"Naruto" is finally coming to "Fortnite" after the crossover was first confirmed in August. However, there is not much known about it yet beyond when it can be expected to happen.

The "Naruto" and "Fortnite" crossover is expected to arrive on Nov. 16. Aside from that, no other details regarding the crossover have been made public as of press time.

"Naruto" is a hugely popular manga and anime series that focuses on the story of a young ninja named Uzumaki Naruto. The young ninja begins his story by dreaming of becoming the leader of his village.

'Naruto' is Coming to 'Fortnite' Soon

"Naruto" is finally coming to "Fortnite," as confirmed by the game's Twitter account. The tweet contained the words "Coming soon" along with an image that states when fans of both "Fortnite" and "Naruto" can expect it to happen.

Per the tweet, the crossover is set to take place on Nov. 16.

According to a report by GameSpot, "details on other characters and items are being kept secret" as of press time. The crossover was first confirmed in August by the COO of Epic Games, Donald Mustard.

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What and Who is Naruto?

"Naruto" is regarded by many as one of the most popular manga series and anime ever to exist.

Serialized in a magazine called "Weekly Shōnen Jump," from 1999 to 2014, "Naruto" follows the story of the titular character, Uzumaki Naruto, a young ninja dreaming of becoming a Hokage, the term used for the leader of the village.

The manga has sold around 250 million copies around the world, causing it to become one of the top five best-selling manga series of all time. More than half of the sales have come from Japan alone.

The anime adaptation of the manga series aired from 2002 to 2007. A sequel titled "Naruto: Shippuden" began airing in Japan in 2007 and ended after 500 episodes in 2017.

Per the GameSpot report, "'Fortnite' has been teasing 'Naruto' content, specifically from the 'Shippuden' series that follows the titular shinobi into a major ninja world war, for quite a while now."

The image posted by the "Fortnite" Twitter account includes the logo of "Naruto: Shippuden," but nothing else is known beyond that as of press time.

Other "Fortnite" Crossovers

"Fortnite" is no stranger to crossovers, and the upcoming one with "Naruto" is the latest addition to the growing list of crossovers the game has done.

Just last month, "Fortnite" announced a crossover with "Resident Evil." Two of the horror video game series' characters, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine have been made available in the "Fortnite" Shop.

Other crossovers "Fortnite" has done in the past include those with "Alien," "Rick and Morty," and "Batman."

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