Twitch Streaming is now available to watch on the Nintendo Switch and it would be available via an application that would have different functions and accessibility features like in the mobile. However, not all features are available here, as it is still a console that has limited capabilities compared to a smartphone device.

Twitch Streams Available on Nintendo Switch

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People wait in line for a chance to sample new games for Nintendo Switch at the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3, opening in Los Angeles, California on June 11, 2019. - Gaming fans and developers gather, connecting thousands of the brightest, best and most innovative in the interactive entertainment industry and a chance for many to preview new games.

The Twitch Blog has announced that the application for its streaming platform is now available via the Nintendo Switch platform, bringing its videos closer to the hybrid console users. The Switch remains a popular console among the global customers of Nintendo, and it is considered as one of the must-haves in the gaming world.

Twitch is also presented like that, a place where people can find the latest information about life and gaming, focusing more on the game aspect that it has to offer. The application is available on the Nintendo eShop to download for users, and here, they can connect their account to have access to followed content and liked streamers for easier accessibility.

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Nintendo Switch's Twitch: What's the Catch?

A user that has downloaded the Twitch app on their Nintendo Switch has revealed that the new feature has no chat function on the application, something that causes a stir in the hype of it. Using Twitch without the chat somehow hinders the accessibility and network features that the app has, and it is known for being a platform for gamers to get together and thrive.


Nintendo Switch Features

A new Switch is on the block, and it is the OLED release of the company, bringing the latest features and screen for the hybrid console on its recent release in the past months. And while a lot has been said that it "underperformed" in Japan, the headquarters of the Nintendo company, it remains the most powerful console of the company yet.

No rumors about the 4K is coming to the platform, despite remaining as both a hybrid console that can be used as it is or be mounted to larger displays like the PlayStation and Xbox. However, unlike these consoles, the Nintendo Switch cannot use its chat feature and other communications offer of the Sony and Microsoft console.

Nintendo Switch is marketed to the teenager and young adult categories, but it is widely popular among adults that been known fans of Nintendo since their childhood days. This means that bringing Twitch to the platform also means that they want to engage with other users in the chat feature, connecting them with buddies and playmates to discuss various topics.

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