If you haven't had your daily facepalm-worthy moment just yet, get ready because here it comes. What starts as a conversation about the color of a shirt and its appearance from space quickly escalates into a "scientific" debate over whether or not the Moon (yes, our Moon) is a planet. Or if the Sun is a star. Maybe the Moon is a star? Who knows at this point, right?

The clip comes from the QVC shopping channel, where hosts Jane Treacy and Isaac Mizrahi displayed for all the world to see how very little they know about all that complicated science stuff.

It's painfully obvious that even towards the end of the conversation these two hosts have absolutely no clue. At least Treacy at the end seems confident the Moon is not a planet, despite Mizrahi attempting to convince her otherwise. Just stop talking, Isaac! You are confusing her (while simultaneously embarrassing yourself). It doesn't ever seem to occur to Treacy that the correct answer is actually C.) the Moon isn't a star or a planet. It's a moon. 

Neil deGrasse Tyson would be ashamed. Oh well, at least their ignorance is entertaining for the rest of us.

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