and then populate it with content.

It was noted that although the app is actually highly music-focused, programming is said to center on three other different areas, including pop culture, sports, and comedy. Amazon did not respond to The Verge's request for comment.

Amazon Joins Apple, Spotify, and Sonos

Axios initially reported that Amazon's work is to create some live audio features and noted that the company was working with record labels to coordinate live events and artists. With the new app, Amazon is joining Spotify, Apple, and even Sonos, looking to program the radio-adjacent content.

It was stated that all the companies work along with music curators to host shows and be able to try and replicate certain radio-adjacent content. All of the companies work along with music curators to host shows and try to replicate the whole radio experience digitally.

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Amazon on Echo Devices

When it comes to Amazon, it might also see the benefit of the particular app as something that won't be localized. This shows that it can finally be catered to where a certain person lives, and they will be able to receive certain ads based on location.

Plus, with interaction also being able to happen through simple Echo devices, the whole call-in experience could also be replicated. Clubhouse, on the other hand, focuses more on actually being a social network. Clubhouse is hosting spatial audio on channels in order to give listeners the feeling of live audio.

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